Does Your Ex Still Have Feelings For You?

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You had quite a thing for each other - do you still? Find out if your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you! It can't hurt to take a simple quiz if you're wondering, does my ex still love me?

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    Are you and your ex still friends?

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Jay (90427)
11 days ago
First things first why at 10 year olds here. You kids shouldn't even have ex's. You'll get over it i mean there are other fish in the sea. Gosh darn little kids are you really that desperate some of you are in the 3rd grade 8 years old. You guys should be focusing on your school work not ex's. Why? Just WHY?
Maria (98336)
67 days ago
I love my ex so much even though he got held back twice he moved from four schools and got expelled in all of them and we're only 10 I'm in fifth he's in fourth
MAP (84533)
69 days ago
My ex and I were best friends since preschool and then he asked me out in 3rd and 4th and we didn't talk for a while cuz I just ran off! But then later he asked me out again And I said yeah !!! So we hung out and stuff until I started liking other boys and he broke up with me... I got sad then and missed him but now schools almost over And that she not all: Summer means I may move an hour away and he actually said he would miss me cuz I've been his best friend for 7 years or more!! Idk what to do now...
CSR (06090)
69 days ago
Thanks for the test but I still have legit no clue whether she still does, mainly because she's 2 grades below me at school and I don't see her very often, only on Snapchat.
Sadddd (76666)
70 days ago
It's so hard for me to see all of the things he's given me and every note he's given me. To know that he doesn't actually mean it anymore makes me cry cuz it was two days ago and he got a new gf literally and hour after we broke up. I love u goldilocks! (thats wat I called him)
Sadddd (76666)
70 days ago
He told me sweet things tho he told me that he would love me 4eva and always be there I said the same thing I love him and I want him to love me back he has a part of my heart in him foeva I can't let him go he wasn't life and I said some mean stuff to him wen we broke up that I'm not gonna repeat so were not friends like he said we should be. So it's all my fault idk wat to do he is my life I love him I can't be a way from him and also I sound really ossessed sorry
Sadddd (76666)
70 days ago
So this says that he still loves me but he broke up wth me two days ago because he says we never talked and he wants to be friends.I was like ok. But web we were dating he said he doesnt like talking to me. So it was his fault we never talked and then I found out today that an hour later he asked out his ex times four cuz they dated four times even tho he said he hated her. So he really broke up wth me so he could be wth the grl I hate most and I still love him and idk y I know he was a terrible bf but I miss him for some reason I cried a lot.:( :( :( :(
Dakota diaz (87202)
75 days ago
honestly he maybe wont listen i miss him and i love him its just he maybe dont the same
Xyz (00392)
80 days ago
I just hate it !! Tell me why would I swim oven for him can't he???
YoIWantedMyExBackButBTSHasMyHeart (52944)
83 days ago
Took this quiz.

Negative results.

Asked the guy two days later.

And he ain't no ex anymore.

I love the logic of this xD
Tr3ble (15547)
104 days ago
and ik for a fact he still likes me bc he gets jealous everytime i time i talk to a guy. he constantly stares at me. a hella alot of ppl tell me he is looking at me. so explain that
Tr3ble (15547)
104 days ago
incorrect!!!! he is in 9th grade... so we really didnt like go out on dates. and we really arent friends anymore. bc of the break up. so how the heck can u say I failed the quiz. isnt an opinion
MadDog (33543)
104 days ago
So... Not a sob story, sorry. But... He does look at me a lot, but he does have a girlfriend, and he's the one that broke up with me, so...
April (88461)
112 days ago
I'm 15 almost turning 16 and last year I broke up with my boyfriend cause I had a mental breakdown and I couldn't handle it. I told him it was because I didn't want to be in a relationship right now but that is not the truth. Once I started feeling better I was going to tell everything and make everything cool between us but then he was already dating someone else so I gave up. That was 140 days ago and I still want him back. I have to see every day at school with his girlfriend and it hurts me cause that could be me with him. I miss him so so badly. He was such a great boyfriend, he would always say that I was gorgeous, he would say that he loved me, he would always see if I was okay. He was caring, sweet, kind and adorable and it's all gone because of me.
~~ (31246)
129 days ago
We broke up two weeks ago, and all my friends want me to move on. But I don’t want to move on, I really don’t. He was everything I needed and wanted and he made me feel wanted and loved before things went downhill. It was my fault. I got too jealous one day and set him off and now he needs “time and space”. I really love him. I was a better person with him. I’m trying to change and be better...
But it probably wouldn’t have worked in the long run as I’m a freshman and he’s a junior. I want him to miss me as much as I miss him.
Divya (83600)
143 days ago
Rv don't be angry yrr !! i only love one and u only !! Plzzz forgive anddd come back my love !!
Freiya (16038)
145 days ago
missing him so bad :( at least this said he does want me back i just dont have the courage to ask him i see him stare at me in lessons but he has had a girlfriend inbetween our brakeup and now so i think he still has feelings for me#
:(( (97217)
148 days ago
I'm trying to be a better person for my ex but it isn't working out. He's holding back and I think I'm almost done with trying to get him back. My friends tell me he still wants me, but I honestly don't know anymore.
Noor (46104)
148 days ago
It says do i even care?! 😂😂
Well ans is no.
Kiara (24206)
149 days ago
my answer was, there's a chance but its very little and tbh, this hurt me