Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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39 minutes ago
OK SO...I'm homeschooled and I go to a homeschool gym class and there's a boy that looks maybe 14 or 15 and I'm 12 and like one side of my brain is I LIKE HIM! And the other side is like ew no! And it's kinda confusing and like he stares at me a lot and every once and a while talks to me...and I don't like him becuz of his looks and I don't really know his personality so why do I kinda like him!?!?. . .I'M SO CONFUSED
5 days ago
Thank god this helps a lot because we are together and happy so know when he tells me he loves me i can tell him too
11 days ago
hes dating my best friend so
11 days ago
ohohohhh so i love him huh
18 days ago
dear I NEED HELP: Your friend sounds annoying, and I wouldnt rush into anything just yet
18 days ago
It said that i "LOOOOOOOOVE" him, but i still dont know
18 days ago
Someone help me, otherwise i am going to DIE!!!!!!! so i've liked this guy for like a year now and we have both changed a ton, but i am not sure whether i like him because i cant say that i dont like him, but i cant say that i like him!!!!! and also, my friend says that if i dont tell him soon,then she will!!!!!!!! WHAT DO I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21 days ago
Thx for making this quiz its really helpful i really hope he likes me back and i hope u make more like this .
22 days ago
Dear amara, I totally know what you mean. That happens with my guy friends sometimes, I find myself flirting or questioning my feelings. I wouldnt do anything just yet, and make sure you really like him before you threaten a friendship
22 days ago
Someone please help, I'm friends with this guy and i think I might like him (he is super cute and funny and sweet and fit), but he is super hung up on his ex. Whenever he talks to her, he gets all flustered, and his face lights up when he looks at her. Should I stand by as a loyal friend, keep flirting in the hopes that he notices me, or admit my feelings? Or something else?
23 days ago
OMG! Amara, the guy I like is called Lukas but with a k. So happy! :)
28 days ago
So I dont know if I like my best friend lucas or not. Last night we were playing video games after hanging out and one of our friends asked if we were dating and we both said no. But since then ive been questioning my feelings and I think I may like him. I don't know if its just quick feelings that are gonna go away or not but yea...
28 days ago
See I have a crush on this guy so madly love him. Don't know if I should confess
28 days ago
Hi.this it laka girl
30 days ago
ok so this boy really likes me i think and he is telling everyone that he want to (yk what) with me, he’s really cute, but he has been with a lot of girls ( like getting head from them ) but he barely ever texts me .... and this other boy, we have been together for about 6 months and we had broken up in december. he had told my best friend that he still likes me about 2 weeks ago, but he is messing with a girl already. he still texts me and calls me by my nickname and still wants to be around me when we are in person but idk. i also like him a little and the other boy a little bit too.

what should i do. please help me.
34 days ago
I'm a gay guy, but this test has helped a lot, thanks!
36 days ago
I have literally commented like seven times and no one has ever responded omg this is useless
36 days ago
I love Louis ok XX💏
37 days ago
So there this guy in my class Julius and I like him in many ways.. we're very similar in the way that we both are a little creepy in ways we're both depressed with our own anger and express it but talking in violent manners.. or drawing but I just think that he's not interested in taking it to the bf gf stage or even dateing I just wish I wasn't as ugly and fat as I didn't want to be I just wish one I could even have the courage to ask him out
38 days ago
There's this guy who I dated for about two and a half months, and he was really sweet and attractive. (like easily one of the hottest guys I've ever seen), but we didn't connect on an intelligence level. I would ask him questions (like, did you have a test yesterday) and he would respond "I don't know". And when we would text, I would write almost entire paragraphs while he would respond monosyllabically, and he offered no sympathy when I tried to discuss how I had a bad day, he would just say "ok". But he also would flirt with me, tell me my smile was the best thing about me, tell me I was pretty. He laughed at my jokes, and it felt really good to have a boyfriend, have someone who I would catch looking at me and smile, have someone who would blush when I told them they were cute, have someone who would always respond to my texts as soon as possible. Eventually, we started talking less and less, (and a few times both of us said something like "Hey we should talk more") and I realized that he basically expected me to make all the effort of starting conversations and keeping them going. I've told people that we broke up (although technically we haven't?), and I thought I had moved on. But every so often, our eyes will meet. Every so often, we will bump into eachother in the halls and smile awkwardly before hastily lowering our gazes. And with Valentine's Day coming up, I can't help missing him. (Note: He is Really Hot). Do I still like him? Do I only like him for his appearance? Or are all the pink heart streamers getting to me?