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Which of the three guys in Mamma Mia! are you?

52.62 % of users had this result: Sam Carmichael! Although you can slightly sometimes be the "bad guy" in a story, you can make up for that. It's simple. Just be straight up honest, swallow your pride and ask the question you need to make it right. The most important of the three guys, you try very hard to make what's right wrong. Just don't be too hard on Donna. She's under a lot of stress right now!

19.91 % of users had this result: Harry Bright! Do you like music? Well that's obvious. You love singing, playing guitar, or anything else of that sort. I don't need to write much! You pretty much know yourself!

27.47 % of users had this result: Bill Austin! Well, yeah! You're cool and caring. You know yourself as well!