Why Are You A Lesbian?

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You have long known what type of lesbian you are, now it's time to see the reason why you are a lesbian!
And remember: Jesus loves you. Most probably.

  • 1
    You like girls, we know it. But imagine a handsome boy who evidently likes you starts flirting with you. Your reaction?
  • 2
    A pretty girl catches your eye. What do you do?
  • 3
    Let's talk about religion. What you think about Jesus?
  • 4
    Tick the phrase that describes your feelings towards girls in the most precise way.
  • 5
    When it comes to sex...
  • 6
    Now imagine it's late at night and you're on your way to your place. No one is around. Suddenly you hear a girl scream and see a wicked-looking guy holding her by the arm. You...
  • 7
    What do you think about homophobic people?
  • 8
    Have you ever questioned your sexual orientation?
  • 9
    Imagine you caught your girlfriend red-handed - making out with a man! What's your reaction to that?
  • 10
    Coming out to your parents. What was it like?
  • 11
    Are you into sports?
  • 12
    If you had a magic stick which would fulfill one wish, what would it be?

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D%uD83C%uDF08%uD83D%uDE3B (50839)
39 days ago
D🌈😻 : Always knew I'm a lesbian and it's made me clear that..'Once a gay, always a gay'!!! Thank you so much..This was totally fun!!😹❤😻
cardi b (73122)
97 days ago
az0319 (48263) 53 days ago
but... i dont want to like him.... ughhh
Name (89450) 54 days ago
Question 7 was actually really relevant 😂
Artemis West (07421) 55 days ago
Apparently, I definitely like him. Some of the questions are actually how we became friends. He would come to me, asking about how he could get my best friend, Quinn, to like him back. So, two of those questions I knew because they weren't just questions, they were recalling events.
Hhh (29636) 56 days ago
i like him but i dont know him as well
i dont care about his looks
His personality is ALL of it
Hes quirky hes funny hes a complete dork
but to him
im that girl who is in the same class as his friends.ouch right
Ohio....-.-...... (66367) 59 days ago
So I liked this guy and my bestfriend didn’t know it but she started dating him because she’s actually pretty and I’m not pretty at all I’m just a lifeless 💗 I hated life then but now I’m over him and I know that I can’t ever get a good looking guy with a amazing personality because I’m too ugly for good looking guys I hate myself and I realized that I see this kid everyday for the past 6 years in the hallways and I remember that whenever I see him I think that kids cute and I finally cared enough find out his name and I got more closer to him as in we are in the same classes and all but he doesn’t know me but I know him even though he doesn’t talk to me and doesn’t know me he’s a overly sporty guy that is overly smart and overly cute and innocent I sometimes wonder if he’s a robot or a human but he’s really shy and I’m really shy plus I’m ugly i have no chance of getting him
Anonymously Anonymous (74626) 59 days ago
“You sure like him. I can tell”

For one thing, I don’t “sure” like him. I literally never think about him, dream about him, etc.
All of my friends in this class ship us though. We’re pretty much enemies, but friends at the same time. Frenemies...?
I’ve known him ever since 3rd grade, and if I did like him, I have no idea why. I mean, he’s not even that attractive.

Hope you enjoyed wasting half a minute of your life reading this. 👋
anonymous (12197) 59 days ago
I don't know why I took this quiz when I have a huge crush on the person.
random person (57635) 61 days ago
omg these questions are so like overkill
ANXIETY (19258) 61 days ago
Lesbian Girl (45145)
100 days ago
SL, that’s an amazing idea! Thanks! What did you get on this quiz? You lesbian?
Tiger lily (66053)
101 days ago
I am a lesbian😘😝😀😅😂😃😄😁😆soooooooo happy
SL (41327)
102 days ago
Lesbian Girl. Why not hang out with both of the girls to see which one your more interested in.
Anonymous (45145)
103 days ago
I got 100% lesbian. I knew it!
Lesbian Girl (45145)
103 days ago
Actually my mom said no. Sorry. But anyone?! I need some advice, now!
Lesbian Girl (45145)
103 days ago
Ok sounds good that would be great 😘
Another Lesbian (45145)
103 days ago
Of course, baby! Anything for you 😘 I love you so much, honey 💕 I will make your life a miracle ❤️ But, I was wondering if you would feel comfortable having some physical contact after our date, at my place 😘 if you know what I mean. I’m good with it, how about you? 💖 I love you, darling ❤️ see you soon, girlfriend 😍
Lesbian Girl (45145)
103 days ago
Hi, Another Lesbian. Thanks for the offer. But I don’t know! I mean I really liked the Canadian girl... and Maya. But your from LA? Me too! You must be hot! And, tan! Hey! How about you meet me at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Saturday at 1 pm? Ok? I’m so ready! Also, wear something pretty! But for right now, please someone give me some helpful advice!
Another Lesbian (45145)
103 days ago
Hey, Lesbian Girl! That’s pretty touchy! Maybe, if you can’t figure it out, you can com over 😉 I’m single. And, I got lesbian on this quiz! I live in LA, California! How about you? I’m interested! ❤️
Lesbian Girl (45145)
103 days ago
I can’t like two people.... can I?
Lesbian Girl (45145)
103 days ago
I’m scared. And stuck. Here is my story: ok so I’m 15. And I kinda knew I was lesbian before. I had a crush on this Canadian girl in my Science class. She’s really smart, pretty and nice. I had liked her for a very long time. But, last week I was late for class, I was running to Spanish class when I see one of my friends in the hall right by the girls bathroom. So I stopped. My friend - Maya said she wanted to tell me and show me something in the bathroom. So we went in together. This is where it gets weird. Ok so then she pushed me into one of the small stalls and locked the door. She then shoved my back against the door. Then, she said she had a giant crush on me. I didn’t know what to say. But, before I could say anything, she was kissing me. And, it felt amazing. I started kissing her back. I was so involved in the kissing that I didn’t realize that Maya’s hand was in my underwear. And, she was touching and playing with my 💗. But once I realized that, I didn’t care. I felt soooo good! And, so then it got touchy. I shoved my hand down her pants. I was squishy her butt really hard. We where still making out. And then, Maya stopped. I stopped. And then, Maya took off her shirt and her bra. Then, she took off her shoes, her socks, her pants and her underwear. She was naked. That’s when I took off all my clothes. And, we went back to kissing and touching. And, that went on for a long time. I never went to Spanish class. But then, back at home that night, I realized that I liked Maya and the Canadian girl too! I don’t know what to do! Please help me!!! Ahh!
TasteTheRainbowBiss (83181)
106 days ago
Don’t ya worry Isabel. I gotcha. I was in a similar situation once. Talk it out with her! If she’s yo friend, she’ll get it. If she’s not, there are plenty of fish in the sea.Trust me, life is short. Why waste half of it trying to catch that one salmon, when there’s a whole ocean of wonderful fish?Until ya find that special flounder we’re all looking for, buy a bunch of junk food and watch Kate McKinnon on tv. That cheers me up. Just remember, if she don’t like you in that way, it’s her loss. Besides, what are the chances of her and her boyfriend getting REALLY serious? Don’t worry boo. Hang in there! *Lesbian Salute*
Turtlelover (87769)
107 days ago
Ally hills coming out song YouTube
Hannah (82739)
115 days ago
also Lizzy, you may be demisexual-biromantic. this is when a person is romantically attracted to two or more genders, but will only feel sexual attraction when a deep bond is formed between them and their partner.
Hannah (82739)
115 days ago
well i identify as bisexual (maybe biromantic? still figuring things out), but i got 33% bisexual, 33% into someones personality (which can be __romantic, or pansexual), and 33% gay. so literally this test was just confusing lol. Oh and im 13 by the way
Lizzy (31413)
163 days ago
I am not a lesbian sure. I honestly hate everyone and everything except for this one girl. I had never thought of myself as anything but Asexual but when she came into my life I found myself just.. Liking her. She's a 💗 and awkward and we are basically poplar opposites. But I guess thats what made me like her so much, She's just so colorful without even knowing it.
Anyways, I'm not straight, I'm not a lesbian, I'm not bisexual, I'm not asexual. I'm just here.
Isabel (64701)
168 days ago
I am a lesbian and I have a crush on my best friend and she is bi. But she already has a boyfriend. I had a crush on her for 3 years now. I have told her once and let's just say it didn't go so well. She doesn't like me, like the way I do. I desperately want to tell her, bit I don't know how. Can someone please give me some advise xx
Girl (57110)
169 days ago
Hey I’m 13 and I like girls I have not told my family or friends and I plan to win I’m I high school in 10 or 11 just three to four more years yay I have to tell them some time right