Are you ugly?

Developed by: Sidra

This test is to determine whether or not you are ugly.

  • 1
    People look away when they see you coming.
  • 2
    The mirror cracks when you look in it.
  • 3
    People are nice to you.
  • 4
    Dogs howl when they see you.
  • 5
    You get invited to parties often.
  • 6
    Cameras work when you are in the photo.
  • 7
    Guinness Book of World Records putting your face in "most hideous"
  • 8
    Dogs fart on you.
  • 9
    People magazine contacts you.
  • 10
    Plastic Surgeon loves you.

Comments (8)


ciok (37782)
109 days ago
yaya im attractive asf
Middle school geek (14698)
132 days ago
The quiz was......... Different, but is was it was ok
Supergirl (72724)
138 days ago
well I can't get a boyfriend and my ex is calling me a hoe and a gold digger for boys sooo ya (I am 10)that boy is rude
Fml (61399)
305 days ago
Im ugly af i doubt im attractive
DJ😇 (51475)
461 days ago
No one should have the right to say if your ugly right ladies and gentelmen??
DJ😇 (51475)
461 days ago
This quiz is mean because would u go up to someone abs say your ugly? This quiz could use a little work fix it losers😠😠 peace out and rember checj my channel jacksuperbossman123
Amber (04021)
638 days ago
Worst quiz i hv ever seen....didn't bother to complete
Charooney (78745)
811 days ago
This is a bad quiz.
Some of these questions have terrible answers you should be able to answer more than just True or False like maybe have an option that says
"Sometimes" or "Maybe"
Then again. Who would make a quiz on how ugly you are anyways.