Should you kiss him?

Developed by: Boo

Should you kiss him or should you wait? Find out now!

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    Have you ever hugged him?
    Have you ever hugged him?

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Someone (68965)
9 days ago
This is REALLY confusing. You're getting in there?! What does that even mean?!? I WANT ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!
adam lover (41364)
13 days ago
don't listen to this quiz guys! If you are in true love with your man, then dont believe the quiz if it says u dont. I love mine
Confused!! 0w0 (22861)
36 days ago
It said mabey just wait... we both confessed to eachother. Should I kiss him on the bus on Monday?
hazel (95593)
46 days ago
it said that for me too What does that mean. we both openly like each other should i just do it?
Starflight (67387)
107 days ago
It says “ your getting there” 😑
Rosalie (84205)
113 days ago
ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!!!????! I got dont kiss him...... i have already kissed him and he kissed me back!!! WOW REALLY ACCURATE QUIZ!!!!
Lucy (87107)
121 days ago
My eyes are tearing up now. 😢😔😯
Lucy (87107)
121 days ago
It gave me a don't think about it. I feel like my heart is broken. I feel like I've been punched in the stomach with a small but heavy wrecking ball.
mia (85670)
121 days ago
It said do not even think of kissing him so I am mad
Shiloh (96206)
155 days ago
I hug him every day put yes
Yolo (94974)
160 days ago
This quiz isnt great, there are not enough options and everything is no specific. Needs a yes no and other option too.
Kelli (08445)
171 days ago
If you’ve been dating longer than 4 months and haven’t kissed make a move don’t wait for him I mean let’s be real you want your man to be happy with you but you can’t wait for the bird to fly forever right ?
caroline1235 (51821)
178 days ago
ive been dating for 5 years and he hasnt kissed me yet. but we have talked about it. idk what to do. i really want to kiss him.
jeanbean (21869)
200 days ago
I've been dating my bf for almost a month. We've been on dates, but he still hasn't kissed me yet. 😢
🐎🐎🐎 (93587)
223 days ago
It just said “getting there* what in the world does that mean?
spoopygrr (82676)
245 days ago
okay, ive gone on six dates with him, seen him shirtless, held his hand..ish. he's never had a gf and ive never had a bf ive liked this much. i want to kiss him so much but im scared that he doesnt want to bcs hes such a sweet person and is an innocent bean. i havent even hugged him :,(
khi (95723)
325 days ago
omg theres a boy his name is riyan he keeps on looking at me and HE HAVES A GIRL like what so what do I oe is cute and his girl is my bff
Michelle (66914)
417 days ago
Ok so my boyfriend Asked me to kiss him at his party but I missed my chance and I want to kiss him so bad and I hope this test tells me if I should or not
Alexis Ashworth (82143)
543 days ago
I sat alone at lunch with my guy his name is
Kegen awww I love him 😍😘 WHAT!! Oh
Sorry I love that boy😌 I wove him anyway
I choose sort of now if you will let me I have
Too go and kiss the picture of him he gave me
A confused person (21657)
905 days ago
I don't know what my answer Meant so this didn't really help me. I'm to nervous to make the first move anyway so it's not really a big deal 😅