IQ Test For Kids

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This IQ test is suitable for children ages 8 to 14. The categories are spelling, problem solving and patterns. Please note that the scoring for this test isn't real IQ test scoring. The blurb for each score will explain your level of "smarts." Try it out, have fun, and don't take a lower score to heart - because we all have a different wealth of knowledge in our thick heads!:)

  • 1
    What is the correct SPELLING of this word? SORCE (meaning stewed fruit or vegetables served as an accompaniment to meat, desserts and other foods).
    What is the correct SPELLING of this word? SORCE (meaning stewed fruit or vegetables served as an accompaniment to meat, desserts and other foods).
  • 2
    What is the correct SPELLING of this word? LOCALIE (meaning in a particular place, area, location, etc.)
  • 3
    What is the correct SPELLING of this word? MOGUAGE (meaning a conveyance of an interest in property as security for the repayment of money borrowed)
  • 4
    LAST SPELLING QUESTION: What is the correct spelling of this word? HIPPOPOTOMUS (meaning a large, herbivorous mammal)
  • 5
    What is the number that should go in the blank?
    3,5,8,12, __
  • 6
    PROBLEM SOLVING -- Three boys walk up a hill and two walk back down. An hour later they walk back up the hill with four more friends. How many boys are now on top of the hill?
  • 7
    PROBLEM SOLVING -- One class at Morgan Heights has 28 students. Two go home sick. At lunchtime a new student arrives. The class next door has 27 students. What is the average number of students in both classes?
  • 8
    PROBLEM SOLVING -- Lucy opens a lemonade stand. In one hour (9 to 10 a.m.) she sells 10 cups of lemonade. She makes $1.30. How much did she charge for each cup of lemonade?
  • 9
    LAST PROBLEM SOLVING QUESTION -- Harry buys a drink for $2.80 and a Subway sandwich for $8.30. He goes to a different store and buys a t-shirt for $15.50 and a new pair of jeans for $69.99. If he started with $100, how much money would he have left? (rounded)
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    Finally, how old are you? (Please choose your actual age if you want to know your real score)

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Cookie age(private) (56964)
241 days ago
hi I dont know my IQ number. I did the test and it didn't give me my results or my IQ number or the questions I did wrong or the ones I did right.
Second grader (19175)
242 days ago
I'm a second grader and I got a hundred percent
Cryptic Lycan (72924)
243 days ago
I play Minecraft check me out on YouTube at
Cryptic Lycan (72924)
243 days ago
Cryptic Lycan (72924)
243 days ago
I got 120 first try it was really easy and I took a lot of other iq test they were easy I got 126 on a adult iq test my age is 10-11
Seventh Grader (53070)
248 days ago
Well this totally did not bring down my self esteem.🙄got pretty good
Seventh Grader (53070)
248 days ago
Well this totally did not bring down my self esteem.🙄
Lila (31833)
250 days ago
Lila (31833)
250 days ago
Also, please do not brag about your iq score. It’s fine to say what section you’re in, but please don’t share your exact iq score. Especially on social media. My mommy doesn’t like it.👩‍👧
Lila (31833)
250 days ago
Hey ! Didn’t do half bad. Pretty good for your age is actually pretty good.
Clo (91466)
263 days ago
Wow i got pretty good and im 8 yay
Alan (82388)
264 days ago
I am 13. I am disgusted by this lack of insight that these kids are bringing upon this comment section, we are all born with the same intelligence. You aren't a god, ok? I have an I.Q. of 129-140, seem low to you? It actually isn't, because I took a REAL I.Q. test(on internet ones, I usually get 145-170). And I am intelligent enough to know that I am not a special/god-like human being. And for those who brag about having a so-called high I.Q., use correct grammar and please think before you post something extremely rash.
hashir (84245)
300 days ago
it was nice using my brain
Nun ya (18295)
306 days ago
I checked all my answers and everything was right and my results said bad
maddy (18135)
312 days ago
told me to try harder when in 8th grade i was in 11th grade science, 10th grade english, and 9th grade math. i might not be a genius
Random Person (82580)
317 days ago
This Makes No Sense It never Told Me What My IQ Even Is It's just says Ages and If your In This Age Group Your Doing either Awesome through horrible
Don't tell websites personal stuff (64772)
330 days ago
Butthurt kids. Terrible
GG (52855)
337 days ago
This is not accurate.
Jesila (41873)
350 days ago
So im 9 and it says im pretty smart... im in 5th grade, my real iq
is 154, and i skipped 4th grade. BRUHHHHHHHH
Alexandra (71930)
352 days ago
Well well well I got not bad for my age. TIPPICAL 😑😑💃✋👐💭