Do your friends really like you?

Developed by: Ally Taylor

Do you think you have friends? Or are they using you?

  • 1
    Do your friends constantly ask you for favours?
  • 2
    Do your friends ask you for money a lot?
  • 3
    Do your friends cheat off your homework?
  • 4
    Do your friends talk to you outside of school?
  • 5
    Do your friends always agree with you?
  • 6
    Are your friends always putting you down?
  • 7
    Do your friends always tell you that you won't ever fit in?
  • 8
    Do your friends have a party and not invite you?
  • 9
    Do you think this quiz is cool?
  • 10
    Do your friends love you?

Comments (25)


Cacota :v (46571)
12 days ago
You don't need to agree all the time with your friends to be friends, listen to other opinions is beneficial too. What if your friends are as introverted as you and don't like parties? Also, what if the person doing this stupid quiz is depressed or has intrusive thoughts? This would make them cross the line. And why is ''you like this quiz''part of the quiz?
Sarah (96866)
15 days ago
My friends don't invite me, They don't give me a spot to sit with them on the table.. One of my "friends" Told me that I'm "too" rude for them. I bursted into tears, I think they talk about my back too. and if I try to make new friends they don't want me to. I'm useless.
Indira (05199)
25 days ago
Yeah i'm scared, my best friend told me she hated me and we had a massive fight. She never apologised and i'm really hurt. she finally apologised but i dont know what to do. I dont feel safe around her and she has changed me for the worse.....
Gabriella (38598)
26 days ago
my FAKE FRIENDS are so confusing. they whisper bad things about me right in front of me and leave me out mostly. i dont really know what to do i know theyre fake friends and yes its true they are using me and i need some new friends in my class. i do have a BFF and we've been BFFs for almost 3 years and i love her so much. sad thing is she goes to another school so im stuck with my fake friends. one of them is just so sensitive and sometimes agrees with me when we talk in private. i dont know what to do I NEED HELP!!
i know theyre fake friends i just dont know what to do bc ill have no friends if i de-friend them.
I 'apparently' have no friends (59320)
34 days ago
This quiz says my friends are using me...? That I should get new friends...? (not that there are any to make) Then I scroll down and see that the ''is this quiz good'' question actually counts as part of your score...

Still great job whoever made the quiz!! Even though my result was slightly off :) I'm sure it worked for everyone else!
Tim oney (55951)
78 days ago
I barely hear from them outside of the ocational Skype chat to tell me I'm wrong and insult me , they always oppose me
no (70980)
112 days ago
Don't matter (61150)
143 days ago
I never fit in with them and they always leave me out. I have even known one of them since we were two.
Trash (08837)
149 days ago
I just feel left out... and when I just step out of the converstation without saying anything, they don’t even notice
Nobody (90543)
150 days ago
Poor you sister i feel so bad idk this was happening! You should of good me!!! And mom!
Misty (90543)
150 days ago
I tried doing all like the ones where on she/he never asks for money~bull crap! My friends ask me for things and when they forget things I help! They love me! This just ruined my morning!😠😢😖
Misty (90543)
150 days ago
I have some good friends but some are using you- I agree with this because my dad figure out a friend that I hate and do not trust was just using me- he states that these people suck the life out of good people >n< -i avoid her but she freaking lives in my street i hope she doesn't come back and if she does....I do HELP ME! ;-;
Kate (84418)
165 days ago
I got “my friends are using me” this is NOT true. My friends love me and we always talk for hours. Sorry but this test isn’t very relevant with answers.
taylor swift101 (84512)
217 days ago
my friends are using me. this test was a bunch of rubbish. i need to start making new friends right away
Vanessa (16309)
236 days ago
My friends is using me..... THATS SO TRUE!!! ಥ_ಥ

I don't want to friends with them...but I don't want to be alone!!!! Ahh help!!! ╥﹏╥
Dickstick (92598)
331 days ago
Really, this test isn't good at providing answers at all. Especially the disagreeing one. Friends don't agree on everything, it's a fact of life. Also, you put "my friends love me" on every question. Why?
Crystal (21433)
353 days ago
It doesn't give you an option for yes or no on most questions.
Ciaro (85808)
391 days ago
Wow my friends really love me so much I love this quiz and my friends too
Taryn (98102)
472 days ago
My answer was that they are using me but there always nice to me and they love me so much and I love them too
Lilly (41732)
533 days ago
This is just rubbish this make me feel low especially at this time