Does your crush love you too?

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We normally know how we feel about a special someone and how strongly we feel. What is hard to know is how your crush may feel about you. This can be answered in this simple quiz!:)

  • 1
    When you casually look back at you crush, he/she is:
  • 2
    You know your crushes friends:
  • 3
    People make jokes about you two being a couple:
  • 4
    During the day your crush come to talk to you:
  • 5
    Your crush knows your friends:
  • 6
    When you and your crush talk, he/she normally:
  • 7
    You and your crush have known each other:
  • 8
    Your crush compliments you:
  • 9
    Your crush will go out of his/her way to do something for you:
  • 10
    Your crush and you get along:

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pls tell (56826)
11 days ago
Does my crush love me
There was a time my pen fell down he stopped it with is leg and for me
He isbalways staring at me that he is always looking where ever i go but he Luke another person 😔
Avanelle (36795)
12 days ago
his name is Camden Bradley.but I also have another crush.
Avanelle (36795)
12 days ago
I have a crush but someone else in my class confessed her love. I honestly don't know why we aren't dating just like the quiz said.
Blah (88685)
19 days ago
Marie do u go to a school in the uk
Maria (32249)
21 days ago
My friends crush(we're already good friends), and I were playing kiss kill marry. Each time my name came up he called me by my nickname and said I choose her! 😳
Marie (32249)
21 days ago
When I'm with my friend who's a fan of Hamilton she hums the song Helpless.
Unknownn (84492)
63 days ago
i know my crush likes me but i am falling in love with him and he is planning to ask me out soon but still. I want him to like me more than i like him
Melisa (70992)
64 days ago
Wheelp, i think my crush loves me. There's a bunch of reasons:
+ When i was sitting on the table to get afternoon snack, he came to me and put his hand on my hand :O
+ He always hugs me or put his arms around my shoulders.
+ We always send letters in class.
+ He sometimes calls me by my nickname :D
+ When the Student Monitor Vote in on, he voted me first!
+ I was talking to our teacher then he came and asked: 'Whats goin on?!'''
+ He wore caps one day, i asked him if i could borrow one, he gave me!
Sadly,.... the teacher moved him to another seat when he sat next to me! I HATE THE TEACHEERRR. WELL, i dont care. My friends always encourage me to confession of love to him hehe :D
Lily (53090)
68 days ago
My crush said I love you to me today and I just stared at him but when his friend asked him he just said not in that way and left what do I do
Jason Alexander Peraza (91506)
80 days ago
OMG My crush is just like so beautiful she always smiles at me but i don't know if she likes me but one day she chose me to sit next to her in school so she probably does love me hope so :D by the way her name is Jazmin Amborosio - Barrientos
Potterheadgirl101 (99366)
87 days ago
Also it just feels good to do dis.....HIS NAME IS JAMES MILAN AND I LOve him
Potterheadgirl101 (99366)
87 days ago
I'm so confused about love rn cause IK I rlly like him but I think he likes one of my close friends but I try to talk to him a lot but it's also rlly good cause my friend isn't in my class so I get to talk to him more often caus eHE is in my class and it makes me so happy cause he is sooooo cuteeeee
SuckMyDuck (37927)
87 days ago
Eyyyyy she wants the D!
PuppyGirl27 (88657)
89 days ago
This was good! It really helped me. I hope he likes me back.
Daisy (00006)
94 days ago
I love him so much. Because he is so nice and cute.
16 (93748)
100 days ago
I knew it!!! Why am I even taking this test ??❤️❤️❤️❤️
Marina (82868)
102 days ago
It says we should be dating but my bff likes him and apparently there in love and i don't know what to do!
cutiepie... (33992)
109 days ago
My test results said that my crush and me have obviously an CHEMISTRY. And when i will dating with him when i came to know.
Rhea flor Bequizo (91636)
118 days ago
I'm verry inlove w/ him even though im not his crush, even he doesnt know that im inlove w/ him so much and I hope he will notice me and smile me :-(
trash (68775)
127 days ago
Cover your mouth
2. Make a wish
3. Close your hand (fist)
4.Put your hand over your heart for five seconds
5. Post on three other quizzes
6. Tomorrow will be the best day of your