Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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Yeah I do
4 days ago
So I like him. But, I just want to know if I should date him.
11 days ago
So apparently I’m in love with this guy :) definitely the answer I was looking for great quiz!!
11 days ago
So I have like no self esteem so I know I don't have a chance I'm not the best looking and I live by the motto if you love them then let them go U~U; so if I heard a guy I'm interested in like my best friend I'd be soooo supportive because I'm not jelly I'm happy they found someone they like. So sorry for the rant!
18 days ago
okay so a friend of mine told me that this girl, let's call her christy, has a crush on me. I didn't really know if I liked her back but I was kinda excited about the news, maybe even had a lil bit of butterflies. I told my best friend and told her not to tell anyone... The first thing she did was text christy behind my back. Christy texted her back saying it wasn't true and repeated that to me and asked if I liked her, I told her I didn't know and that didn't really mind her liking me or something like that. So now I don't know if she really has a crush on me or if I really have a crush on her.
Thanks for coming to my TedTalk
23 days ago
I'm a meme person. I'm such a loser.
23 days ago
Um. Well. I like this boy his smart and super funny and very nice to talk to. I'm a member person hah. Who'd fall for me.
24 days ago
so I like this boy in my class, and I thought that he might like me too. but today my friends told me that they heard him talking about another girl in our class with his friends on PE, complementing how good she was in PE and blabla...seriously, I'm really confused now
25 days ago
soo... there’s a boy. i really liked him the first couple of weeks while getting to know him, but i knew he wouldn’t feel the same. i sorta lost feelings cos i thought it was stupid i liked him cos he’d never like me back. today, he messaged me and confessed that he liked me and asked if he’d liked me back cos he’d heard from one of my friends i did... it’s just weird cos i was starting to loose feelings but they’re been brought back again? i’m not over the moon he likes me but i’m not upset? i feel neutral about it but i feel like i should be happy cos i was obsessed about him weeks ago... eek
26 days ago
So I think I like 2 different people. One of them is super cute and so funny. She's a really depressed girl and used to be dating this other girl but is now dating this guy. The other girl I like (the girl that used to be dating Crush 1) is a player and moves from girl to girl. She cheated on one of her girlfriends by making out (HARD) with a different girl at a sleepover. IDK what to do!!! Why do I like theeeem
26 days ago
so i recently got into a fight with my crush that likes me back, but now i don't really like him anymore, and i kind of like someone else. so i took this test twice. once for each of them. and i got hat i like the new person, and that i don't like the old one.
26 days ago
I like the guy..but it seems he doesn't. I can't read him at all. I also know he likes another girl.
27 days ago
I kinda like this girl, I told her how I feel but she is sending me mixed signals, one minute she's angry when I don't text her or when I put another girl on my statues, yet she won't tell me how she really feels about me. I really need advice
29 days ago
Ok love this boy and I want to tell him I like him but kinda nervous
30 days ago
You have to go up to him and say that you like him.
Don't try to avoid him. You might be shocked by his response.
34 days ago
so I like this boy but I kinda feel invisible to him any advise
41 days ago
So I think I like my friend, or our connection I'm not sure but I've been his Valentine this year and I see him lerking at me and we talk and muck around I'm not sure how I feel but I do get jealous when I see him close with another girl
42 days ago
So i like this boy and my best friends like him 2😫
But I’m the tall girl in school (11 and 165 cm ) and he is normal and he’s perfect for my friend but I like him for 4 year almost 5 and I want to die he looks at me all the time but than my friends are like he’s looking at me and I’m like yeh I know so I don’t know if he likes me or not
45 days ago I guess I like a boy who farts all the time, in love with someone else,and knows that I used to like him. I didn't tell him thou. Someone else sid...... DYLAN from big Creek elementary. U didn't even tell how did he know? Welcome to my world.
46 days ago
Mohammad, I am 💗 sure you wouldn't read this, but I like you a little more than a lot. If only you knew..