Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? You know the one I mean! So let me help you figure it all out! Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy! Try it now and you'll feel better, I promise. Good luck!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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3 days ago
I really like this guy but he is in 12th and I am in 6th he is like a superhero to me. I use to like this other person that was a girl and well she asked me out and I said yes but 2 days later she broke up with me because she didn't like me (yes I am bisexual) I really like this guy now. One day out of the blue he was talking to me and he gave me a high five and I almost died. Me and him had to hold hands when we were praying before school started and he like graded my hand and held it with his soft hands and I loved that. I put something in his locker for Valentine's. I hope he got it but I don't know . I just really like him and want to tell him but idk I think he would be weirded out so any suggestions???
3 days ago
Should I break it to my "crush" that I like him... he is in 2 of my classes.. including P.E what could be worse!?! I dont know if I like him or not I'm still deciding.. another problem... I like a girl *yes I bi* she is one of my friends and I dont really want to tell her (BTW the girls name is arielle avina she is runner. Super fit. Smart.nice. you can look her up 😉😉)
3 days ago
I dont know if I like my crush yet.. he is cute and REALLY nice but I have liked him for a while and I just dont if I'm over him :(
7 days ago
my boyfriend on roblox
7 days ago
How do I tell him l like him? He's my first crush ever
17 days ago
this quiz is Soo right, I think I'll take more quizzes and I donno if I should ask him out hey I'll just take another test SQUEE
23 days ago
i love him but i dont know about him
37 days ago
idk even know how I feel we talked today and my heart was pounding hard!!!!
39 days ago
so I like this girl for the past 7 months I have giver her the world but at the end of the day she always choose my best friend over me and I am now into animals because of a heart break and I want to write to u my fellow sissies bc my💗fell off but imma win her back cause I lover her so much I just want her back without hurting my best friend so I ll just have patience and with time everything will work out I just really love her you know bye ladies
72 days ago
Hi, i like a girl welp! and she's my best friend it's really weird for me i would love to get some advice for you. lately she has been talking to me more i don't know if she like me or is just trying to become friends with my guy friends. The reason i am saying that i think she is using me it's cuz i am tomboy.
76 days ago
So there is a guy who I think I like but I’m not even sure about but just recently I have been getting a lot of attention from him and my close friends think he likes me when I text him he texts back so quickly within like ten seconds but here’s the catch I remember him telling me,a few years back he confessed that he like me but I kind of rejected him cause I liked another kid.and I’ve secretly loved talking to him we have the most deepest conversations he’s almost like my best except I already have one and I feel like I’d be the one to get rejected if I tell him that I like him and he’s not going to make any move because I rejected him before and I think our friendship is going to go downhill.what do I do? I really like him not just his looks but his attitude towards me and how he treats me as a queen or the only one in his world.
77 days ago
So I've "liked" this guy for about 2 years now and I found out a little while ago that my best friend had a small crush on him but she said it wasn't a big thing and that she was over him, but that was after I confided in her that I liked him for a while. A little time after that he started dating one of his "close" freinds, I wouldn't call her a freind but we talk. After about a month of this he told me that he never liked her and he just felt bad because they were freinds and he didn't want it to be akward if he regected her. Then comes halloween me and my freind group are hanging out and I find out that he likes me too but now I don't know how to feel or how I even feel because I feel like it would be wrong it I like him or started dating him.
77 days ago
😲 There is this 10th grader. He always jokingly tells me that I'm flirting with him or ask me if I think He's cute or if I like him. He's a pretty boy so a lot of other girls like him and I'm not the prettiest of the bunch. We are really comfortable with each other. We have two classes with each other every other day. During biology, he makes me laugh ( as well as other people though) and he does things like take my pen and make grab his hands to get it back. Today he took my water bottle and held in different places so that I would have to reach all over him to get it. Everybody starting saying we would be so cute together ❤ and this isn't the first time people have said things like this. I do things like steal his bandana or giggle while I smile 😃at him just out of nowhere. By the way we sit beside each other in biology and I am a freshman. IDK what should I do.
I don't have a phone but my mom might let me use hers.
87 days ago
There is a guy so his friend once said to him go get your girlfriend point to me there he kept smiling to me. Next day acts like nothing happened . Friday I was taking to me friends then his friends call is name and I look at him then his friends said she total likes you. Monday walking to class he looks at me class acts like he doesn't know me.
Help me out cant get him out of my mind.
88 days ago
Whenever we see each other we would smile. Were best friends.
95 days ago
He got my interest but I’m not too sure because he is my best friend.
96 days ago
Yeah I do
99 days ago
So I like him. But, I just want to know if I should date him.
106 days ago
So apparently I’m in love with this guy :) definitely the answer I was looking for great quiz!!
106 days ago
So I have like no self esteem so I know I don't have a chance I'm not the best looking and I live by the motto if you love them then let them go U~U; so if I heard a guy I'm interested in like my best friend I'd be soooo supportive because I'm not jelly I'm happy they found someone they like. So sorry for the rant!