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The Female Query

7.89 % of users had this result: Despite your hard shell you are a truly fascinating person. You don't always think of yourself as an intellectual, but you have a brain that is constantly in motion, sometimes causing you to get in your own way. Ironically you are a rule-reliant rule breaker. If you can harness the kinetic energies currently confusing you, you can accept your identity. But you don't need to define it.

19.65 % of users had this result: You are co-dependent on others. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. You can be warm and gentle, but you are aware of this...which can be your downfall. Your boundless energies are versatile and can be used to fool and manipulate others. You are a pro at social interaction (whether you realize it or not). Social interaction expertise doesn't mean you are the Queen Bee, it means you understand how to work others and fit into society. This can be good and bad. Direct your energies into thinking less about yourself and your attributes. You are a kind person, just not when you decide to be.

12.52 % of users had this result: You mind is a world of its own. Problems fascinate you, and if someone could write down your thoughts, the world would be amazed. And this scares you, because you know that time can't be enough to take advantage of life. You try to escape death by means of intellect and action. You are constantly moving, even if only in your mind. Just don't miss out on the moments around you. The very things you're trying to preserve can be lost in the fear of loss itself.

7.93 % of users had this result: There's a creativity and passion inside of you that you need to let loose. The power of your desires and your capacities scare you, and you either define to clearly a direction or bind yourself to a lack of direction. Relax, and try to point your mind outward. Don't step on your own potential.

52.01 % of users had this result: Your grip in realism is both striking and steady. Just don't mistake wholeness with falseness. You know yourself, so why not challenge what you know. Your growth is never truly over until you have caused a doubt within yourself worthy of overcoming. Don't be complacent. You are more than what you are now. Let change happen.