Is He REALLY Interested In Me?

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You catch him looking at you...then he looks away. And it seems like lately, he's ALWAYS around. Coincidence - or does this guy like you? If you're wondering, "Is he REALLY interested in me?" (and no one could blame you if you are) here's the best way to find out!

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6 days ago
Yas he likes me, and he thinks i will never like him. I shall be more friendlier to him and drop hints i guess
7 days ago
Oh...he doesn’t...ok...
14 days ago
i say pretty accurate i took it from my crushes point of view and im not sure if she likes me so i picked what i do, and im a guy :P
25 days ago
He definitely likes you! Why did you take this test to find out, it's SO obvious! At least it is to me. So, let him know that you like him, too! You are SOOOOO lucky =) Good luck with this!

Omg yessssssss🥳🥰 I really like him but we already dated and then 5 months later he told me he likes me he’s so sweet I asked him how much out of 10 just so I could say how much in this comment he Said 9.5/10🥰🤷🏽‍♀️
50 days ago
I like this one boy... He said i was cute. And i tried asking him if he ever wanted to date and he said its a possibility. But he also thinks its weird to date me because I'm his sister's best friend. So I'm confused
68 days ago
OMG he likes me! He likes me! This is amazing!!!!! His name is josh and he’s really sweet kind and caring, but he also a has that sporty bad boy attitude. So hot!! The annoying thing is that one of my best friends also likes him. But they rarely talk and he hangs out with me more and sometimes even flirts!!!! I’m soooooooo happpyyyyy. 😍🥰😘
86 days ago
So my crush is Jaiden, hes super cool and we have a LOT in common. He used to date someone named Brooklyn, but my frirnds and his friends thought that Brooklyn was forcing him, i did too, this was before i started liking him. He was dumped cuz we started to hand out so hes single now so yea now his ex is fine with me liking him but when they broke up Brooklyns frirnds thought i was trying to steal him, even though i wasnt. 😑
89 days ago
It said he might like me???I hope he dose fingers crossed!!!!!
90 days ago
But what should I do?
We know each other for about a month, but I don't know when or how to confess, I never dated someone before so I don't really know....anything about dating someone nor confessing

Can anyone help me please ?...
If you have some time ?
90 days ago
He likes me !!!!! He likes me, OMG....
He likes me ????? Yes he likes me !!!!!
Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!
I'm so happy~~~~ OMG OMG OMG
104 days ago
:)Nice result bro
128 days ago
OMG!!!!!!! He likes me! He likes me! He really truly likes me!!!! :D
143 days ago
Hi... Ive done a heap of quizzes like these but the thing is, im not exactly sure if i like him...... Most of them say he likes me but im still not sure bc he is my neighbour which means he is always around me
Pls help! Thx
P.S. Where are all you guys from... Im from australia
155 days ago
hey people...I LOVE YOU RI💗
156 days ago
His name is Hans!! I really think he likes me. He always stares at me and sits with me! I LOVE HIM! But what else do I love? THIS QUIZ!! This is so true! Love it, keep it up 👍
167 days ago
@Rip XD you should get closer to him before making a move but I can say he definitely has his eye on you and is really interested! If he’s a player then stay away but if he’s not then he most likely likes you and you should tell him! Good luck and I hope it works out
168 days ago
Some boys are like that. They say they don't like you, but everything else they're doing says otherwise. To make sure of his feelings, the most reliable thing to look for is physical clues. Does his body face in your direction during class? Does he mimic you sometimes (not on purpose)? DOES HE STARE AT YOU ALL THE TIME? If he stares at you a lot, that's a huge sign he at least has something for you. Also, if you can't get over him, you're probably in denial? I mean, idk abt your feelings, I'm just an outsider, but girl if you really like him, don't keep it inside. However, if you really feel like you need to get over him, for whatever reason, it'll go away with time if nothing progresses between you two. Hope this helps :)
170 days ago
Good luck to all of you. If anyone could help me that would be great. I like this guy and he said he doesn’t like me but he always stares and smiles at me, helps me with school work and things, and takes my stuff, but I really need to get over him but I can’t for some reason. The quiz said he likes me, but idk if he does. Maybe it’s just me but I feel like we are constantly flirting with each other. Please help lol.
173 days ago
It says he is interested in me for certain, but I’m not so sure. All of his friends are girls, and his friends joke about him and this one girl all the time, he doesn’t seem to like it very much but still... I’ve been off and on about him for awhile, and maybe I was never truly off, but I’m just wondering if maybe I should give up completely. Every time I see him with that girl I feel like running away and crying but because I don’t want him to see me upset since we’re good friends, I just smile a lot a pretend not to notice they’re there. Maybe I’m being dramatic, after all he used to come to my classroom all the way across the school to say good morning (until my teacher kicked him out 😂) and when the girls who like him would be rude or annoying to me he’d defend me, and I once said something to him that he recently said to someone else.. but what drives me insane is the fact that he is just that good of a guy, so it wouldn’t be abnormal for him to treat me that way. He’s nice, and always helps make sure people are happy. Anyone wanna give me advice?
181 days ago
HE DEFINETELY LIKES ME. Im not very surprised but I dated 8-10 times before so its NO problem :]