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Which Female Major Mamma Mia! Character Are You?

50.23 % of users had this result: Sophie Sheridan! You are a very happy and positive person. You have friends and many others who love you but you don't take advantage of it. You will at least once bravely start a chain reaction to find some answers, but be careful. This might cause someone else's world to turn upside down! Other than that, you're a fun person to be around!

17.98 % of users had this result: Donna Sheridan! At first, you may seem to be unimportant, dark, edgy, and almost selfish, but you're not. That's FAR from the real you. Inside, once people get to know you, you are one of the most interesting people on earth. You're smart, witty, creative, funny, and very loving. You look out for those younger than you and want to support them to be their best. You also have at least two good friends from childhood who know you and can trust. Seems like a good life? It is, until you start faltering from past regrets. No big deal. With you as a true main character, you'll be the one ending on top. And who know? You might even have some romance on the way there!

9.18 % of users had this result: Tanya! Maybe you care a LOT about looks. So what? It's important, right? You have loads of advice you can give, especially to one that is in trouble. Anytime a friend is hurt, you know just what to say so they'll feel better. Just try not to make jokes to do that. It doesn't work. Overall, you're great and looked up to!

22.61 % of users had this result: Rosie! Very creative and smart as always, you think of new ways to approach a problem. Although some people might not appreciate this, you know that great minds don't always think alike. You are all about being good and doing what's safe and right. But that doesn't have to stop you from doing something daring once in a while, does it? Try something you haven't done in a while, like performing on stage!