Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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8 days ago
lol sorry I changed my name I meant lolol this quiz was accurate.
8 days ago
this quiz was accurate. idk how I feel about him. like somedays I like him somedays its a friends like.
8 days ago
Charlotte: well you could let him go and move on even though thatg might be hard...….. or you could try to get him to like you which probably is a very bad choice. …….. or you could be friends and move on with your life. a boy doesn't mean the whole world is he doesn tlike you in that same way. UwU
9 days ago
hello I like this person and he said he didn't like me what do i do
14 days ago
I have a big crush ;))))))
14 days ago
Well I do have a crush but I'm not sure so much ;)
16 days ago
Idk i fi like this boy
20 days ago
hi. so the guy i think i might like i met him the beginning of high school and didn't think much of at the time. it wasn't until my last talkship ended that i noticed him. he was nice and kind and for once i was genuinely excited to talk to someone. we talked for a while and i thought i was being clear that i liked him but then he told me actually was with someone. there no longer together now i think i might feel for him again. any suggestions on what to do?
22 days ago
So there’s this really cute kid named Sam and I really like him and I want to text him that I like him but I’m scared that he’s not going to like me back.Should I text him I like him or not?
22 days ago
So there's this guy that I knew from my primary he's really cute but after we went to secondary schools we went to different ones and I've seen him a couple of times but something happens to me Everytime I see him like my heart just stops for a second and all I can think about is him it feels like a movie but I know I'll never end up with him because we've online talked like once or twice in primary and I don't think he remembers me and when I do see him I always try to hide my face its kinda funny because I always fail to do so, so yeh now I'm just searching up on google on how to get a guy of of my mind but nothing's helping me I never thought that I would ever actually fall in love I mean I don't even know if I'm In love with him or not
30 days ago
so there is this guy, i just switched schools and hes in my Geo science class and I don't know what came over me but i started liking him over the weekend and now i have to go to school with him today and Im so used to not being liked back n i dont know what to do :(
32 days ago
Maybe it would grow into love! I took this test because I was sure I liked him, but whoever created this test has lost their mind! Anyway I'm cute and this guy says he STILL likes me... 2%
51 days ago
Got how I feel now...right on point but I still don't get what to do..huhuhh
64 days ago
SO me and this guy have similar interests and now my friends are taking it to far... what do I do
69 days ago
Guess whos back? Its me, Elodie! for whoever is reading this... Love is honestly pointless. I'm not saying to give up on your dreams buuuut I think you should reconsider them and think them through. in the end, you're just going to be stabbed in the back by some big titty b**** named Traci.... So ya never trust a Traci.
71 days ago
So in class we moved seats and I was placed with a bunch of boys, I thought that was fine at first but I was wrong...They got so annoying after the first days, all except for one guy. He was less obnoxious. Then I realized he went to my old school a couple years ago. I was sooo shocked because he looked so dreamy. But he was a bit of a troublemaker. So after a few days of our new seats I asked him if he remembered me (cringy right?, I know) and he said no so I told him my name and he was like "Oh yeah, now I remember you!" A few moments later, he taps me on my back and starts a conversation on how he always used to get in trouble. And as soon as I knew it I was blushing so hard my head felt like it was on fire! Next the teacher's like, "Stop talking and so your work!" So I turned around and did my work. Next thing you know we were talking on a daily basis. One day he got so annoying I told him if he doesn't stop talking I would ignore him until we switched seats (We were switching seats in like 2 weeks.) And he says, "No I'm sorry, don't ignore me!" I was so surprised so I said, "Just do your work then." I almost laughed cuz it was so funny. (2 weeks later) We moved seats and he was next to my bff, he still talked to me like normal (we were a couple seats away) on a few days my bff said that she just broke up with her bf and was crushing on my crush, (I never told her about my crush on him but I could tell that she was putting up a competition) so I said, "Really!?" Even though I could tell that she liked him before that. The thing is neither one of us was brave enough to ask him out, and the school year ended, I still haven't told him and neither has she.💔 P.S. I still blush talking to him...😶
71 days ago
I was the first to talk to him, we even had a date after 3 days of talking, he bought me an ice cream. The thing is he now wants to take me to a dinner, but I don’t know what I feel and I feel pressured and weird, not the butterflies type of thing. I don’t wanna breath his heart tho:(
87 days ago
Is there one of these for girl x girl crushes? I'm having trouble because IDK if I like em or not and all quizzes say I'm hetero, so I've given up and am now trying to figure out my feelings.
95 days ago
I don't know if i like this guy he was like an ex kind of. But over the past few weeks he got my attention and was being thoughtful and nice. He makes fun of me, teasing but sometimes I feel like he's just not trying to lead me on. And then I found out he's dating his ex. AGAIN. And I'm okay with it but she and her sister one of my close friends sends off this vibe that says "we don't like you no more. and I don't know what to do. Help?
97 days ago
Hello. There is something called heroworshipping where you deeply admire a friend. Thing is, she's a girl. I'm a girl. Could be my inexperience and curiosity but what confuses me is I think she's cute and when I'm around her, off and on my heart flutters. I don't know what it is. My cheeks ALMOST blush. 💗?