Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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1 hour ago
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4 days ago
SO me and this guy have similar interests and now my friends are taking it to far... what do I do
9 days ago
Guess whos back? Its me, Elodie! for whoever is reading this... Love is honestly pointless. I'm not saying to give up on your dreams buuuut I think you should reconsider them and think them through. in the end, you're just going to be stabbed in the back by some big titty b**** named Traci.... So ya never trust a Traci.
11 days ago
So in class we moved seats and I was placed with a bunch of boys, I thought that was fine at first but I was wrong...They got so annoying after the first days, all except for one guy. He was less obnoxious. Then I realized he went to my old school a couple years ago. I was sooo shocked because he looked so dreamy. But he was a bit of a troublemaker. So after a few days of our new seats I asked him if he remembered me (cringy right?, I know) and he said no so I told him my name and he was like "Oh yeah, now I remember you!" A few moments later, he taps me on my back and starts a conversation on how he always used to get in trouble. And as soon as I knew it I was blushing so hard my head felt like it was on fire! Next the teacher's like, "Stop talking and so your work!" So I turned around and did my work. Next thing you know we were talking on a daily basis. One day he got so annoying I told him if he doesn't stop talking I would ignore him until we switched seats (We were switching seats in like 2 weeks.) And he says, "No I'm sorry, don't ignore me!" I was so surprised so I said, "Just do your work then." I almost laughed cuz it was so funny. (2 weeks later) We moved seats and he was next to my bff, he still talked to me like normal (we were a couple seats away) on a few days my bff said that she just broke up with her bf and was crushing on my crush, (I never told her about my crush on him but I could tell that she was putting up a competition) so I said, "Really!?" Even though I could tell that she liked him before that. The thing is neither one of us was brave enough to ask him out, and the school year ended, I still haven't told him and neither has she.💔 P.S. I still blush talking to him...😶
11 days ago
I was the first to talk to him, we even had a date after 3 days of talking, he bought me an ice cream. The thing is he now wants to take me to a dinner, but I don’t know what I feel and I feel pressured and weird, not the butterflies type of thing. I don’t wanna breath his heart tho:(
27 days ago
Is there one of these for girl x girl crushes? I'm having trouble because IDK if I like em or not and all quizzes say I'm hetero, so I've given up and am now trying to figure out my feelings.
35 days ago
I don't know if i like this guy he was like an ex kind of. But over the past few weeks he got my attention and was being thoughtful and nice. He makes fun of me, teasing but sometimes I feel like he's just not trying to lead me on. And then I found out he's dating his ex. AGAIN. And I'm okay with it but she and her sister one of my close friends sends off this vibe that says "we don't like you no more. and I don't know what to do. Help?
37 days ago
Hello. There is something called heroworshipping where you deeply admire a friend. Thing is, she's a girl. I'm a girl. Could be my inexperience and curiosity but what confuses me is I think she's cute and when I'm around her, off and on my heart flutters. I don't know what it is. My cheeks ALMOST blush. 💗?
39 days ago
So, there was this guy. He is smart, cute, and tall. I thought he was ok when I saw him in class. I started to see him in a new light after I hanged out with him more at a community place. I do not know if he likes me or not (he gives hints that he might like me, but a few months ago... said that he liked another girl) Apparently, that girl has a crush on him and asked me whether I like him or not around the time frame he said he liked her. Yet, I am confused if they have gotten together. Luckily this Wednesday, I get to see whether or not.Not gonna lie, I am kinda worried she made me look bad in my absence. Oh god, I hope neither seems this.
45 days ago
hi i think i like this guy who's a grade above me but the thing is i have zero chance with him since he's moving to an all-boys school next year so i'll never see him again and also we don't talk in person but we text so yeah any tips on what to do?
53 days ago
he is my best friend he would do anything for me if I like a guy he would interview me in why I like him and then become good friends with that person but if anyone even a girl would hurt my feelings he would get so mad and he would say some things to them he acts like a older brother of mine he is always there to protect me but he likes my best friend (girl) and she has a boyfriend but they have had some history in the past and now she thinks she likes him but she has a boyfriend it’s complicated and she thinks he likes me but obviously he doesn’t because he thinks she is perfect and I really don’t know why. I just wish he saw me other than his little sister and something more but obviously I am not his sibling I am his best friend who would be there for him always.
56 days ago
Lmao okay so the quiz is “do i like him?” And all the questions are like madly obsessed, mild and dont care. Then one question is “how do u feel about him?” Thats the reason were taking the god💗 quiz in the FIRST PLACE
56 days ago
I have a friend and I think he likes me, but I don't know if I like him. What do I do?
61 days ago
There’s this boy he gives me hugs and cuddles he’s super sweet really adorable. But idk if he like likes me and idk if I like like him!? He feels more like a brother to me >_< plus ppl say you two can definitly pass for siblings and another friend said you two could definitly pass as a couple AND IM JUST SO CONFUZZLED PLZ HELP
64 days ago
Dear Ann, ha, your problem is kind of like mine. Right. So, just be yourself. If you do end up together after everything, it has to be the real you that he sees. Umm, try and find things that you have in common with him. And casually bring it up in conversation. Become friends first (obviously) dont go in too fast. You gotta know if you like his personality and tastes as well. Just go causal. I don't think that can ever go wrong. Good luck!
64 days ago
Right. Ok. Dear Emily s, I'm sorry if this advice is bad. But you gotta think, is he worth it? Cause he has done bad things, he stole your first kiss and told you not to tell anyone but broke that promise anyway. You gotta think, do you actually want a relationship with him? Does his good qualities outweigh his bad? But According to your post, I don't think he's good enough for you. Doing all those things. However, I'm not the one who likes him. You are. Its your choice, just: think, is he really good for you?
65 days ago
Jesus Christ ok. There's this boy, Jacob, right? I can't help but be really really attracted to him, despite never having talked to him before. And he's not hot, either!!!! He's just really nerdy and sweet. So anyway, I promised myself that I would talk to him. And I need advice ASAP! What should I say, what should I wear, should I do something special to catch his attention? I just need advice!
65 days ago
I really like this kid, but he's done really bad things. He took away my first kiss and then told me not to tell anyone. He told his best friends, and then his best friends told everyone, with him telling the people they didn't tell. Should I be upset? He acts like nothing happened between us, and he tells people he doesn't like me. We aren't dating either....
65 days ago
Hi guys. It's me again. I know that you people would have your own problems ti deal with right now and stuff but i just really need some help I guess? Ok. So. Kind of like 'Uh hi,' I had a dream about this guy, that I had noticed before. In the dream, I liked him. So when I woke up. I think I started thinking that I like him?? (For anyone who's stuck around, this is a different guy btw). Well, the problem with liking him is that, he's 2 grades above me and one of my friends is his sister. And the fact is that I can't get to know him properly cause of those reasons. And I can't accept the fact that I might like him, because I got that from a dream and because if I do like him, it's only because of his looks cause I can't get to know him properly. And I don't want to like a guy cause of his looks. I told one of my friends about this and she says that its kind of an Out Of League Crush? So basically, is there anyway to stop liking him? (And thinking about bad things about him wouldn't work cause i dont know him well enough). Soory this is long. I'll try and help your problems and questions too if I know how. I'd really appreciate it if you do even get around to reading this. Thanks
69 days ago
@elodie I really get what your feeling right now I've been through exactly the same thing. You have feelings for the guy so naturally your gonna be upset when he is around and whenever you hear his name it's aboulately natural. My advice would be distant yourself for a while. Take the time to heal and when your ready you'll be able to be friends again. It all takes time there's no fixing a broken heart