Why Are You A Lesbian?

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You have long known what type of lesbian you are, now it's time to see the reason why you are a lesbian!
And remember: Jesus loves you. Most probably.

  • 1
    You like girls, we know it. But imagine a handsome boy who evidently likes you starts flirting with you. Your reaction?
  • 2
    A pretty girl catches your eye. What do you do?
  • 3
    Let's talk about religion. What you think about Jesus?
  • 4
    Tick the phrase that describes your feelings towards girls in the most precise way.
  • 5
    When it comes to sex...
  • 6
    Now imagine it's late at night and you're on your way to your place. No one is around. Suddenly you hear a girl scream and see a wicked-looking guy holding her by the arm. You...
  • 7
    What do you think about homophobic people?
  • 8
    Have you ever questioned your sexual orientation?
  • 9
    Imagine you caught your girlfriend red-handed - making out with a man! What's your reaction to that?
  • 10
    Coming out to your parents. What was it like?
  • 11
    Are you into sports?
  • 12
    If you had a magic stick which would fulfill one wish, what would it be?

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Comments (51)


9 hours ago
this test was really stereotypical 😷
132 days ago
Omg, I’m scared to come out to my parents, there religious as 💗, so.
165 days ago
49% any sexuality 33% Bisexual and 25% hella gay
221 days ago
33% gay 33% personality 33% bisexual
223 days ago
Anyone single? Ps I am 13 lol
243 days ago
I am so lesbian i will make out with any girl i am into private parts not personality
249 days ago
Bisexual yeah... there should be emojis of all the lgbtqiap flags!
252 days ago
I have always loved girls and have only gone as far as a 💗 make out but I wanted to go further... all the way actually aha but I guess that will never happen..
311 days ago
I got pan... Lately I have preferred girls...
360 days ago
I will always be gay and happy. I hope my crush notices me
423 days ago
You are so lucky I wish I had that too :)
427 days ago
I’m so lesbian. I have a really hot girlfriend. We have had “it” before. It was really good
431 days ago
Is it even possible to not know someone's personality and love it no matter what it would be like? :D
431 days ago
It said I love the personality
456 days ago
I like girls imma lesbian I have a girlfriend
468 days ago
IM GAY .......YAY I always knew I liked girls and wanted to have💗with them .....im wierd ....lol
Rainbow 🌈
Also I once liked this really cute boy but I hate him now ....he also hates me .....
Everything is perfect *dies inside*
552 days ago
Lesbians rock. So gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!
625 days ago
D🌈😻 : Always knew I'm a lesbian and it's made me clear that..'Once a gay, always a gay'!!! Thank you so much..This was totally fun!!😹❤😻
682 days ago
az0319 (48263) 53 days ago
but... i dont want to like him.... ughhh
Name (89450) 54 days ago
Question 7 was actually really relevant 😂
Artemis West (07421) 55 days ago
Apparently, I definitely like him. Some of the questions are actually how we became friends. He would come to me, asking about how he could get my best friend, Quinn, to like him back. So, two of those questions I knew because they weren't just questions, they were recalling events.
Hhh (29636) 56 days ago
i like him but i dont know him as well
i dont care about his looks
His personality is ALL of it
Hes quirky hes funny hes a complete dork
but to him
im that girl who is in the same class as his friends.ouch right
Ohio....-.-...... (66367) 59 days ago
So I liked this guy and my bestfriend didn’t know it but she started dating him because she’s actually pretty and I’m not pretty at all I’m just a lifeless 💗 I hated life then but now I’m over him and I know that I can’t ever get a good looking guy with a amazing personality because I’m too ugly for good looking guys I hate myself and I realized that I see this kid everyday for the past 6 years in the hallways and I remember that whenever I see him I think that kids cute and I finally cared enough find out his name and I got more closer to him as in we are in the same classes and all but he doesn’t know me but I know him even though he doesn’t talk to me and doesn’t know me he’s a overly sporty guy that is overly smart and overly cute and innocent I sometimes wonder if he’s a robot or a human but he’s really shy and I’m really shy plus I’m ugly i have no chance of getting him
Anonymously Anonymous (74626) 59 days ago
“You sure like him. I can tell”

For one thing, I don’t “sure” like him. I literally never think about him, dream about him, etc.
All of my friends in this class ship us though. We’re pretty much enemies, but friends at the same time. Frenemies...?
I’ve known him ever since 3rd grade, and if I did like him, I have no idea why. I mean, he’s not even that attractive.

Hope you enjoyed wasting half a minute of your life reading this. 👋
anonymous (12197) 59 days ago
I don't know why I took this quiz when I have a huge crush on the person.
random person (57635) 61 days ago
omg these questions are so like overkill
ANXIETY (19258) 61 days ago
686 days ago
SL, that’s an amazing idea! Thanks! What did you get on this quiz? You lesbian?