Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me?

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You had quite a thing for each other - do you still? Find out if your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you! It can't hurt to take a simple quiz if you're wondering, does my ex still love me?

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    Are you and your ex still friends?

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18 days ago
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20 days ago
Okay so, I see everyone in the comments talking about their love so I’m gonna talk about mine. About 5 months ago I started talking to a boy who I had a crush on for almost over a year. He ended up liking me back. We went on a date once but it was unplanned. Honestly though, on that day, I felt more happy then I ever been, in my life. I finally got to be with the person I had died to be with for such a long time. I felt genuinely loved. We kissed and it was the best thing ever. I thought it was meant to be, it felt so right, but... things got complicated. He ended up breaking up with me. I still don’t really know why he broke up with me cause when he broke up with me he said it was cause I was too young but then a few weeks later he told me he didn’t leave me because of my age. So I don’t know why he left me but I miss him so much. We weren’t together for a long time but 💗 it felt like a long time. When he broke up with me he said he we would still be friends but ever since the breakup he started being distant, and he did talk to me a little bit but not like the way he used to. It wasn’t the same as it was before. Then one day my sister told me that he used me and never actually liked me and she told me he was being distant because he hated me and he was going to completely stop being friends with me soon. So I believed it and freaked out and sent him a long message calling him a jerk and saying stuff like he didn’t care about me and he was ignoring me and blah blah blah. And god I really regret sending that message. That probably made him think I’m crazy and a drama queen. He replied to my message and said it wasn’t true and he did care about me. So I apologized to him and asked him if we could still be friends and he said we can. So things ended up staying the same but then after awhile, he started actually ignoring me. I thought he was ignoring me when he was being distant but no. He was just being distant. He wasn’t ignoring me. But now he’s actually ignoring me. Even though he was distant before there was still something, now there’s nothing. He never speaks to me when he sees me anymore, not even a hi, he doesn’t even acknowledge me. He treats me like a stranger, I sent him a message and he read it and didn’t write back. I hate this. I feel like this wouldn’t of happened if I didn’t send him that stupid message. I miss him so much and you might think I’m overreacting and I thought I was for a while but then I realized he was my first love, the first boy I ever really loved and the first boy I ever got to be with. I miss him so much. I screwed up bad. I feel so hopeless. I wish I could be with him again but I highly doubt that will happen. He has a crush on another girl. He doesn’t like me anymore. He’s moved on. I honestly feel like he hates me. I might be overthinking but it feels like he does. When he sees me, he just seems annoyed. It’s so hard. I tried so hard to forget about him, I tried to force myself to be happy and try to act like I didn’t care and move on, but it wasn’t true. I buried my feelings deep down inside a dark hole and now it’s all coming back to me. I should’ve just faced it. I have dreams about him every night and I sometimes cry myself to sleep. It’s like everything reminds me of him. It’s so painful. I just want to feel okay again. Please pray for me.
21 days ago

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27 days ago
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31 days ago
I met him at my cousins home .....Some how we talked In instagram. We talk like we had been knowing each other from man years ...27th July he proped me ...I said yes ..but after 2 months he brokeup wit me saying I m not getting that feeling ......its been 1 yr and 5 months ....We are taking like friend but he doesn't treat me like I treat him
..I m not taken with other
.but still in love with him....
Help me to get him
329 days ago
Ok, so once upon a time I met a boy at my friends party, and we got each others numbers and chatted for awhile. what sucked tho is that we didn’t go to the same school so we didn’t really see each other. Four months past and he asks me to be his gf and I say yes, i was really sad we didn’t see each other often tho. Then I get a message from him saying “we need to talk” which everyone knows that means somethings bads gonna happen. He says that we were related and I asked how and he said that I was related to his mums side. I was heart broken and so confused and then, literally 3 days pass and he says that we aren’t related, and I was relieved, BUT THEN he says. “Oh sorry I already have a girlfriend” like, how do you get a freaking girlfriend in 3 days! Anyway, I end up crying that night. We still talk tho. I got good news tho, he didn’t have a girlfriend he just liked someone else and second, 8 minutes ago, he said that he still loved me! It’s now awkward tho because he did it on text...
329 days ago
Thank you ! I still love my ex I kno he will come bck to me
334 days ago
Me and my Ex were together for 6 months, we never went on a date because of bad timing, or he would ask at the wrong times. I wanted to go with him, and it hurt to turn him down.. The last time i turned him down was the last “ I love you “ I got from him. I was mad and I did yell saying “ break up with me, isn’t that what you want? “ after I exposed him of flirting with other girls.. and calling them cute IN FRONT of me. He then said we needed a break, but I cut it off. I regret it, and people say he isn’t the same without me. He acts weird and crazy and can’t focus anymore. He looks at me and just stares.. and stares.. one time he “ I love you “ to me when talking and it caught me off guard. He asks me to hang out and such randomly, and usually will say “ hi “ or “ hello “ more than once In a period when he walks past me. He kinda touches my arms too.. and gets a bit weird when I talk to one of my guy friends.. and when I’m around my new GF (Bi) he gets awkward and kinda touchy towards me around her.. I don’t know what to do! Other times he doesn’t even talk to me, and then the rest he talks to me constantly. It’s weird!
336 days ago
336 days ago
Thanks a lot.I still love my ex and like I think I should talk to him and give it a second thought.I hope to see positive results in the future!
338 days ago
I got that he totally liked me still!!! He told some of my friends that he still likes me and he told that i was hot in a "hidden" way thinking that i wouldnt hear him.
338 days ago
i got totally yay go me i know he really likes me and i feel the some just got to make sure NO ONE gets in between?
375 days ago
Ok, my ex is constantly looking at me, it's been 1 year and I have a new boyfriend but it seems like my ex is jealous of us.
390 days ago
I think that your crush does still like you, and he does not want his twin to like you. I do not think he ever really got over you, so he just got in a realationship with that other girl, because to him she was a substitute for you. I have been in many relationships, and I know that boys never truly get over you. They simply pretend, but on the inside, deep down in their heart, there is still a special place just for you.There is definitely potential for a realationship that will last longer then a year between you two! Just keep your head high and your hopes higher, and everything will work out the way it should.
408 days ago
It said totally, but I'm still not sure, someone tell me what to do. If you don't want to read the whole story just read the last paragraph.

We met during track and field season, when I taught him how to jump the hurdles. I kinda liked him since we met, and it kept growing so now I was like I love with him. We hung out a lot during our meets and practices because my friend was dating his twin, so we became pretty close. But he had a girlfriend for all of the season, so I knew he didn't like me, but I could never get over him for some reason. Then the last few days of school came, and now he was with a new girl. I was so heartbroken. But apparently they broke up and I didn't know about it cuz at our middle school promotion he gave me a hug, and his twin started talking to me more (which I took as a sign that my crush liked me) so at first i was looking forward to summer so that when the school year started back up again, he'd be single, but after he hugged me I didn't want to leave him for 3 months. So during the summer my friend who was dating his twin said that my crush really, REALLY liked me, like more than any of his previous girlfriends, and how he went on talking about how much he liked me and why. Flash forward to the beginning of the next school year, and I was so excited to see him again the summer felt so long, I thought about him every day and cried bc I missed him, but now that school started everything would be ok. He never confessed his feelings to me, but he did ask my friend if I still liked him a couple times. So finally, the night before homecoming at our senior night bonfire he asked me to homecoming, and of course I said yes! Homecoming was the best night of my life, we danced together, and he made sure I was always with him, he is so sweet!
We were fine until like 1 or 2 weeks after the dance, I heard that he liked another girl. And I was so confused and so sad when I found out it was true, well, "true". I went to him crying, he gave me a hug and asked me what was wrong, but I lied and told him something else. So the next day I talked to him about it, I didn't tell at him, I wasn't mad, just really sad. I asked him why, and he said that he found out that I wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend, and he didn't want to get me in trouble so he was trying to get over me, he cried in front of me. Then later that week we talked again, and he said the same thing and that he still liked me, and he still was trying to get over me. (I think said he liked that other girl so that it would help him get over me) and I wanted to tell him that i am allowed to have a relationship with someone, we just can't be officially boyfriend and girlfriend. But I choked and it slipped my mind. And I think that if I would've told him, he would've understood and come back. He just doesn't understand and its my fault bc I didn't tell him.
So him and that other girl dated, and she broke up with him cuz she was moving, so I was so happy! It's 2 months now since what happened, he's been single and still love him so much, and I know he cares about me. He's been talking to me a lot more lately. I have two classes with his twin, and I think he's jealous whenever we talk. I told him that he should convince his brother to to track again, and all he said was ok. Then as he's walking away he turned around and says, im doing track, kinda in a hurt tone of voice. And whenever we and his twin are together he hoggs my attention and fights with his brother over me. What does this mean? Does he want me back? Did he just never really got over mr and he realizes that now? Or does he just not want me with his brother? Or does this mean nothing and its all on my head? I need help and advice, plz comment to help me and put my username so I know the advice is for me.
411 days ago
We dated for 6 months. But we never go on a date and we dated two years ago. We are in the same school and this year I have a crush on him but I don’t know what to do
415 days ago
we dated for five months for some reason we broke up
i still love him but he really doesn't care I feel like m losing my mind I
am nothing without him
440 days ago
we had a misunderstanding it was all my fault we still talk but i miss him
478 days ago
Me and my ex just broke up yesterday he said we can just be friends i think he still likes me but it's hard to tell.
479 days ago
I got my 💗 ex back ;)