What kind of popular are you? (For GIRLS only!)

Developed by: Isabelle

Are you the fake, Sharpay kind of popular, the good kind of popular, or just not popular at all? Take this quiz to find out.....

  • 1
    What is your favorite character from High School Musical?
  • 2
    What describes your personality most?
  • 3
    Your best friend asks you to play sports with him/her. How do you respond?
  • 4
    Sadly for SOME people, you end up playing the sport. How many people want to be on your team?
  • 5
    Where is your favorite place?
  • 6
    What animal describes you most?
  • 7
    This probably sounds like a stupid question: How do you feel about boys?
  • 8
    What do you in the mornings before school?
  • 9
    How many friends do you believe you have?
  • 10
    How popular do you think you are?

Comments (6)


Faye🦄 (73439)
96 days ago
i dislike this quiz it said I am not popular and i am very popular
Millie (73439)
96 days ago
I dislike this quiz it said I am snotty
mess with fire and blah blah blah (98521)
130 days ago
It said I needed to get out of my shell and come out to the world to make friends and stuff... DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE MY FRIENDS!?
Anonymous (24586)
379 days ago
This quiz is terrible. It is not accurate. I am one of the more popular girls and my school and one of my friends is a dancer and I am a pro swimmer. Also, at the beginning of this quiz it says it tells you what KIND of popular you are not if you are popular or not. This INACCURATE quiz told me that I am not popular and does it really matter anyway???
Anonymous (12365)
538 days ago
I liked this quiz!👍👍
anonymous (53526)
654 days ago
ok this is SO not accurate. I'm one of the popular girls in my year and it told me I'm not polilar at all. the sports questions are the worst part. some of my more popular friends are volleyball and softball athletes, and some of us are on the track team. one of my friends is on the golf team with me. just because you don't think you're the queen of your school or you play a sport doesn't mean anything.