Are you a tomboy, girly girl, or in between?

Developed by: Emily

This test will see if you are a tomboy, girly girl, or in between.

  • 1/10
    Do you wear tons of makeup?
    Do you wear tons of makeup?

Comments (23)


Paige (92496)
4 days ago
I'm in between. I wanna get my nails done but still wear sweatpants
Hannah (94918)
14 days ago
10/10 tomboy (I knew it anyway)
Clare (70514)
20 days ago
Tomboy, but I like cute things and pink.
lauren (75591)
27 days ago
10/10 pure tomboy bruhhhhhh
Ack Von Julio (42941)
42 days ago
I am suu girly, Just kidding! Of course I am not
Chicken (10716)
44 days ago
I got 6/10. I’m in between
nancy (19763)
48 days ago
7/10 correct answers? My life is a mistake. I've failed to meet the requirements to be a fully fledged tomboy. Based on this stereotypical test I'm only starting as a tomboy.
anna (59558)
58 days ago
tomboy haha yeah
some of the questions were a bit clique though....
ella (51724)
78 days ago
correct answers? this is a test about what u like this should not have correct answers not everyone is in to the same stuff!
Alessa (80065)
78 days ago
I knew it ! I am a TOTAL girly girl ! This is my second test and I got girly girl ( the reason why I re-took it on another web page or whatever it is was because I wanted to recheck ). I have correctly answered 2 of 10 questions !
Soccer33 (61124)
104 days ago
Correct answers? What more like 'oh you answered 7\10 your a becoming tomboy. There are no correct answers
kd and her knife (21235)
120 days ago
Correct? there are no right or wrong answers, right? I'm 8/10 starting to be tomboy.
2/10 (67971)
127 days ago
Between but how is it correct answers this is silly
just me (45203)
161 days ago
8/10 correct answers. correct. correct. how can there be correct answers. i dont get it
hiii (17849)
165 days ago
inbetween :))
already knew it tho
Maya (02084)
175 days ago
I know im a tomboy
it said im a tomboy
Amy Pascoe (97728)
197 days ago
Tat the end of the test it says you answered 6/10 CORRECTLY! There is no right or wrong answer! Inbetween
Basketball (71495)
297 days ago

Pure tomboy
Jasmine (33209)
384 days ago
Starting of a tom-boy 8/10
Peyton (00985)
386 days ago
Pure Tomboy 9/10 correct