Are you a wise person?

Developed by: Cheese

Do you know what to do in wacky situations? Or do you always end up in a hospital? Time to find out!

  • 1/15
    It's a normal school day when you wake up. Half an hour late! What do you do?

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LoReyna is not impressed (02180)
331 days ago
I had fun with the quiz but the only problem was the answers. It was stupid then. You aren't wise yourself person that made the quiz. This is just wisdom defined incorrectly into lying. I am the daughter of wisdom so I would know. This was all just an excuse to call someone "wise" when they lie and someone "unwise" when they do the right thing. What an 💗 you are to make this work!
Someone not impressed (84527)
810 days ago
this is not right at all.. first of all if your late for school and you slept in its not oh whatever you pick up first. because it might not of been clothing. and if you spilled water on your pants and you.(total friend) told everyone in school and made a rumor about it. im pretty sure a good friend would do that. and if a crush asks you out. im pretty sure people would know what they would say. and you should ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT tell THE.. TRUTH. and if you did sleep in. and what if you didn't have a dentist appointment? this is just totally messed up.
Elgora (01205)
831 days ago
I find this quiz quite interesting... the only thing that bothered me is that in most of the questions, wisdom translates to lying. Honesty is half of wisdom and the other half is experience; by telling the truth from the beginning you avoid to be blamed for lying later and many people will trust you which means in tragic situations, if you lie once for a huge need, people will believe you since they know you as The Honest One.