What Type of Vampire Are You?

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Have you ever wondered if you were a Vampire? Take this quiz and discover if you are one of those deformed monsters, or just the normal, blood-sucking type!

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    Which type of blood do you like to drink?

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758 days ago
When your a real vampire and people think your lying
1066 days ago
Yay I'm disgusting *goes cuddle some kittens*
1100 days ago
the quiz said im a powerful strong healthy vampire and that im not afraid of anything!!
1226 days ago
The quiz said I am a friendly Vampire, of no danger to humans whatsoever, except the ones that threaten your friends. You feel the need to protect the human race from deadlier species of Vampire.
1470 days ago
((purple)Jasmine Hi. This quiz told me I a disusting vampire and I am powerful and dangerous. I sometimes agree but not always.
1476 days ago
Well, I'm the type of Vampire that preys on the innocent. And is really strong. And nobody messes with me cuzz I'll kill them. :-)
1697 days ago
Y not same as a human on 5/12
1697 days ago
Y not an option of non on 1/12
1744 days ago
I’m a terribly disgusting vampire this quiz has problems

😑😑😑😑(I’m not even a vampire
1969 days ago
I am a full vampire
2070 days ago
im a discoosting vampire
2136 days ago
A normal vampire, Johnny Depp, remember. I actually do think I'm half vampire, I stay up real late for no apparent reason, I have dreamt of a vampire trying to🐤my blood, and one time I woke up and had marks on my neck.do vampires have good night vision, because I do.
2141 days ago
i'm a wolf and a vanpire
2179 days ago
I'm a friendly vampire.


This quiz has problems.

2215 days ago
Am I that discussing
2493 days ago
I love this quiz and being a real vampire!!!
2758 days ago
how rude im not that horible i am very nice not crule or discusting.