Are you one of those annoying, disgusting, immature boys? (Do you want to find out?)

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The title says it all. And I also hate boys that are like that.

  • 1/10
    Do you laugh when someone farts?

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1226 days ago
Almost there =p Better keep trying!!!
1274 days ago
I'm a girl and I took this quiz I'm discusting and gross
1593 days ago
This thingy....🕊!!!

I'd better go & watch ARGGH in my underwear !
1604 days ago
Lol I am a chick, but it said I am 2/10
1682 days ago
I got 0/10 correct yet it still said almost there
1891 days ago
I Did not get any right. I'm not immature.
2076 days ago
Just because people hate me doesn't mean I am sick thank you very much
2199 days ago
Hello, i am an xenomorph...LOOK IT UP.
2536 days ago
Wow,this is a very very rude quiz,I'm sorry but u could get arrested for this
2619 days ago
Wow, be careful.

This quiz is fairly rude.