Which made up char are you in inuyasha?

Naomi Kitsune: Inuyasha's fiancee
Saskai Kitsune: Naomi's stuckup brother
Kayte Cote: Saskai's fiancee
See which one you are of my made up chars!

  • 1
    What weapon do you use?
  • 2
    What is your fave colour?
  • 3
    What would you describe yourself as?

  • 4
    What are your special abilities?
  • 5
    Almost at the end.........
  • 6
    Whats ur fave thing about a guy/girl?

  • 7
    Whats ur dream vacation?
  • 8
    When you go into a fight, what are your thoughts?
  • 9
    You complete the jewel what do you say?
  • 10
    Its the end! Lets see the results!

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