Do you love her?

Developed by: Thesoccerstar94

Do you love the girl you admire? Can you not stand being without her? Find out here.

  • 1
    Do you think about this person often?
  • 2
    Do you get jealous (even a little) if this person flirts/talks with another guy?
  • 3
    Would you ever die for this person, or give up something precious for them?
  • 4
    How much are you willing to spend for this person on their Birthday?
  • 5
    If this person flirts with you, do you flirt back?
  • 6
    What do you look at in this person?
  • 7
    They say they are moving to a new state. What would you do?
  • 8
    They say they are breaking up with you. What do you do?
  • 9
    If you ever had any sickness or disease, would you resist doing anything with them just to keep them healthy and alive?
  • 10
    How strong is the love for her to you?

Comments (17)


Questioning Life (69495)
25 days ago
How tf are there right and wrong answers to this?? Like 💗.
Open All Night (33636)
79 days ago
I'm nobody's hero
But for you I'd lay down my life
Nobody's hero
But I'd tear down the stars from the sky
If you would lean on me, baby dream on me
You can bleed on me, just believe in me
Nobody's hero
Someone in love (69082)
83 days ago
I love her and would die for her
Jack (19552)
87 days ago
Blued Azul (35486)
88 days ago
I'm in love with you baby ko 💞 Shiela marie
aviel (60047)
98 days ago
i like her but i dont ave feeling for her she dont like him
The man from Tokyo Road (95098)
107 days ago
Honestly YOU don’t know what love is Bucko. If anybody knows what love is, it’s me. (Italian. The nickname is complicated.)
Marcus (03766)
131 days ago
If I love a girl and just really cant get over her and I show I really like her and she has to get her friends to tell me she likes me cause she nervous to do it on her own am I considered desperate in love
Joe (12876)
131 days ago
There is no right or wrong answers to this kind of Quiz
It's about ones feelings for petesake
Kody (94878)
177 days ago
No such thing as the right or wrong awnser for love.
Harry (00932)
187 days ago
All of you mad about the quiz if you know what love feels like already then why are you taking this quiz. I thought the quiz was good. Keep up the good work m8!
This Isn't Love (63874)
330 days ago
There are no right or wrong answers. I have taken it upon myself in my thoughts to truly define what love is, and the simplest way I can put it is the purpose you find deep within yourself to make your companion happy. I found this because the person I love, even if they might not always love me back, is somebody that I find special and I will take it upon myself to make them happy.
Hates This Quiz (61744)
331 days ago
This quiz is terrible, they have no idea what love truely is. There is no right or wrong answer, you just know.
submit (58742)
495 days ago
This quiz knows nothing about love. I know that what i feel is love. whoever made this quiz is the one who doesn't know love.
Offended guy (45931)
727 days ago
What the heck? Yeah, I can either choose everything or a look part. Not personalityo nly. Are you kidding me?
Mike (28224)
840 days ago
There is no right or wrong answer, it's just how you feel
IBRAHIM (66550)
856 days ago
I'm Confused is dis love