Am I A Tomboy, A Girly-Girl, Or In-Between?

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Unsure where you land in the land of female-hood? Take my test! At the end, you'll find out whether you're a tomboy, a girly-girl, or someone in between the two. Please share with your girl friends who wonder the same thing! And always remember - you're awesome however you are!

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    You wear tons of makeup.
    You wear tons of makeup.

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3 days ago
I got in between. This actually a lot more accurate than I thought it would be. Most of my friends are either boys or girls who are tomboyish. Even though I sometimes do girly things, I like a ton of things that tomboys like. So I only have one thing to say...

24 days ago
I got in between ๐Ÿ˜ You should be your self Girly girls are nice And awsome and tomboys are good and cool none is better ...Why do ppl hate girly girls so much it really hurts me and alot of pla please stop you all girly girls ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘and you tomboys be I have more feminine traits and some tomboy traits I love video games and I love fashion and painting nails ;)
25 days ago
I'm becoming a tomboy. Which is kinda true, cause i'm less girly then i was when i was younger!
31 days ago
Love number 8 I was like my nightmare ๐Ÿ˜‚ I got inbetween
36 days ago
I got all questions correct and I'm a pure tomboy
52 days ago
YA I'M in between the two!๐Ÿ˜€
54 days ago
Yay Tomboy yay yay I wanted tomboy
65 days ago
I am a tomboy because I like hanging out with other tomboys and boys, but I also sometimes wear pink. So I am probably in between a tomboy and a girly girl
89 days ago
I am a tomboy because I don't like skirts dresses and makeup I love hanging out with boys , am I love the way I am
95 days ago
I love being a tomboy mostly because i feel free
97 days ago
So I guess being a tomboy is better seeing as I am girly and got 0 questions right... ๐Ÿ˜ก
100 days ago
yes dude this is like the best test ever, i am a PURE tomboy i usually hate pink and so not want to wear make up at all
119 days ago
Ready for your result? You are starting to become a tomboy. People can still see the vestiges of the more feminine girl you've been, but more of the tomboy you're becoming. Like I said in the intro, however you are is just fine! You do you like no one else can! Good for you!
127 days ago
Ok they clearly can see me through the phone bc this is so accurate a pure tomboy.I HATE pink,princesses,and plastics so im pretty sure its correct.
129 days ago
my God yes!!! These people got me!!!! Pure Tomoy!!! Everything bout that was trueeee!!!!๐Ÿ˜Ž
131 days ago
yup tomboy i always was and always will be :) I'm english lol and hate dresses and pink and all dat stuff makes me SICK. i love star wars(usually associated with boys) never get my nails done EVER EVER and often play with boys but mainly other tomboys. All my friends know I'm one and soo yhhhhh
133 days ago
In between. Although a little more girly.๐Ÿฆ„
148 days ago
I like tomboys and i always play with boys and I hate being girly blehh
156 days ago
i'm not american so i'm probably not a average joe and yes i hate pink and skirts and dresses
170 days ago
Ready for your result? You are a pure tomboy. Jeans, t-shirts, sports jerseys, no makeup...this is the look you rock, and rock well! You'd never be caught anywhere NEAR a makeup counter, pink makes you puke, and giggling makes you want to scream. You can finish this description, I am sure. And it's also for sure that you make being a tomboy look like it is - fun and cool! Good for you!
Wow. This describes me. If I tell my friend this though, they'll be like, those quizzes u took r fake