Ultimate Simpsons Quiz

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This is a Quiz that will decide if YOU are a true fan of the Simpsons

  • 1
    Does Matt Groening make the sound of Maggie Simpson pacifier sucking?
  • 2
    Does one of Barts Chalkboard openings state "I will not waste chalk"?
  • 3
    Is Josh Weinstein on Kent Brockmans list of Gay People?
  • 4
    Is Bart Simpsons Middle name JaJa?
  • 5
    Is Bart's Brothers Name Hugo?
  • 6
    Is it True that Homer's Science teacher once said "Out with the old in with the Nucleous"?
  • 7
    Is Hans Moleman 31?
  • 8
    Is Patty and Selmas pet called Jub Kub?
  • 9
    Is Don Vittorio The Mafia Boss of Springfield?
  • 10
    Did Fred Quimby run over Snowball 1?
  • 11
    Is Marge's Art Teacher Mr. Lombardo?
  • 12
    Does Mr Burns Force Tom Jones To sing For Marge?
  • 13
    Is The Squishee drink unique to the Kwik-E-Mart?
  • 14
    Did I. Ron Butterfly write the Hym 'The garden Of Eden'?
  • 15
    Was one Of Homer's boyhood dreams to appear on "The Gong Show"?
  • 16
    Was Moe Selling Lilly Ball Oysters at the Flea Market?
  • 17
    Is Krusty the Clown Addicted to the perscripted drug Percadine?
  • 18
    Did the midget who played Lisa come form Istanbul?
  • 19
    Is Bart Paid A Vanilla Chip Cookie to donate blood?
  • 20
    Is Krusty's father Bishop Hyman Krustofsky?
  • 21
    Is Uter the only Foreign Exchange student in Springfield?
  • 22
    What is Apu's last name Spelt Nahasapeemapitilon?
  • 23
    Is Martin's IQ 215?
  • 24
    Is Lionel Hutz the Sole proprietor of "I can't believe it's a law firm"?
  • 25
    Is the insect that stars on Channel Ocho Caterpillar man?
  • 26
    Is Dr.Marvin Monroe Springfields Shrink?
  • 27
    Is Homer's brother Herb Powell?
  • 28
    Is Radioactive Man's sidekick Fallout Boy?
  • 29
    Is the alias "last name" Apu go under when he joins the Be-Sharpes De BeauMarche?
  • 30
    The Simpsons paid $66 to get hooked up with illegal cabel?
  • 31
    Do Patty and Selma say you can't spell Obsequious without I.O.U.?
  • 32
    Does Milhouse's dad work at teh Cracker Factory?
  • 33
    Does Lisa steal from all the The teacher's edition textbooks from Springfield Elementary?
  • 34
    Is the three eyed fish called Winky?
  • 35
    Is Principal Skinners Superior Superintendent Palmers?
  • 36
    Does Snake Say "Oh no, Beta" during an episode?
  • 37
    Does Herman Sell Computer antiques and surplus?
  • 38
    Does Mr.Burns Describe his Fortune as vast?
  • 39
    Does Homer sell his beloved Couch to get counseling for his family?
  • 40
    Is the Board game Rod and Tod Flanders Like to Play called "Good Samaritan"

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