How Do You Know You Like Someone?

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Some people will answer "You just know!" to this question - which isn't helpful when you really need to know the deal and get unconfused about your relationship. Wondering about these things takes a lot of valuable energy you could be spending on other stuff - wouldn't it be nice to know where things stand once and for all? Yes? Then take this quiz, it should help!

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    You think about him or her

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Anonymous (60269)
2 days ago
I like him but I met him on musically and he lives in a different state and he's so sweet and we met because I did ship or dips and some one commented him and I know he likes me because he commented "I would ship us lmao😂♥️" but I'm still not sure if I really like him or I'm so confused still 😭💀
Anonymous (70776)
12 days ago
I am friends with this really great guy who has been my friend for about two years and whenever he asks to hang out I get spooked and think he wants to go on a date or something so I usually only hang out with him if our other friend comes. Am I a terrible friend?
Regretful (70776)
12 days ago
There was this really shy guy that I made friends with and we really would only talk about school and stuff but looking back on it now, plus given what my friends have said, I think that he might have had feelings for me. This, of course, makes me feel terrible remembering a few occasions I may have friend-zoned him. And I might have even been open to dating him, but he has moved on now dating other girls and asking me for relationship advice so I guess it just wasn't meant to be and I missed my chance. I liked him for a while but I'm getting over him now....bad timing I suppose? :/
Randomness XD (01226)
46 days ago
Btw, I think that he likes me too.
Randomness XD (01226)
46 days ago
I met a kid this week helpings with a church event. When I first saw him I thought he was kinda cute but I didn’t fall head over heels for him. We talked throughout the week and got to know each other a little bit. When it was time to leave he asked if I had Snapchat. I don’t so I said that I don't. I very, very, very, very deeply regret not giving him my number instead of just saying that I don’t have Snapchat. He lives in the same town as me so I really hope that I run into him sometime. If I don’t I won’t get to see him until next year.😭 it’s only been like 48 hours and I can’t stop thinking about him. How am I going to survive? I love his personality the most. He’s funny, kind and nice. I miss him so much already. Help!
Unknown (54255)
53 days ago
I knew I liked her but I wasn't sure..Now I am because they said I like her...I am going to try my beat to tell her even though I know she probably doesn't like me...I daydream aboit her and what our relationship would be like ...I really hope she likes me back
Dawn (53039)
60 days ago
I mean idrk if I actually like him? When I first met him I was like “Oo I could become best friends and date him like all those tv shows” but then I actually became his friend and he’s like the guy version of me just more annoying and stupid. We’re always so ducking awkward around each other and I had a feeling he had feelings for me but I shoved that down deep and ignored it until he admitted it and I wasn’t supprised. I never said I liked him back and now I feel like I like him back but I don’t want it to be a fake thing, you know? I feel like I am just interested in the idea of having a partner, not necessarily in him. I don’t normally have “crushes” on people so I have noooo idea what it feels like to genuinely like someone. Plus, even if I did like him, 💗 would I do next??
Savannah (92145)
60 days ago
I’m a girl who got dumped a few days after my friend got dumped by her girl. I feel that we both told each other first because we like each other?? Hopings it’s true!
Maya (28074)
106 days ago
but do i really like them, or do i just like the idea of being with them? ugh i just don’t know !
Anonymous (47364)
109 days ago
I need an I dont know option in this test on the last part
Terren (37788)
111 days ago
ahhh I don't know what to do... I'm a girl and I like another girl but she's straight AF... She's one of my really good friends and I don't know what to do... I don't even know if I like like her, but it would ruin our whole relationship, after all she is pining for a guy and I'm helpings her...
Bleh (11511)
114 days ago
Quiz title: How Do You Know You Like Someone?
9/10: Do you like them?
hailey (56999)
119 days ago
so my bestfriend and i have been bestfriend for 2 year. i love this kid so much. he makes me happy when i’m down. he makes me laugh over things i don’t even understand. he’s literally the best. he likes me and i don’t know if i like him. like he’s cute but i don’t want to date and i don’t want to tell him i like him bc i don’t want him to think i’d date. but i said something and i hurt him and i feel like he hates me. he means more to me than anyone and i can’t loose him. i’m lost without him. we haven’t talked in like a week and i don’t even know what to do with my life. i need him but i don’t know if he’ll ever be my friend again. i don’t know what to do. i feel like an 💗 for hurting him. the one person i love the most i go and hurt. i was mad or upset about something and took it out on him and i would have never done that to him normally. i should’ve talked about it with him instead of taking it out on him. so if you read this far, please learn from this you need your friends more than anyone and if you can find someone you trust 100% keep them. don’t take anger or sadness out on them, talk to them. tell them how you feel so you don’t ruin what you have. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!
helpme (48797)
127 days ago
So I've been friends with this guy for a looooooong💗time, and all our friends use to ship him and me together. But I just rubbed it off, knowing that he liked me because I thought that it might just come from everyone shippingss us together and hormones. But know that we are a little older I've begun to rethink these things. There is a girl in my friend group that also likes him, but I didn't feel jealous, but just slightly uncomfortable. I'm not sure if I like him or not, but I'm not sure if he can give me the relationship I want. The last time I dated someone was years ago and I haven't felt anything like this for a long time. help
N/A (71783)
134 days ago
He gave me his sweatshirt today, and whenever I said I was cold he gave me hugs from behind, and they always lasted a lot longer than a "Friendly" one would. Also at the end of school he gave me a hug from behind while we were talking to all of our friends and we just stayed like that for like 5 minutes. He also walked with his arms around me.
Mia (65050)
134 days ago
random (51013)
136 days ago
I like him. Although him in this case is a her. It's not what I wanted. I didn't want to like her (ironically) primarily because she hates, but also for other reasons. It seemed to be quick and to the point, good job people/person who made it.
Yo (85037)
144 days ago
well he is a she so I dont think this is the test for me
Kels (33928)
162 days ago
i got I kinda like him and I do, he is a really good friend, but he doesn’t look very good and I’m not that really interested in dating him. He does like me back he is just too scared to ask me out, but the only reason(s) I would say yes is either because I’m desperate or because I don’t wanna let him down/make him feel bad. What should I say when/ if he asks me out?? I need your help
Some One (35839)
162 days ago
Quiz: Do you like him?
Me: What? No! Of course not. I don't like him! I mean, right. Oh gosh darn it! How do you spill the truth of me? Okay fine! Yes, I like him. Geez. -__-