Gay, Bisexual or Straight?

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This test is intended for males ages 13 to 17 - the age range when many wonder: "Am I gay or straight, or maybe bisexual?" If you're one of these guys, get a better idea by taking this quiz.

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    So you came to this test to see if you're gay, bisexual or straight. To get the most accurate result, you must be completely honest.

    First question: What do YOU think you are?

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Eden (21142)
109 days ago
Hi, im eden im 16 and a trans girl ( male to female.
Gee (29655)
110 days ago
I’m bisexual but mostly girls.13,
•_•yephi (12351)
111 days ago
Yay?.. Weird questions but neat 😂 I am still unsure bu whatever :p... Bai
liam (29325)
113 days ago
well I guess im gay but i kinda knew it
jackleinen(FoxynatorYT) (74972)
113 days ago
i picked i just wondered for why i came here but i really came here to prove to my brother that im straight and my results said im not gay or bisexual but straight by 92% so my brother can be the one who is taught a lesson for once
Ethan (31144)
114 days ago
it say I am bi and it thought I was in the beginning but I am only 13 so.....
I am questioning myself more than before I took this quiz.
steve (12005)
114 days ago
It says im gay. But i have slept with over 50 women lol
nick (07311)
115 days ago
bi im scared to tell my family
Anthony (94860)
115 days ago
I got bisexual and I'm pretty positive I'm bi. The problem is my old crush (a girl) told me she was bi and I feel like if I came out people would think I was just trying to get close to her instead of proclaiming my own, real feelings. I'm not good at keepings secrets and I know I'm bound to let it slip anyway but I don't want to be picked on in 8th grade. Also, people have already said they think I like this girl, which is true enough, so yeah. Any advice? My email is
Mark Joseph Sagala Villamora (75663)
116 days ago
Some of my classmate tells me that I am a gay as their first impression or when they got mad at me because I tease them. But I can proudly say that I am a real man. Yes, it is true that some people tease me that I am a gay because I am the class clown of my school or sometimes they ask me if I am not a boy for I didn't do the trends of most of the boy do in our school like playing addictive computer games, watching bad videos, saying bad words, and having a girlfriend at the early age; Maybe some men will tease me that I am weak but it is not the fault of my parent if they don't let me to do that such. I think the best way to know whether you are a real men or not, is to do the good things that every man should do: The best way is to be a brother of your little sibling and to be a good father of your own family. It is not true that you are a gay if you didn't do the trends and bad things that man are fan of doing with. I think just being yourself and knowing the right choice makes you a real man. God made only a boy and girl, no gay or lesbian. But gays and lesbian deserves a respect also. By the way I visit this site for our Values Education lesson about sexuality and I just want to be an advocate for all of you. I am not a straight '' I am a real men'' and thank you for the result that I am straight. For those who got the bad result maybe you knew now how to be a straight so you should apply it within your selves and try again to visit this site and answer.

Mark Joseph Sagala Villamora
A former Science Technology and Engineering Student,
Alexander (05418)
116 days ago
Hentai made me interested in boys. (I got Bisexual)
MEEE (87784)
116 days ago
75% straight Ayeeeeeeeee thank god
Nik (57266)
117 days ago
This test is way to simple. For example, I would rail a twink or a cute shemale , and give them a reach around or suck them off. But not a masculine one and girls will always stand out more. You can call that bisexual but the sad truth is...I'm a guy that wants true biological kids and I just prefer girls. The other stuff is just sexual satisfaction. You guys need to learn the difference between that. I had a jerk off buddy when I was younger. But I've had girls since then. If you just want fun then whatever. But biology is biology. Also, people aren't born gay. They're not born straight. They're not born evil. They're not born perfect. It all flows as you grow and it's all relative. As in ,relative to a time period ...or surroundings..or first sexual experience etc.
Ike (82034)
117 days ago
I took this test as a joke but...... I'm bi

Tightass (69556)
117 days ago
Yassss IK I was straight
Max (88577)
119 days ago
Well I guess I'm bisexual
twerker (63859)
119 days ago
i'm bisexaul and i know it in school i be looking at girls butt
Ilyas (29897)
120 days ago
i knew it, i'm bisexual hehe !!
Kyle (82939)
121 days ago
I’m not a gay and those who bullies me in school saying I’m a gay see my result I’ma man
Those who said I’m a gay Well guess what they are searching for there own gay Partner
I’m feeling so aggressive that I wanna kill them
Wasting my time and energy on this iq test
and those who are saying you are gay use your common sense think that they’re searching for there OWE GAY PARTNER
Marcos like the last one that was also me (83291)
121 days ago
67% fag