Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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feelings are confusing. (38100)
there's this one boy at my church and i've always noticed him, like he's cute and whatever but, recently I've been getting nervous aroud him and i finally asked myself, 'do i like him?' and honestly, i have no idea. i think that I'm starting to develop feelings for him. i don't know, we don't really talk a lot because he's super awkward and I'm super awkward and awkwardness time two pyt together is just...bad. i'm so confused.
Jess Bean (13134)
2 days ago
Ugh! He's really cute and funny, but I've only known him for a few weeks! We met in school. Should I like him or wait a bit?
None (49816)
2 days ago
He is such an amazing person and I like him for so much more that just his looks... Wish me luck!!!
Can’t have a crush (65763)
7 days ago
Hey @ugh_stupid.feelings...
I had a crush before this too, and a lot of drama came down with him for abt three hrs he liked someone else and right when I moved out of state he told me he liked me. I promised myself that I wouldn’t not get a crush but I found someone that I really like and what I did was just followed my gut feeling if i think I like him then I do and if I get jittery every time I see him I know I like him. Just trust yourself
Ugh_stupid.feelings (13543)
7 days ago
Ass* not 💗
😂😂 pretty big difference
Ugh_stupid.feelings (13543)
7 days ago
Anyone...someone PLEASE help 😭 there’s this guy in my class and I’ve noticed him for about three weeks and today I finally asked myself the question “do I like him” and I honestly don’t know...I don’t talk to him that much but when I do my mood gets better and I had a dream about him last night...(NOT weird btw he confessed he loved me in the dream and I was so so sooo happy) I was broken up with in March I think and the guy was an💗and idk if I’m ready to tell myself I like someone again...I’m just not sure and need some help💔💔
naomi (04785)
10 days ago
i made a terible mistake of likng that guy
pc_sportschick (87137)
11 days ago
I have seen this dude around school but i just realized that i like him after I went to his football game and he appeared at my volleyball game. Probably for someone else. It kind of sucks not ever having a boyfriend in my life.
Hayzel (22582)
12 days ago
Hi, I need help. I have a crush on this boy and I have mixed feelings. I like him but I also feel like that I'm unsure if I like him. I'm unsure if he likes me as he's shown mixed signs; good and bad, I think. He has a girlfriend... How can I 'win' him? Help me please 😓
Lol (21550)
12 days ago
We’re just friends but there’s something about him that makes me happy and smile. I’m so confuse! And I’m so irritated when I smile and looks at him because he always looks away! It’s so weird
Idk (11908)
13 days ago
Well we are great friends but I think I'm starting to like him a bit I always get so jelulos of every happy couple I'm lonely lol but it's hard to say I don't under stand myfeelings I feelhappy and confused and was and wondeful around him
DragonGirl (11339)
14 days ago
I know that i like this guy, and he makes my hurt flutter. but what i really dont know is if he likes me back
Purple (23189)
16 days ago
IDk my feelings for this guy I think I like him but I don't know what to say to him whenever we meet in the hallway.It is middle school we all have mixed feelings and we're trying to figure it all out
Bbbbb (37357)
22 days ago
This guy makes me feel all gushy in side but idk if he likes me back
shyyyy (39931)
26 days ago
ok soo ive had this boy on my class from first grade. At 4 grade i thought i had feelings for him and when we had this ball i danced with him. After that i lost interest in him. In 7 grade he was disturbing me all the time and didn't stop talking and glancing at me. I didn't really like him at that time so i brushed it off. I have now changed schools, but he's still in same school as me. But not in same class and i think i have feelings for him now! And he's still glancing on me but i can't tell my friends because i already told them i don't care about him about a year ago..
And im so shy that i can't even really speak to him xc
Lily Heid (05967)
32 days ago
Ok so new school new people and i get stuck with a really cute guy in my science class and I think I like him a lot but I don’t want to tell him plus I’m soo awkward around him and I start laughing for no reason omg help.?!
35 days ago
riaru (43923)
40 days ago
lol, you gay and crazy. He doesn't like you.
idek (35183)
41 days ago
OMG thats how I feel but he goes to a different school but I catch his bus to see him and he usually sits next to me. He has a girl...friend and when they used to sit infant of me I got super jealous but idk why and I want to be around him like sm. We have dated before and I wasn't entirely sure but now I just want to be near him. Emotions r so messed up
Wonder (76734)
42 days ago
I am don’t know whether I like this boy or not!!! We are really good friends at school and nearly every single person I have met has asked whether we were dating or a cute couple. I am really worried that people might hate me for being with him since 4 girls like him too. Those girls are my friends..... I don’t want to be that girl but one of my friends that thinks that he likes her (when he doesn’t) said that last year he liked her and was a player with her and this year I am his new side chick that he will be with and past..... It realllly hurt when she said that but idk I don’t want to lose a friendship with either my girl friends nor my boy.....friend (especially since the boy is much more kinder and friend material).I am really confused and I don’t know whether he even likes me. Apparently he acts very different around me comparing the other people and we both flirt with each other, but I don’t even know how to flirt nor the whole basis of flirting and nor do I think he flirts with me that much.?! We are in the same class for a lot of subjects and he sits next to me or across me in nearly every single class.... he usually waits for me before leaving to my next class and helps me with my stuff like even took my stuff inside for me which was weird?????? Anyway I probably sound like a stupid girl who has some serious issues but I really don’t care.... I am sorry for making this so long but I hope everyone understands what I am going through and can give me any advice or opinions on the situation. Enjoy your lives and find you lovers in the world!!