Is Your Friend True Or Not?

Developed by: Chelsea Tanco

You should take this test if you're questioning your friendship

  • 1
    When you talk to your friend she
    A: ignores you
    B: gets distracted and walks away
    C: listen and helps you
  • 2
    Your friend talks to you:
    A: everyday
    B: every other month
    C: never
    D: we just say hi in the hallway
  • 3
    When you sleepover at your friends house you:
    A: sit and watch TV
    B: nothing we don't have sleepovers
    C: we find something
    D: SLEEP! What else?
  • 4
    Your friend knows everything about you:
    A: only a couple of things
    B: true duh!
    C: true?
    D: way off
  • 5
    You know everything about your friend:
    A: not sure
    B: let me think
    C: false
    D: oh yeah
  • 6
    Your friend makes you laugh:
    A: all the time
    B: sometimes (not really)
    C: never
    D: she tries but it never happens
  • 7
    You think your friend is:
    A: OK
    B: she could be better
    C: I really don't know we never hang out anymore
    D: amazingly awesome!
  • 8
    You tell your friend:
    A: what she wants to hear
    B: everything
    C: absolutely nothing
    D: lies
  • 9
    When you get picked on your friend:
    A: helps you out
    B: laughs along with everyone else
    C: tells you to tough it out
    D: pretends that nothing happened
  • 10
    Your friend would pick on you if:
    A: you watched Hannah Montana!
    B: you still wet the bed!
    C: you sometimes pick your nose!
    D: she would never pick on me!
  • 11
    Your friend can keep your secrets
    A: for a couple of days
    B: forever until they get mad at you
    C: forever
    D: for 2 min. (maybe)
  • 12
    If you invited a friend to a concert on the same day as another neighbors barbecue she would:
    A: go to the barbecue duh!
    B: go to your concert of course
    C: make an excuse to go to the barbecue
    D: I don't know what she'd do
  • 13
    Friend will always (at least your friends)
    A: stay by you
    B: ignore you
    C: talk behind your back
    D: do nothing
  • 14
    You would like to improve your friend on:
    A: listening skills
    B: everything
    C: their attitude
    D: nothing their perfect
  • 15
    You and your friend agree on:
    A: almost everything
    B: like nothing
    C: not agreeing with anything
    D: we agree?
  • 16
    You think you and your friend:
    A: are so very different
    B: should not be friends anymore
    C: need to talk
    D: are a little rough but can work it out

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