Are You Actress Material?

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If YOU think you have a chance to be an actress, (or actor), then YOU should take this quiz!

  • 1
    When you buy water you get it at:
    A: room temperature duh!
    B: freezing cold
    C: I just pick a bottle and leave
    D: There are different temperatures!
  • 2
    When you try out for the play you always get:
    A: the part that nobody wants
    B: I don't try out for plays
    C: the lead (or the most dramatic)
    D: we have plays?
  • 3
    When you're a star and get the wrong size marshmallows in your cocoa you:
    A: deal with it I cant afford new ones
    B: throw a fit like all the stars
    C: I really don't care
  • 4
    In a movie, your co-star is a bully from your school days you:
    A: act like you don't know him
    B: say a new co-star or you quit!
    C: I'm always friendly
    D: hey, I'm still getting paid!
  • 5
    When you're a star your friends will be:
    A: every famous person ever!
    B: what friends?
    C: still the people you grew up with
    D: I've got no time!
  • 6
    If you designed a clothing line it would be
    A: sparkling, jewels, fabulous!...
    B: whatever the company says
    C: tight and short
    D: something i would wear
  • 7
    If you hold a talk show it'll be about:
    A: talk show host!
    B: me!
    C: the gossip in Hollywood
    D: whatever the scrip says
  • 8
    If everything doesn't go your way you:
    A: shrug it off
    B: over-exaggerate duh!
    C: everything goes my way!
    D: CRY: o
  • 9
    Dramatic to you is:
    A: bratty yet humble
    B: annoying
    C: I'm NOT dramatic *sob* sob*
    D: everything I am
  • 10
    You're only dramatic when:
    A: I want to
    B: NOT dramatic!
    C: never
    D: me dramatic please:)
  • 11
    You think this test was:
    A: a waste of time
    B: great
    C: pointless
    D: OK

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Comments (64)


35 days ago
Thats funny that it said im not actress material since i won actress of the year for iPOP. iPOP is basically where most stars get their start. I got first place and they be telling me im not actress material. yea ok whatever. this test is not completely true so if you got the what you did not want dont believe however if you got what you wanted theres always a possibility.
43 days ago
Excuse me? I'm already there for auditions and better than others I don't even need makeup to look good I look naturally like that..just put me on screen ;)..i guess you are a pile of trash who didn't made it in life and your quiz is crappiest. You ugly nerd.
59 days ago
Lynn, this probably is a twelve year old I am 11 and I am already an actress
105 days ago
guys I wouldn't worry, this was probably made by some random 12 year old who thinks she is going to become an actress; only interested in the fame and money, and thinks this is how real actresses and actors are. you do you, let NOBODY get in the way and don't pay attention to a silly test online bringing others down for their own benefit. we'll make it someday
140 days ago
Why do you guys keep making people feel down. You hurt people's feelings. Everyone can be a famous actor and actress if they try hard,but you can't just tell them to give up!
157 days ago
Stupid test! Why does it pull people down. I mean sure maybe some people aren't great at it, but they shouldn't say stop trying!
157 days ago
Worst test ever! I am not the only one to say so cause all the comments below proves this. Nobody has the right to pull down a person. Try to spread positiveness or stay quiet!
160 days ago
Stop trying it makes no sense so don’t stop don’t be afraid to put your dreams in action just keep believing in your self like for real believe in your self and maybe i will be in a movie with one of you guys xx💋
184 days ago
Lmao as an actual actress who has been in quite a bit theater and some films, getting "Stop Trying" makes me crack up. There's no way I or anyone else should stop trying and even if they aren't ready to begin acting, they could start working towards their dreams. I wish those of you who truly want to be actors and actresses good luck!
199 days ago
It’s telling everyone stop trying it’s my dream so I won’t lololol
200 days ago
Stop trying?! IT'S BEEN MY DREAM! I won't stop trying justbecause aa test tells me too. Sincerely, your future family soap opera Hollywood star 😂
209 days ago
It said to stop trying. This was crappy and if I wanna be an actress/actor I should be one!
220 days ago
Don’t listen to this crappy test
226 days ago
I want to dedicate my whole life to acting and it says that I should stop trying
227 days ago
Really a test shouldn't tell you what you should give up or keep doing. Reading the comments if it seems like this test have been telling people that should stop but we can be whatever we want to be. Even if you get a bad result in this test you should still become an actor/actress if you want to be.
230 days ago
Who ever else thinks this test is awful and that we should still act despite what it's stupid answers tells us please respond ASAP
248 days ago
I really like acting and i might be a little stage fright but that won't stop me. It told me i should stop trying. After reading only a couple of the comments i could tell this is definitely not true. So just do what you love and be the person you want to be. No one should tell you differently because there just basing it off of there thoughts and experiences.
254 days ago
You gotta be kidding... I have a HUGE passion for acting and I am really trying, doing as much as practicing random monologues, secretly signing up for Drama at school (AGAINST MY PARENTS' WILLS) and this is saying I should stop trying... I think the heck not!
263 days ago
I really wanted to become an actress it is my dream but no one supports me. I went for shooting 11 years back in movies like Don, Heyy baby, the train and Apne. Thanks!
298 days ago
I really want to become an actress.. But I am quite extremely stage fright. And this quiz said that I should stop trying. Don’t believe these results. You are who YOU are, not who the quiz says you are. (I got two out of eleven) I’m fairly positive that I am going to continue trying. I am aspiring to become a screenwriter too. Not that any of you wanted to know that😂. But since most of you mentioned that your profession is acting, I felt like speaking my mind. Thanks!