How well do you know Horses? Quiz

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This is a simple quiz on horses, to see if you know them, or not!

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    What do horses mostly eat?
    What do horses mostly eat?

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767 days ago
I got all of them right I meen like I have 20 horse's and I win a lot of shoes with my horse Wild so I should know a lot about them!
951 days ago
Full marks. Really easy tho
1415 days ago
I did way better than I thought!
1436 days ago
I hope I know a lot about horses! After all, I own 14!
1439 days ago
I ride horses. So.....
1441 days ago
I am horse mad and I go horse riding
1641 days ago
I got "You must be horse mad"

And I am horse mad!!!!!!!

Also the test is wayyyy to easy
1685 days ago
It was really fun and like, well my dad also did it at the end and he REALLY liked it and so did i. I think that I know a lot about horses now.
1701 days ago
I'm a hella smart about horse got 12/12
1856 days ago
This test is to easy