How to know if you're in LOVE? (for girls)

Developed by: Emmy Joy

So you want to know if you're in love? Well, it’s your lucky day, I can help you!

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    How do you interact with him?

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Blah (08493)
170 days ago
when i said i didn't trust the test to be accurate it said minor crush but when i re took it and said yes i totally trust this test it said major crush
SO... (43926)
435 days ago
Emma Joy I think you really need to change this quiz. For starters there is no right or wrong awnsers. Second I am in love a LOT and have been for YEARS and your quiz said I'm not in love. CHANGE IT!
anon (51404)
559 days ago
okay but how do you have wrong/right answers?? Last time I checked, all relationships are different. AND this quiz was supposed to answer the question "am I in love?". Key word: I. Not both of us. Jfc.. figure out a better title that fits the actual quiz
Kdjejdjg (87012)
906 days ago
Question 4 means to say "when u two are apart, do u think about him?"
rachel (26387)
921 days ago
I don't understand question 4 but it's good😅😀😊