Does your crush like someone else?

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Do you like a special someone but he doesn't even know you exist? Maybe the answer is he likes someone else. Take this test to find out!

  • 1
    Your crush is seen hanging out with someone else.
  • 2
    Your crush seems to ignore you more than usual.
  • 3
    He tries to get away from you.
  • 4
    He barely ever talks to you.
  • 5
    He stares at someone else.
  • 6
    He stares at you.
  • 7
    He seems to ac stranger than usual.
  • 8
    He hangs out with other girls.
  • 9
    He is very popular and everyone loves him.
  • 10
    He is going out with you.

Comments (20)


Im a Gurl (05832)
16 days ago
Congrats! Your crush likes you and you only!
Singingkay (54155)
93 days ago
Results:You may be equal to another girl but he cannot decide! Try to soften him up a bit and things may turn out right.

Omg he actually hangs out with another girl and he's always talking about how he can't decide on who to go out with 😳😰
Nctzen (55820)
99 days ago
So that means he likes Lacey😰😭😭
Depression (99152)
103 days ago
Idk if he likes me tbh we talk all the time and have great banter yet he saw a friend that’s a girl and ditched me. I really like him but he seems like an f boi pls helppppp.
bad dog (74724)
105 days ago
no he likes vivian 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
Kate (23786)
143 days ago
HE likes other people but he likes me the most....dear crush I hope you hate everyone but me....I love you so much that I can’t stand it if it turns out you like someone else well, I want the best for you and if it wasn’t me then better be a good one...🤧
i like someone....... (14453)
152 days ago
he likes me and only me YASSS!!!
Bellabalooga418 (46297)
163 days ago
He likes me and only me yeet I be a boss yay 🤩🤩🤩
alicia (50057)
173 days ago
I really thought he was going to be a player kinda do hang with other girls!
help (15678)
175 days ago
I really like this guy. I thought he liked me. I told him I liked him. He brushed it off. But, I thought he still liked me because I was the first person he guessed. (It's a long story) And now I find out that he likes this other girl who likes him but he, "isn't ready to date" which I understand. But, it's just like, I wish that he would just flat out tell who he likes, that he likes them, to there face. And if it's not me, I would at least know. But all this, it's not doing anything but torturing me.
dat boi (05382)
188 days ago
i reeeeeeeaaaally need advice.i am still not sure camren likes me or not the quiz say he likes you and only you but these questions were too easy and need more challenging questions.the weird thing is whenever i caught him staring at me,he smiled and his smile made me smile.we were playing a game while we had a lazy lost sub,and he accidently tripped and he fell towards me and his head was near my breasts.(You:awkward) (Me:yes.yes it was.)i am in 5th grade so is he we are in the same class and he is 11 and i am 11 and he is like 2 INCHES SHORTER THAN ME.surprise right?sigh...camren.
Shelby (80635)
193 days ago
Yay my crush likes me yayzies
Random person (33887)
201 days ago
It says he likes me but I still have some doubts. He has told me he likes someone else and said he told thus girl but the girl doesn't remember. I need some advice
lovebird (65162)
203 days ago
pardon, but its 'which', not 'witch'.
(im a spelling fanatic)
Ariana (31599)
226 days ago
It says he might like someone else but he likes me the most OMG YUSSSSSSS😆😆😆
dat boi (05382)
234 days ago
oh em gee he likes me and only meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!camren if you are reading this, will you go out with some girl?that “some girl” is meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!me+you=LOVE..........i exagerated a little.sorry.(you:,a lot!)
Kay (22557)
295 days ago
He likes me more then her! Yayyyy!
Jane (07834)
384 days ago
He's loves me and me only omg yay I'm so exited!
hope (17407)
586 days ago
He started talking to stare and talk more the day when that witch didn't come so he only talked to me I even started do a new hairstyle which I had done that day. The thing is he looks into my eyes whenever I see him and if he is answering a question and I look at him he stops and starts to stutter and he is always say things to impress me but he talks to that witch he knows she has a boyfriend I jush think he talks more to her because they are in the same school. WHAT DO U GUYS THINK???
The test said he likes me and me only but my friend that she thinks he more into her but she doesn't know the look he has when he see me ........Ohh that wonderful look.
ari (57179)
761 days ago
i got he may like someone else witch is my ex bff whaaaa [he might like me it also sid ] im sad