Could I Be An Actor?

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The awesome ones make it look effortless, but there is actually a LOT of hard work and rejection along the way to making it as an actor, unless you just get lucky. Many people think they could be an A-List actor...but the truth is, most are just not good enough. What about you? Could YOU be a successful actor? Try my quiz and find out!

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    You've had experience acting (outside of school).
    You've had experience acting (outside of school).

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24 days ago
I want to be an actor exept how do i join to become an actor! my quiz said i could be an actor
34 days ago
I can't be an actor 😥
35 days ago
@person, if you want to become an actor take classes if your parents allow you! That is the best way to get better! I recommend a beginner acting class, a level 1 jazz class, or voice lessons to get started! Make sure you enjoy it before you start investing time and money into classes. If you can't afford voice lessons I would get the app: Vanido, from the app store! It can tell you you're vocal range and give you vocal exercises with real time feedback based on your vocal range! You can get 3 free exercises a day! If you can't afford it don't know of any studios around your house for dance lessons I would find some dance lessons on YouTube to get started ( you can wear folded socks for turns! Or find a pair of cheap jazz shoes from amazon)! For acting you can find YouTube videos and books to start getting better! Best if luck!!
35 days ago
This quiz doesn't determine if you can follow your dreams! Even if you are young (10-12) you can still take classes. I started acting when I was 5 and taking more and more classes (even during the pandemic I have taken many online classes from ZOOM and even YouTube :D)! As long as you stay humble and keep trying you can do it!
41 days ago
This quiz isnt true....I'm a 13 year old female from a small place in scotland who is shy and quiet but when it comes to acting I completely change I'm someone else and nothing matters because I'm acting it makes me feel better so dont take this quiz seriously
42 days ago
Pfutseke this dosnt say anything about me being a good cater or not how .ca you tell by just 10 questions its a boy talent , determination and passion not some test score i got 8 but without these important factors you will never be a good a anti or actress in my opinion
49 days ago
Mia getting a good score doesn't mean you'll be an actress. It's abt talent and confidence
49 days ago
I got 9/10! In my opinion it's all any the talent so I don't think this quiz can really predict but yeah.
66 days ago
Mine said this lol :)
I'm sorry, but this is not the right track for you. Try backstage, or work extra-hard!
You might make a great supporting character or understudy. Remember: "There are no small roles, only small actors."
71 days ago
This quiz is a bit silly. As someone who struggles with social anxiety (which Jennifer Lawrence also struggled with), stage fright, nervousness, or fear shouldn't keep you from pursuing your goal. Acting is about getting out of your comfort zone. If you really want to act, do it. Do it because you want to. Don't let fear, nerves, or anxiety stop you. This is how you grow.
72 days ago
It says 10/10 and I am very happy but what is the use my parents doesn't allowed it and am only 12
83 days ago
great quiz but why is it true false? it said i 8/10 right
83 days ago
i got 3/10 but i dont like that it says that you got it wrong.
98 days ago
I don’t like that they said at the end that you got the Wong answer it’s very mean to say something like that on a test like this
101 days ago
i want to be an actress soooooo bad but i don't know how. someone please help.
101 days ago
Yes! I got what I wanted!
105 days ago
OMG yore so lucky which ones
105 days ago
I am a actor I have played lead in 3 Netflix movies and more but I am only 10 so Yh
110 days ago
it probs says we will all be actors beacuse it dosnt want us to feel bad
111 days ago
I got 10 out of 10 I am going to be an actor at 10 years old!