Do I Like Him? (For Girls Only)

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Not sure exactly what you're feeling when you see him? Are you flooded with conflicting emotions whenever he's around? This test will tell you how much you actually like this guy!

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    When you see him, how do you react?
    When you see him, how do you react?

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big dinky (56229)
54 days ago
OMG this question air is absaloot fabulas I rate this app 7 stars out of 5
Gingy is my "Name" (90253)
56 days ago
I really like this guy last year, we were good friends, But now this year we haven't said a word to each other. I still can't get over him . I try , but it's too hard
Laila (81073)
57 days ago
Sooo I have a crush on this guy Logan at my school.I need advice on how to tell him.....please help me........
Jana (42669)
60 days ago
Basically there is this one guy at my school which has same interests like me and he used to be depressed but I got in contact with him and now he is not depressed. Now I am kinda depressed and I also dk If I like him .... Ughhh what should I do????
Rylie Borrego (93967)
62 days ago
Ok so this kid named evarjohn he is really funny and he makes me laugh everyday and i think I like him and his friends tell me he likes me bc he was like I bet if I flip this water bottle and it landed I like her (me) and it did land😣😍
Charlotte Searle (26828)
63 days ago
I LOVE A boy he's name is Leo
Cat_tastrophe (97696)
64 days ago
I have a best guy friend he has a crush on me, he told me on valentines day and it was really cute. He's always saying how beautiful and amazing I am, but I'm just not sure if I like him or not
Ellie (02291)
66 days ago
My Xbf has a new crush and I thought I was over him but idk I miss him and want him but I have a bf what do I do 😖😭🤔
Ellie (02291)
66 days ago
Hey I am going out with this guy but my ex I keep on seeing and he is in my head what do I do
izzie (27205)
69 days ago
hai I'm bored and am soposed ta be a doin my history project but eh no I think not
foxy (51274)
69 days ago
oh no i like him hes my best guy friend but i dont get to see him any more and i forgot to get his numberahhhh
Grace (08742)
71 days ago
Alexis- girl, im literally in the EXACT same situation. He and I dated last year for a short while but we had a mutual breakup. Since then, I've liked him and so does my best friend. but the problem is that he likes her now and we're just friends. :((
Alexis (13930)
76 days ago
im so so so sad but so so so happy for my bff because we crush on the same guy but he loves her back
Alexis (13930)
76 days ago
i know how u feel Aqua58 exsept me and mybff like the same boy but he loves her back
Alexis (13930)
76 days ago
really Avery thats sad but i havent experienced that yet
Alexis (13930)
76 days ago
so im trying to figer out if i love him or the other way around hope it works😊
Avery (91105)
79 days ago
Ugh I guess you’re right but I just don’t want to face be truth and admit it yet, rejection is common for me
Wonder (87083)
92 days ago
Thanks so much Aqua58!! I am still trying to get my head around whether I like him or not but I think I might actually! Oh poor thing!! I hope you can somehow do something with “Ollie”. I hate when your crush likes another girl. Talk to your friend about it or idk I ain’t good at this stuff as well lol XD! Ummmmm try talk to him and see if he likes her because no offence but him staring at her is quite obvious that he has something for her sorry for saying that, but maybe fate will change just stay close and try get his attention in subtle ways or flirt with him in very subtle ways just to bring his attention towards you! I am sure you are a pretty and kind girl and hopefully he will like you just as much as you like him one day. Let fate decide the path to your love life!! ☺️☺️ Good luck
Aqua58 (17342)
93 days ago
Hey Wonder! I think you do like him, and I think that you two would be a good friendly relationship. However with the situations with your friends liking him, talk to them and see if that helps. I'm not a good person with relationships, but I hope this helps. :)
Wonder (87083)
93 days ago
This Is not my real name of course but anyway I am really confused whether I like this guy or not. At school we are good friends we laugh about weird things we are fine sitting next to each other... but all my friends who really like like love him are pissed at me for hanging out with him because apparently I flirt with him and I like him a lot!! But I don’t think I do like I never really had feelings for him or anything. I see him as a friend I think I do! I am really confused whether I like him or not but it is just annoying because all my fiends hate me for hanging out with him. Like one of them yelled at him for some weird unknown reason in sport and then gave me the weird subtle death stare 😅😅 some scary stuff!! I am sorry for making this so long I just felt like writing everything and just giving it away!! I took the test and it said I liked him but I am still unsure!! Do I?????