How Do You Know You Like Someone?

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Some people will answer "You just know!" to this question - which isn't helpful when you really need to know the deal and get unconfused about your relationship. Wondering about these things takes a lot of valuable energy you could be spending on other stuff - wouldn't it be nice to know where things stand once and for all? Yes? Then take this quiz, it should help!

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    You think about him or her
    You think about him or her

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10 days ago
I took this because I don't know if I like her. She's my best friend, and I think she's mad at me, as well as likes someone else... if only dreams came true.
16 days ago
I only took this quiz, becuase I’m trying to not like my crush. But it says I still do. I liked him for three years (he liked me first so I started liking him) we used to talk a lot and we’re good freinds. Then we didn’t have the same classes, so we stopped talking. Three years later we were now in highschool. I told him I liked him and he says he hates Hispanics.. and I’m ugly and annoying. I’m one of those “non emotional” girls, which I think those types or girls, are actually the most emotional. Anyway yeah, I honestly didn’t care, but everyone was worring and stuff. So yeah. That’s why I took this quiz....
31 days ago
37 days ago
i get all nervous and shy around him and i always catch myself staring at him and trying to be cool around him. i’m not like this around anyone else. i guess i think he is cute but i really don’t want to like him.
64 days ago
I have liked this boy for awhile now and i tecently told one of my close friends . Ever since i got that off my chest its like he is everywhere i go and i dont have any classes with him yet we ate the same place all the time. But when it comes to emotions and things like that we are both really shy. I used to talk to him all the but now that we are older it is more awkward. Please help i dont know what to do.
70 days ago
GAHHHHHHHH Idk if i like him or not! he is a total💗and is really cute idk wht to do D:
82 days ago
It says I love him.... ahh so true
86 days ago
Bla bla it says i kinda like him sooooooooo -_-
91 days ago
Omg. Why does this have to be so acueret?! These ppl were right!! Heres what they said
How Do You Know You Like Someone?
You like him/her! Well, yay for you! Pay closer attention to not only what this person says, but especially what he or she DOES. That will tell you whether or not he or she likes you back.

You have correctly answered 8 of 10 questions.

On average, 110140 of users who took the quiz gave 7.07 right answers.
91 days ago
But like I don't know if they even think of me as a friend so they couldn't think of me as more.. it's so stressful we hang out with the same friend group and I don't ever know what to do ever.
96 days ago
It says I don’t really like her(I’m a girl). But i really cannot get her off of my mind. I would do anything to stop thinking about her man. I don’t know what to do. Should I stay away from her? Whenever we’re not close as in sitting next to each other I’m kinda upset and I look at her a few seconds at a time. I just want her next to me and I want her to talk to me without me having to start the conversation. I want to be like the only person she looks at😭😭😭
101 days ago
It say I lovveeee them... Too bad .. cuz I think that I'm gonna be single ... For ..LIFE!!!... 😥
105 days ago
111 days ago
So I work with someone idk if he just always friendly but everyday he would be like I haven’t seen u in so long buddy and I was teaching him Spanish he’s so cute when he says these words omg and we would always play fight here and their but idk I want it to be more then friend but I don’t think a relationship at work would work out and I think he has a girl but why would he play fight with me like that he always trying to make me laugh pats me in the back omg❤️
112 days ago
You could have just said "they" instead of "he or she"...
127 days ago
I moved away from my old house and school, but I never got over this one guy. He was one of my best friends. Everyone used to say how we would be a cute couple and all that, and I remember he did have a crush on me. His crush on me was off and on, as mine was on him. We never liked each other at the same time, though. Now, here I am, constantly regretting not telling him how I felt. We got along so well, and our personalities were so similar! Dare I say, we were almost like soulmates. Even my older sister saw something between us. She always made fun of us, even though we were just friends. Now I don't know what to do. Any advice?
128 days ago
Me and this guy met when we were 14 because of my bestfriend. We dated for a month until we broke up, a day before school started because of the long distance. He never lost contact with me. So when I slept over my friends house recently, I asked to see him. We have been dating over a week now and I have never been happier.
130 days ago
I met this guy online, and he stood out from all the rest. I found him cute and stuff, but he lives all the way in Minnesota while I'm stuck in NY. Over time things have gotten a bit old, and I'm worried about losing feelings for a guy whos got an amazing personality. Ive been having major anxiety for the first three days of school, thinking about school stuff, him, and other life issues. Having ADHD doesn't make it any better. So I am questioning my feelings even though I don't want to. We liked each other the exact same way before, I cant tell if things are just getting old or what, but I don't wanna lose what we have. I've been thinking about it for so long its starting to feel damaging to myself but I cant tell him. He really is amazing. But I cant figure out why I feel this way. We're both 15, ill be turning 16 in February. He would be able to maybe visit me four years or so from now. But I feel like garbage rn and I'm afraid of change. What do I do...?
I don't generate crushes as much as I used to when I was younger. He was the fastest crush I had ever developed.
134 days ago
I think I like my best friend, which is, awful really. I just don't want to ruin our friendship.
150 days ago
We’ve been best friends for 2 years. I always had a warm feeling every time I saw her, I always smiled around her, and a lot of people in school kept saying that I liked her and she liked me.
I moved away to another state, and on the plane I couldn’t get her off my mind or sleep and at that time I knew I liked her, we text and FaceTime almost every day and every time I try to keep it cool but I totally black out and then gibberish pours out of my mouth x_x anyways, I don’t know how to tell her or if I should... but I have to be honest, I’ve fallen head over heals for her.