Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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Lily (67403)
3 days ago
I like a guy at school and so he really never falls to me i now alo t about him but we have dated before but I really not sure if he still likes me or not
Pink Magic35 (77540)
6 days ago
I don't think this helped me
Random (46907)
6 days ago
Im still not sure if I like him in that way lools
Keylah_#love (13017)
8 days ago
You ever have a crush you like him and you wish he would like you back
Rebekah (78235)
9 days ago
Awesome you are beautiful.
Mia (92512)
10 days ago
Lmao yeh I do like him. #onlyforthecomments
Anna (72560)
10 days ago
Who is the author of this test? Gasai Yuno? Some answers were creepy haha
What-to-do (16826)
11 days ago
So I like this one guy, but I’m not sure if it’s like OMG I LOVE You or I like you, but we’re friends and I’m friends with his sister. I don’t wanna mess up our friendship but idk if I should tell him or what. Also idk if he’s the right one for me to date right now ((eteal)
ImJustHereOkayBai (23369)
11 days ago
What if he's an anime guy...?
awesome (24146)
15 days ago
ok it says im in love but srsly ive hardly spoken to him. Hes from my best friends old school and they are kinda you know friends that annoy each other... so yeah but hes adorable and i know how i am with other guys getting nervous and whatnot but with him i flirt a lot and deliver word perfect speeches just to make him make a fool of himself. and hes REALLY hot

btw, am i pretty:
I have...
- golden blonde kinda wavy hair, long but not too long
- blue eyes
- full lips
- pale skin
- no zits or freckles, flawless complexion
- tall

pls tell me
pb & j (64315)
16 days ago
I am going out with a player named Owen but I don't really like him. I like another boy named Finn and so I took this quiz and I desided to break up with Owen and try to ask Finn out and he said yes. So now we have been going out for 2 weeks.
Woweeeee (97640)
18 days ago
This person needs to learn better English. Cannot talk at all
Diamond (70271)
20 days ago
I like two boys and one's called Harry is going out with the girls and the other one is Ellis he doesn't have a girlfriend. And I'm attracted to both of them they're so nice loving but I'm moving away and I'm in year six so we're going to secondary school so I really don't know what to do unless I just wait for the one.😥😥😥🙁😔😔😔💔💔
Rosey (34650)
21 days ago
LOL Q8 is asking how you feel about him, but the whole test is to help you figure that out
Mo (98746)
22 days ago
How did it know I was bored? XD
LifeGuru(JK just here to help) (29000)
22 days ago
@problem Please do not decide not to date him just because people think he is weird. But wait it out,maybe even for a year. Because if he is branded weird and you are not then he might try to use you to climb the social latter. But from the story you told it sounds like he just really likes you. :) I hope this works, I am sorry if it does not.
someone (96133)
22 days ago
He looks at me sometimes and he notices me and stuff but he’s a player what do i do?? 😞
I'm honestly confused !! (79767)
27 days ago
So, I (lets say my name is Angela) don't know if this guys that I THINK I like, likes me back. The only reason I started liking him was because my friends would make fun of me and him together,while he wasn't there ofc, and say that I like him or that he likes me. At first I would get upset because at the time I didn't like him. They made fun of me and him for quite a while. And the more and more they did, the more and more it made me think, "maybe I do like him" I told one of my bestfriends(who was also making fun of me), let's call her Emily. I told Emily and she started to freak out!! She is the only one to know and now she says that he likes me because apparently he likes me and he always stares at me. Like she sees him do things to conform that he likes me. I obviously don't believe her because I think she's trying to make me feel better. I need help. Severely.
lolcry (88181)
28 days ago
Someone please help!! I dont know what to do. Theres this guy in my one of my classes and hes nice and quite smart. We ended up texting one day when he asked a question about the class and continued the conversation. From there, every now and then (like once in 3 weeks) he'd text me and id text him, and we'd have really deep conversations. The conversation only lasts for around a day or two though, and its always online pretty late at night. We barely talk in real life. A few times ive caught him looking at me in class, but we both look away. Sometimes he starts a convo online but after a while he starts to act uninterested and give one word answers. At one point he told me something quite personal that not many people know and I was confused because we arent THAT close. Turns out he apparently texts different people that arent close to him so he can usually have deep conversations. Idk what to think or why he does this. PLS HELP
Pie (72487)
28 days ago
Sometimes he just act like I'm not there