The quiz statistic

Which role would you have in the Second Wizarding War?

24.86 % of users had this result: You are in the front rows, fighting the enemy with sheer power and a good amount of rage. You rely on your allies and are good at teamwork, but some enemies must be fought single-handedly. You are a bit rash sometimes, but fortunately, you have your allies to keep you from immediate danger. In return, you shield them when necessary. You need someone to make plans with; otherwise, you'd rush head-log into a fight.

8.14 % of users had this result: You are dueling some important Death Eaters/member of the Order with complicated spellwork that you knew would come in handy. Meanwhile, you try look out for your friends. But you need to concentrate, or you will be in grave danger! If you're a supporter of the Dark Lord, watch out for the lesser jinxes you tend to overlook. Not everyone fights the way you do. If you're a member of the Order, never leave your back unguarded when protecting others. There's always someone with time left to cast a Stunning Spell. And remember: constant vigilance!

19.96 % of users had this result: On occasion, you're practically supporting the others by participating in duels and fights, but mostly, you work behind the scenes. Your knowledge will come in handy before soon, and the final straw for victory is probably provided by you. Your bravery/sufficient cursing will not go unnoticed. A likely possibility is that you're highly ranked. You might also be a spy for your side.

4.75 % of users had this result: You understand the need in defeating the Evil, but really, you'd rather be at home and have a good nights sleep and some of those steaks and candy that you love. You have possibly rethought your possibilities quite a few times, and eventually chosen the side you think will win. You might also be on the run, so that neither side will find you. You're probably no less gifted than others, but really, you have a problem when you have to make choices, and would rather they all left you alone. One reason for your doubt could be that your friends/family have chosen one side, but you would have chosen the other. Thus, you're stuck between your own belief and your near ones'.

42.29 % of users had this result: Even if you know it's hard, you do your best anyway. You try to inform others, those who're hiding by the sidelines, and make them realize that something must be done. You have to be subtle, but can be very convincing. You are a good actor and probably works for the Ministry. You're hard to fool, and are very good in certain areas. You also make others feel safe. You're a symbol of hope.