Am I A Good Boyfriend?

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You like to think you would take good care of your girl emotionally, physically and mentally - but would you really? Take this to see if you would be a good boyfriend (in this girl's opinion).

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    In your opinion, what is a girlfriend?

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Idk (09429)
14 days ago
If all girls want a guy that is good and will love them, then why do most of them throw themselves half naked at guys who don’t love them for who they are?
james beck (35429)
24 days ago
then why dont i feel like a good boyfriend every day i feel like💗when all i do is try to make her feel happy i feel like crying everyday because i cant get her thing she wants and then she get mad at me and i am scaried of loving what makes me happy
Thomas (84016)
27 days ago
Yay! The person I'm dating isn't female though lol.
Emil Bootsman (60465)
37 days ago
when I took it I lied on the last question and said I was medium-tall, the test said I was a Wonderfull boyfriend and that any girl would be lucky to have me but when I did it again and answered truthfully on the last question answering medium it said that I'm almost there and shouldn't be so sensitive, 💗
FreezingTrack (97752)
46 days ago
Good boyfriend, ok, not bad, I’ll try to work on it tho. I got my eye on someone too
Micjae (86166)
51 days ago
Hey thomas read your comment tell that to her bro
girl here (96623)
57 days ago
... (82938)
73 days ago
I tried seeing what the worst one could be- this is it: Bad. You could never be a boyfriend. Well, at least not MINE. What, are girls just a pair of 💗 to you? I think you're gross, and good luck finding a decent relationship.
Thomas (44793)
79 days ago
I made a terrible mistake and I just wish that I could show her how much I care for her
4everalone (05782)
92 days ago
Can't get my hopes up not can get my hopes up. Sorry
4everalone (05782)
92 days ago
The test says I'm an amazing boyfriend and that she would die to have a boyfriend like me but I still don't believe it. I've been lonely my whole life with hardly any friends(not my fault, bullies made sure of it though). I can't really afford to believe that I'd make an amazing boyfriend because if it's wrong then I wasted my time believing something false. I can get my hopes up only to be crushed. Pun intended
hollie (33988)
101 days ago
im gay im gay im gay im gay
Zakky Lowe (24909)
147 days ago
I try on this text and I asknet to the honestly as I could just so you all women know I am a boy and I do this all the time I just making sure I'm a good boyfriend and I'm always there for my girl and I try to be there for her win ever she is down I'm trying to do my best amd I thank you for how ever made this test
TimoP (89448)
154 days ago
IDK, you don't know how fat I'am. You don't know what kind of music I listen, you don't want boyfriend who is like a pig sitting in front of computer, but truth is: I'm a nerd. No girls wants nerd boyfriend.
Zander (17734)
156 days ago
I took the test twice once the real way which told me i was a amazing boyfriend and second just to see what the bad answer is so i hated answering all the bad ones im sorry for answering bad to see what you said at the end but when i actually took it and did my real opinion i was good so ye
Mon (01872)
159 days ago
I took this test beacuse I wanted to know if I’m gonna be single forever, and I think i’m gonna be.

I keep reassuring myself that “I’m gonna find someone”, but I don’t know if that’s true. I got that I’m gonna be a wonderful boyfriend, but I don’t know if anyone really wants me.
Miguel Rodriguez Vazquez (63753)
167 days ago
Hi i love a girl okay so i can meet her
Jason Miraz (90829)
170 days ago
How to become a "GREAT" boyfriend according to the quiz

waste of time (29837)
186 days ago
I got the answer I wanted, it was too easy because the answers are very clear for you to get the perfect boyfriend result
No one you need to know (02825)
191 days ago
What does hair color have to do with being a bad/good boyfriend?