Is your partner cheating on you?

This is for all the people that have an idea that their partner is cheating, but is just not sure.

  • 1
    Does your partner walk out of the room when their phone rings?
  • 2
    Has your partner been spending more time at the office?
  • 3
    Does your partner take extra time getting ready in the morning?
  • 4
    Has your partner joined a gym or started taking better care of their body?
  • 5
    Have you noticed any hairs or different smells in their car?
  • 6
    Has your partner cheated on you in the past?
  • 7
    Does your partner have a Myspace or Facebook page?
  • 8
    Has there been any late nights or all nights lately?
  • 9
    Have you noticed any unknown charges on the credit card?
  • 10
    Does your partner shower before coming to bed after being out late?

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