Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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5 days ago
There’s this boy he gives me hugs and cuddles he’s super sweet really adorable. But idk if he like likes me and idk if I like like him!? He feels more like a brother to me >_< plus ppl say you two can definitly pass for siblings and another friend said you two could definitly pass as a couple AND IM JUST SO CONFUZZLED PLZ HELP
8 days ago
Dear Ann, ha, your problem is kind of like mine. Right. So, just be yourself. If you do end up together after everything, it has to be the real you that he sees. Umm, try and find things that you have in common with him. And casually bring it up in conversation. Become friends first (obviously) dont go in too fast. You gotta know if you like his personality and tastes as well. Just go causal. I don't think that can ever go wrong. Good luck!
8 days ago
Right. Ok. Dear Emily s, I'm sorry if this advice is bad. But you gotta think, is he worth it? Cause he has done bad things, he stole your first kiss and told you not to tell anyone but broke that promise anyway. You gotta think, do you actually want a relationship with him? Does his good qualities outweigh his bad? But According to your post, I don't think he's good enough for you. Doing all those things. However, I'm not the one who likes him. You are. Its your choice, just: think, is he really good for you?
8 days ago
Jesus Christ ok. There's this boy, Jacob, right? I can't help but be really really attracted to him, despite never having talked to him before. And he's not hot, either!!!! He's just really nerdy and sweet. So anyway, I promised myself that I would talk to him. And I need advice ASAP! What should I say, what should I wear, should I do something special to catch his attention? I just need advice!
9 days ago
I really like this kid, but he's done really bad things. He took away my first kiss and then told me not to tell anyone. He told his best friends, and then his best friends told everyone, with him telling the people they didn't tell. Should I be upset? He acts like nothing happened between us, and he tells people he doesn't like me. We aren't dating either....
9 days ago
Hi guys. It's me again. I know that you people would have your own problems ti deal with right now and stuff but i just really need some help I guess? Ok. So. Kind of like 'Uh hi,' I had a dream about this guy, that I had noticed before. In the dream, I liked him. So when I woke up. I think I started thinking that I like him?? (For anyone who's stuck around, this is a different guy btw). Well, the problem with liking him is that, he's 2 grades above me and one of my friends is his sister. And the fact is that I can't get to know him properly cause of those reasons. And I can't accept the fact that I might like him, because I got that from a dream and because if I do like him, it's only because of his looks cause I can't get to know him properly. And I don't want to like a guy cause of his looks. I told one of my friends about this and she says that its kind of an Out Of League Crush? So basically, is there anyway to stop liking him? (And thinking about bad things about him wouldn't work cause i dont know him well enough). Soory this is long. I'll try and help your problems and questions too if I know how. I'd really appreciate it if you do even get around to reading this. Thanks
12 days ago
@elodie I really get what your feeling right now I've been through exactly the same thing. You have feelings for the guy so naturally your gonna be upset when he is around and whenever you hear his name it's aboulately natural. My advice would be distant yourself for a while. Take the time to heal and when your ready you'll be able to be friends again. It all takes time there's no fixing a broken heart
13 days ago
ok so I had a dream where I asked him out and he said yes. I haven’t really settled on one crush I kinda like multiple boys some more than the others. I’m confused. I like this one boy but then I also like this other boy and then I have a tiny crush on these two other boys like?????
16 days ago
I took this test to see if i genuinely liked my boyfriend. Idk what to feel because he’s actually the perfect guy but I’m having trouble falling for him in the way he did for me. This quiz told me he piqued my interest lmao and i don’t be wanna leave him Bc there’s something there I’m just not sure how much... enjoy this comment to whoever reads it
17 days ago
Ummm y is there a heart? Oppsie¯\_(ツ)_/¯
17 days ago
hi it's me again! (IF U HAVENT READ MY FIRST COMMENT PLZ GO READ THAT FIRST) This is just an update and I don't need help anymore. You know how I said that my crush liked me and I liked him back wellll..... There seems to be a fork in the road. Earlier today he texted me saying that he just wanted to have friends and he wasn't ready for a relationship or anything like that. so I played it out like my natural self (tomboy) and I let it go but to be honest I'm pretty hurt. Yep im dead inside. I haven't stopped crying since 4 p.m. and its 8 P. M.!! 💗 IS WRONG W\ MEEEE??!! okieee thats it baiii.
17 days ago
I need help too, so there’s a guy that likes me but he is discosting and I like someone else but I hated him for a while cause he liked me back and now I think he thinks I still hate him and so he probably doesn’t like me back. And I have a lot of friends but I’m still a bit shy. If anyone reads this tell me what I should do please?
21 days ago
I like this guy and...he's so sweet to me. Although I'm not sure if I like LIKE him. When we first met I was so idk touchy?? He was extremely shy and later on in the school year finally started talking to me and he know almost always talks to me during passing periods, stares at me in my classes, and gives me a blush like smile or I catch him staring at me and he quickly turns away. I want to be friends with him,but he gives me this blush feeling and he's friends with my Idk how to react.
24 days ago
Me and this boy have been friend since second grade and I never liked him romantically, but lately I’ve been browsing the tiniest felling for him, I’m trying to find ways to make him more interested. The problem with this test is that some of him friend are girls so idc if he is hanging out with a girl. I’ve been trying to look into his eyes and then away, and we I’ve been to his house since 3rd grade when our friendship actually started, any tips? This year me and him are totally separate in school other than art. He says he misses me being in the neighborhood when I can just walk over and can’t wait for me to be 3 houses down from him (sorry for any mistakes, I type fast )
24 days ago
Hi, i need i bit of help. My crush and I both like each other and we have told each other that already But he doesn't want to start anything because we're really good friends. we don't really hang out at school much but we text each other everyday. 3 days have gone past and I feel really guilty, every time I text him, see him, hear him and think of him I start to cry and I don't know if I like him because of pity or if I'm lonely. anyways, every time anything has to involve him I feel really depressed and lonely I really don't want to tell him those things. I just want to know if I like him or if I just pity him. PLEASE HELP MEEEEE
29 days ago
Same here, I really like a guy in my French class.
29 days ago
There’s a guy I really like too!! I met him in my Biology class!
35 days ago
@Kat read about a word 'Romeo jihad'. And i tell you to be aware of this cz something like that happened to my sister...hope he isn't like that. First get to now everything about that guy his true intentions. Well who am i to judge someone. Good luck...champ!
36 days ago
I need some help, please! So, there's this guy that I kinda like in my class. I have noticed him before but never really felt any kind of attraction to him; he was just 'there' in my class.

But that all changed after one interaction with him. We were talking about the religion, Islam, in class, and I happened to know a lot about it because I had traveled to Morocco previously. Their main religion is Islam. But, nevertheless, I explained what the religion was, what their beliefs were, and what the people were like. I said a lot of positive things because it really is a beautiful religion. But THEN...that guy in my class (that I now like) wanted to clarify something that I had said because I worded it wrong or something. He is apart of that religion, so he knew waaaay more than I did. So, at the end of class I wanted to thank him for that and I just kind of wanted to talk to him about his religion a bit; you know, be polite and all. We did that, and of course...I rambled on because I was kind of nervous. No, not 'kind of' nervous, I was REALLY nervous. I can't really remember what I said but the thing I do remember is his smile. He looked so happy, and that made me pretty happy. In class, he always looks so 'sad.' He doesn't smile much, but he had smiled a lot with that moment, and I guess that was what made me become attracted to him. So now, I don't know what to do. During that conversation with him though, he offered to talk to me some more about his religion. I don't know if he actually wants to though; maybe he was just being polite? Perhaps he just wanted to end the conversation in a kind way?? Maybe I even talked too much, and he wanted to escape??? I really don't know, I overthink things a ton, so I'm a little lost as to what to do. I feel like my mind has betrayed me.

He does look at me sometimes in class. At least i think. I don't know if it's my mind trying to trick me because it knows I like him, or if he ACTUALLY IS looking at me. AAAAA, please someone help me make sense of this
37 days ago