Is He REALLY Interested In Me?

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You catch him looking at you...then he looks away. And it seems like lately, he's ALWAYS around. Coincidence - or does this guy like you? If you're wondering, "Is he REALLY interested in me?" here's the best way to find out!

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11 days ago
He totally likes me! Duh! Cause im so pretty and popular . everyone likes me. Its cause im the prettiest in the world duh.
11 days ago
lol it's kind of funny that I could be obsessing over him and doing loads of quizzes while he's just taking a nap or something
14 days ago
lol it said that my score was unclear. well thats helpfull
89 days ago
He dosent like me, simply not into me and he is dating someone too so it is like a cherry on the top of my very bitter got no attention from guys cake
212 days ago
*fortnite dances* yo apparently this quiz said he doesn't know I exist *dabs* he makes me want to kashoot myself *whips* he leaves me on read when i ask him for help on homework *nae-naes* he avoids me all the time *rolls over and dies*
218 days ago
He stares at me a lot
218 days ago
It says it so obvious but he has a best friend that is a girl has a crush on a girl and i think wants to date a girl there was a time the girl wanted to collect something and when i stared at him he did not give her i think he is trying to make me jealous
224 days ago
It says he might be interested, but today at school he just stared at me and I do like him but it was awkward. I think he likes me and I’m thinking about asking him out. I don’t know what to do.
229 days ago
It says I need a man. 😑 EXCUSE ME I'M SINGLE FOR A REASON.I DON'T NEED NO MAN. if I could have a guy I would DUH 😜
339 days ago
It says it likes me, but it's just a test. Am I right? I have a story to tell about the boy I like, and I need advice real badly!!!!! Help? Anyone? I'll check on this sight most likely once a day at least once a week for any comments that may help me. :)
418 days ago
Actually I like him the most.
I love him. But , I don't know whether he is in love with me or not.He likes to tease everyone but he will never tease me and he will say that I am a good girl.He will support me always.He will smile at me always And also , the most important and sad thing is he has many admirers.I will be happy if he propose his love to me.
485 days ago
His name is David, we were co workers when I started to work. We would always glance at each other for a long period of time then go back to work, he quit shortly after a few months of working there to go to school now he’s back and working in the same area but just not at the same work job or it would be conflict if we started dating, I recently got his snapchat and he’s been kinda flirting kinda not at the same time, he tells me he like so to fish and hike, only thing is tho he rarely replys which I get because of school and work I would just really like if he was constant with me he wants to hangout we tried to but he ended up canceling because he had to pack for a trip soon as I recognized him all the emotions came back like my crush for him grew stronger I just wanna know if he likes me
512 days ago
He always stares at me or glances at my direction a lot. I have talked to him before and he is so sweet and caring but I think he is like that to everyone. When I am near him he gets very awkward and fumbles around a lot so I assume he gets nervous, but who knows. I do know though that he likes another girl but we will see what happens with that.
513 days ago
Everyday I need to see you
But do you have feelings for me too
You send mixed signals everywhere
Sometimes I feel you don’t care
You touch my knee play with my hair
And every time I need to gasp for air
Because whenever I see your smile
My heart stops for a while🙂
520 days ago
mine says hé definitely likes me so am gon ask for a walk and say all
1361 days ago
He calls me and text me seem to be shy about giving me a Xmas card thanks me for having a good relationship with his daughter shares his likes and dislikes with me shares personal thing with me