What is your personality and who are you?

Developed by: Alan Gainsford

It will say were you fit in. Strongly recommended for 8 to 15 year olds.

  • 1
    You would say you are the.......in your group of friends.
  • 2
    You are always.....choice with your friends.
  • 3
    You would say you are...
  • 4
    You like the subject...
  • 5
    You are...
  • 6
    You like fashion....(boys: boys who like English put a lot boys who like Maths put sort of and boys who like science put not that much but you like looking nice.)
  • 7
    Homework is...
  • 8
    You think you are not ....
  • 9
    You think you are...
  • 10
    Your favorite saying is....

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LittleFire (03541)
176 days ago
insanely inaccurate.