Are you really Best Friends Forever?

Developed by: Jojo

Do you really have a best friend?
This is the way to find out.

  • 1
    You want to go to the mall with someone, who do you go with?
  • 2
    Its your friends B-Day, you buy her:
  • 3
    A boy wants to go out with you and you do not know him well. Your friend tells you it's safer not to go.
  • 4
    Your friend have been planning this incredible slumber party just 4 you two but this popular girl comes along at asks if she can come.
  • 5
    Your mum says you can bring a friend along to Disneyland with you.
  • 6
    Your friend says you can be stupid sometimes.
  • 7
    Your friend invites this popular girl to her house instead of you just to get popular herself.
  • 8
    This girl tells you mean stuff about your friend and asks you if your friends with her.
  • 9
    People are laughing at your friend because she was daydreaming during class and when the maths teacher told her to answer what is 94+12 she said that Napoleon took over East Asia.
  • 10
    Your friend just bought this flashy yellow leggings and asks you if you like it.

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bff gurl (21814)
485 days ago
this was really fun me and my bff played this so that we had to guess what the other person had clicked

I advise to play this