Does the guy you have a crush on like you as much as you like him?

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We all have crushes, but not everyone know if their crush likes them like they like their crush.
Do this quiz and find out in minutes, if your crush like you like you like them.

  • 1
    Do you and your crush talk a lot?
  • 2
    Does he help you out with homework so you can text and not worry about anything else?
  • 3
    Did he ask for your number?

  • 4
    Do you and him smile and blush when you talk to one another?
  • 5
    Does he hang out with you rather than hanging out with his friends sometimes?
  • 6
    What do you like about your crush?

  • 7
    Do you care what other people think of him?
  • 8
    Does he look at you a lot?
  • 9
    Are his best friends nice to you?
  • 10
    How long have you liked this guy?

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189 days ago
Lol I love hw u put "this is nt a dating site" lol
189 days ago
PS Im ugly (not with pimples tho) I just uggh I can;t get if OFF MY MINDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD -period-
189 days ago
So I have a crush on this one boy and he talks to me alot in class (hes also one of those guyys who can say anything in class and not care(hes hot!!) and i just dont know if he likes me and i dont want to ask bc im!
195 days ago
Emily that illusion is freaky!!!
195 days ago
Omgosh also in math yesterday we were talking about puberty and it got really awkward between the girls and the boys and he's in my class, and he kept laughing nervously and looking at me it was soooo awkward lol I sound like I'm talking to my friends they'd be like you got it bad gurrrll lol I probably do
195 days ago
I got a really good result!! I've taken so many tests on this and usually it ends up as he likes me or he really likes me or we're good friends and could be something more - but I think he likes me no matter what any of my friends say. One of my friends likes the same guy as me and we both think he likes us. But even if he doesn't I'm happy being friends with him - I've liked him for two years (on-off) and he's never really started conversation willingly until now. AND the past few days I'll glance at him and he'll be looking at me and then we'll both quickly look away.
also @I'm in love? How did I NOT EVEN KNOW?! life's confusing. I used to have a crush who's in 8th grade and we're two years apart. But you don't have to tell him now -just tell him when you're ready
200 days ago
I took the quiz already and well I got something like wait until the day comes. At this point I don't care if he likes me or not. All of the boys are 💗 and think their tough. I say that I would be better off being single, because at the end of the day their just players or they're just fooling you. All relationships are the same, sometimes. They end up breaking your heart. Just think about it. Is it worth it?
202 days ago
@oaktree, thx. But the school years almost over, and after this semester, we'll have no classes, and next year, he's gonna go to high school, leaving me in 7th grade, and him in 9th. :( ;-; Idk if I should tell him I like him.
202 days ago
Same here sister! I feel you! :)
203 days ago
My golly, issue is, he's leaving soon, and he's t w o years older then meeeeee. :( But there r other girls around him too.
263 days ago
This says the guy i like likes me to and we are dating but he'll bee talking to me then when one of his friend girls walk past he starts talking with them. It is super confusing and i feel like slapping him. Why is he sending me mixed messages??????
274 days ago
@Im Confused
You really can't walk up to him and talk to him without taking to him, I WOULD recommend just get his attention by talking to him, but I would just try to keep bumping into him at school/ work/ whatever
285 days ago
okay, so my friends told me that my crush doesn't like me. But i did multiple tests and some say that he doesn't and some say that he does. How can i go up to him and talk or at least let him notice me without me having to talk to him? someone plz help me
328 days ago
yeah sorry about those hearts in my comment down below. i didn’t even put those and that emoji isn’t even in my recents🙄idk how the heck that happened so sorry about that 🤷🏻‍♀️
328 days ago
pfft “You really has a strong relationship going on! He really likes you, but just hasn't made a move yet, trust me it is coming.” aight fam let’s see 🤣 i mean like idk if my crush likes me (i’m a girl and he’s a guy btw💀) but yesterday (friday) in geometry class, our teacher said something aloud that the entire class got wrong (i think it was a homework question idk but anyway) so then i said “and i oop- sksksksk” and my crush, who sits in the same row of desks as me but is two seats in front of me, looked back at me and said “man 💗 ima beat ur a**” and looked away (but ofc he was joking around with me because that’s literally what every single popular boy does at my school). i jokingly responded with “bruh 💗🤣”. what really surprised me, and also kind of scared me😂, was literally RIGHT AFTER i responded, my crush looked back at me and smirked😅 (actually all of this kind of happened at once so idrk how to thoroughly explain it but i hope y’all get what i mean🤣). also, ofc a lot more glancing, staring, and some teasing by him happened before this event; this one just really got me💀. i reeaaaalllllyyyyyyy hope my crush likes me back tho‼️🥳. also great quiz btw😎
339 days ago
idk im really heart broken right now because in 4th grade we would talk every single day and he would be happy but in 5th grade he spread apart completely, i see him everywhere i go idk why. at P.E. i always play basketball and he does too, but he stays quiet lol and dosnt say anything to me, only looks at me.
405 days ago
There's no way he loves me right? After all, he deleted my phone number on purpose and I feel even more broken...
To girls out there,
If your crush does that too,
Don't ever like them back
They are jerks who never knows our personalities
415 days ago
I hope this is accurate, I like him but not too much💛
421 days ago
that’s sooo sweet 🥰 🥰
im no love expert but it seems like he really likes u! just be urself, ur on the right track! (future couple it looks like!)
439 days ago
But * not built lol sorrryy u-u