Am I a Good Boyfriend?

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You like to think you would take good care of your girl emotionally, physically and mentally - but would you really? Take this to see if you would be a good boyfriend (in this girl's opinion). Don't be offended if you don't get the best answer, OK? If your girlfriend is happy with you and you're not an abusive guy, then you're a good boyfriend. Everyone is different.

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    In your opinion, what is a girlfriend?

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619 days ago
why are we judged by our height and hair colour? These factors are important when getting a girl, not when she already likes you. I'll ask it from the quizmaker, what are guys, a handsome and muscular pet to you? That you go showing them to your friends like pet? If you put physical factors in criteria for a good bf, then you are not a good gf
675 days ago
Hmm… “You’re wonderful! I’m so glad guys like you exist out there. A girl would die to have a boyfriend like you. You’re so lucky by the way you are. :) And she will be lucky, too.” Thanks and all, but right now, I consider myself the most unlucky person on earth. And that’s saying a lot. But I wonder if hobos show passion, love or even lust. I on the other hand, do show love, but it’s unrequited. 😩
679 days ago
hey hey calm down, just because I don't like showing emotions and treating women like bed sheets doesn't mean I cant be a good boyfriend. loyalty, honesty, honor, and faithfulness are what I value in a relation.
680 days ago
I'm glad to know that i can be good boyfriend, but my personality is not that much better it should have.
681 days ago
It’s kinda rude to classify height and hair colour and indicators of whether or not you are a good boyfriend. That’s like saying weight is a factor in whether or not you are a good girlfriend.
696 days ago
someone help i think a guy likes me but i don't know how to tell cause sometimes i dont understand guys
701 days ago
I got a brilliant boyfriend
728 days ago
Thanks! now I feel relaxed .
733 days ago
HONEY IM HELLA GAY so i just tried to read it as boy then it said 'i dont like girls' and i nearly clicked on it until i read the next part XD
752 days ago
lmao because aaaaall guys NEED to have girlfriends. Nope they can't have any boyfriends. Deeeeeeefinitely not.
779 days ago
If all girls want a guy that is good and will love them, then why do most of them throw themselves half naked at guys who don’t love them for who they are?
788 days ago
then why dont i feel like a good boyfriend every day i feel like👮when all i do is try to make her feel happy i feel like crying everyday because i cant get her thing she wants and then she get mad at me and i am scaried of loving what makes me happy
792 days ago
Yay! The person I'm dating isn't female though lol.
801 days ago
when I took it I lied on the last question and said I was medium-tall, the test said I was a Wonderfull boyfriend and that any girl would be lucky to have me but when I did it again and answered truthfully on the last question answering medium it said that I'm almost there and shouldn't be so sensitive
811 days ago
Good boyfriend, ok, not bad, I’ll try to work on it tho. I got my eye on someone too
815 days ago
Hey thomas read your comment tell that to her bro
821 days ago
837 days ago
I tried seeing what the worst one could be- this is it: Bad. You could never be a boyfriend. Well, at least not MINE. What, are girls just a pair of 💋 to you? I think you're gross, and good luck finding a decent relationship.
844 days ago
I made a terrible mistake and I just wish that I could show her how much I care for her
857 days ago
Can't get my hopes up not can get my hopes up. Sorry