Are you REALLY happy?

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Sometimes those long days can make you blue, but this quiz answers the real question: Are you really sure this is where you want to be?

  • 1
    When asked of your childhood, you fondly remember those days, and think on them as some of your most prized possessions.
  • 2
    You think that perhaps you should have slowed down when you were younger.
  • 3
    You stay in touch with your childhood friends.

  • 4
    Though you were once out-going and popular, people seem to aggravate you now.
  • 5
    There is always one thing (or more) that you wish you could do over.
  • 6
    You used to think of yourself as living the dream, but now you simply frown and move ahead with your life.

  • 7
    You used to try to make other people angry, but now you hang out with them as though they were your buds.
  • 8
    You do not believe in true love.
  • 9
    You tend to overreact when people break some of your most prized possessions.
  • 10
    You bite your lip when you think of what the results of this test will be.

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