Are you BOY CRAZY?

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This quiz tells you if you think of boys are just boys to if you think non-stop about boys! This quiz is for girls only, of course.

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    You hear that the weird guy from math class has a crush on you! What is your reaction?

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12 days ago
im 80% boy cray cray
20 days ago
obbsed like crazy
56 days ago
I'm 73% boy crazy and I thought that I was like 50% percent
91 days ago
87% and I think of boys as just boys...?! XD My hormones say otherwise so Imma take another quiz too
106 days ago
I am a boy but i am bi-sexual so I am boy crazy 82%
135 days ago
Meh. Accurate-ish.
151 days ago
bold of you to assume I am not boy crazy.
178 days ago
I got.........l BOY CRAZY 😍😍😍
191 days ago
So it said I tried to avoid boys :/

well bold of you to assume I don't avoid every human on planet earth
252 days ago
I was wondering that you can help me im still getting the quiz but it’s to
Hard I’m working on it with you I’m kinda hurt my boyfriend but me I’m
Also with him it’s to not to tell anyone both of us only one place 2 couple you don’t know
284 days ago
For 73% you are: You think of boys as just boys! You don't hate them, but you aren't completely in love with them either.

I've had crushes like one per year the most was like, idk, three?
My longest one was like two years cuz he was in the same class as me for both of those years.
365 days ago
"For 80% you are: You think of boys as just boys! You don't hate them, but you aren't completely in love with them either."

I have had crushes (mostly just 1 at a time, and maybe 3 in the course of my life?), but this was pretty accurate. I don't hate boys, but I don't fall in love every time a cute guy smiles at me xD! One thing that will always make me really like a boy though (not like-like, just admire and appreciate him) will be if he's older than I am, but he still says "Hi" to me or something. It doesn't take much lol.
376 days ago
I think of boys as being sort of my friends. I don’t have huge crushes on anyone, and I can beat most boys in Gaga ball or sparring. (I’m a black belt btw)
377 days ago
I took the quiz and it said 100% but I'm lesbian
377 days ago
Sooo ummm I got 60% boy crazy but I think I'm like 100% boy crazy but I'm whatever
453 days ago
So I got the one that says eh u think there boys. Anyways I crush easy and I already like two boys from my school so um this game stinks.
458 days ago
ERRR..... Boys
Are my life...... I got .......
: You think boys are boys .......... Like no i...i..its just not right any way love you guys
513 days ago
Excuse me!!!
My motto ain't boys=life
548 days ago
Why are you so dramatic about being ment to be and totally in love. Bruh you're 12 and got your whole life ahead of you b, plenty of guys are out there for you
550 days ago
i am super shy and NEVER let my crush even think I like them...