Easy Mode: Tomb Raider Chronicles Quiz!

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Hello. This is the easy version of the Tomb Raider Chronicles Quiz. 10 Questions | 1 min and 30 sec to complete it.

  • 1
    How many Rome Levels featured in Tomb Raider Chronicles?
  • 2
    The Levels "Gallows Tree", "Labyrinth" and "Old Mill" are levels set in which part of Great Britain?
  • 3
    Where was the VCI Levels set?

  • 4
    What artifact was featured in the VCI Levels and as well as in the Training Levels of Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation?
  • 5
    What did the priest in "Gallows Tree" carry around with him?
  • 6
    How long do you have to retrieve the Iris once the switch is pulled before it turns back on again?

  • 7
    What artifact was the Russians hunting for in The Russian Levels?
  • 8
    In "Escape with the Iris", in the X-ray room are 3 boxes, how many contained explosives?
  • 9
    What helped to kill a cyborg let alone shooting the water pipe?
  • 10
    How many levels did Tomb Raider Chronicles have?

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