Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me?

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You had quite a thing for each other back in the day - do you still? Find out if your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend still has feelings for you! It can't hurt to take a simple quiz if you're wondering, does my ex still love me? I hope you find out the answer you're looking for!

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    Are you and your ex still friends?

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61 days ago
i miss my gf alexa she left me to be alone i did one lyric prank on her now she hates me😔😔😔😔😔
145 days ago
Well... She is more like a ex-friend but they lied so mentally she is not meh friend anymore but I have a loving girlfriend (I'm lesbian don't judge)
155 days ago
I'm bored so I am just going to type what happened between my ex an I :(. Well, Around I think 3 weeks ago we had our 1st break up.. then a few days later we got back together and I thought that now nothing would keep us apart anymore! We sorted out our differences and we were happy. Well, for a while.. He was being really nice to me for a bit! :) and I was happy because usually he's a jerk to me! Then I decided to introduce him to my brother, aka Ethan. Then he became very mean to me.. Somedays he's nice but other days, he's just not.. and I understand if he's having a bad day it's just... I don't think that he should take it out on others. Btw, it was also long distance and we thought to often.. so I guess it was for the best! I hope that I'll move on soon and forget about the past, after all. The past is the past..
160 days ago
Come back my girl,I miss u
160 days ago
Come back my girl
161 days ago
162 days ago
My bf broke up with me and it was what i thought the worst thing ever come to later find out all of the times we dated it was dares from his friends so one day i showed him up and i told him the truth about how he is such a jerk and he is s stupid and if his friends are more important than me he needs to go💝his self but when i think about that i regret it i have recently stopped using Instagram because i am just done with it and when i did i told him i was done with him and it because of him :( so i logged on to my Chromebook this morning and i had received three emails all which said you need to get back on Instagram his name was there he had sent me thirteen text messages in an hour and wants to get back together what should i do?
167 days ago
I broke up with my ex after I lost feeling and now I want him back but he’s the type to not date his ex’s again 😢
174 days ago
I really really love him and I want him back but we just friends🥺
177 days ago
Heyyy guys, my ex still stares at me! Uh help?😂
192 days ago
The same day my ex broke up with me she said she has never felt better.
196 days ago
does anyone have advice on how to ask
207 days ago
I am so happy that he does my like me!
209 days ago
does anyone like me im a girl
209 days ago
i hope it wokes and btw any one a teen right back
223 days ago
lol did this as the POV of my girlfriend's ex and apparently my gf does was her back so lol ayo im real happy bout that
270 days ago
I met him at my cousins home .....Some how we talked In instagram. We talk like we had been knowing each other from man years ...27th July he proped me ...I said yes ..but after 2 months he brokeup wit me saying I m not getting that feeling ......its been 1 yr and 5 months ....We are taking like friend but he doesn't treat me like I treat him
..I m not taken with other
.but still in love with him....
Help me to get him
568 days ago
Ok, so once upon a time I met a boy at my friends party, and we got each others numbers and chatted for awhile. what sucked tho is that we didn’t go to the same school so we didn’t really see each other. Four months past and he asks me to be his gf and I say yes, i was really sad we didn’t see each other often tho. Then I get a message from him saying “we need to talk” which everyone knows that means somethings bads gonna happen. He says that we were related and I asked how and he said that I was related to his mums side. I was heart broken and so confused and then, literally 3 days pass and he says that we aren’t related, and I was relieved, BUT THEN he says. “Oh sorry I already have a girlfriend” like, how do you get a freaking girlfriend in 3 days! Anyway, I end up crying that night. We still talk tho. I got good news tho, he didn’t have a girlfriend he just liked someone else and second, 8 minutes ago, he said that he still loved me! It’s now awkward tho because he did it on text...
568 days ago
Thank you ! I still love my ex I kno he will come bck to me
573 days ago
Me and my Ex were together for 6 months, we never went on a date because of bad timing, or he would ask at the wrong times. I wanted to go with him, and it hurt to turn him down.. The last time i turned him down was the last “ I love you “ I got from him. I was mad and I did yell saying “ break up with me, isn’t that what you want? “ after I exposed him of flirting with other girls.. and calling them cute IN FRONT of me. He then said we needed a break, but I cut it off. I regret it, and people say he isn’t the same without me. He acts weird and crazy and can’t focus anymore. He looks at me and just stares.. and stares.. one time he “ I love you “ to me when talking and it caught me off guard. He asks me to hang out and such randomly, and usually will say “ hi “ or “ hello “ more than once In a period when he walks past me. He kinda touches my arms too.. and gets a bit weird when I talk to one of my guy friends.. and when I’m around my new GF (Bi) he gets awkward and kinda touchy towards me around her.. I don’t know what to do! Other times he doesn’t even talk to me, and then the rest he talks to me constantly. It’s weird!