Reading habits

The word reading may sound boring and dull to some and exciting and thrilling to others. here's a test to find out how good your reading habits are.

  • 1
    I am fond of collecting books
  • 2
    I always look out for book reviews in the newspapers.
  • 3
    I always spend a part of my pocket money/ earnings for buying new books.
  • 4
    I visit book stores to look out for new releases.
  • 5
    I do not want to be disturbed while reading.
  • 6
    I prefer reading more than watching movies.
  • 7
    I cannot resist magazines or books which i haven't read before.
  • 8
    I love to read everything
  • 9
    I love discussing about my readings with my friends.
  • 10
    My friends call me a book worm
  • 11
    I am a frequent visitor of the library.
  • 12
    Books are my true companions
  • 13
    People approach me for my collection of books
  • 14
    I want to own each and every book
  • 15
    My vocabulary has improved because of my reading habits

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