How Masculine/Feminine Are You?

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Whether we know it (or like it) or not, every single one of us has traits of both males and females in us. I can tell you which sex you're more of simply from the answers you give to these quiz questions. If you're intrigued or have been wondering about this, try my test now!

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    You've just finished writing a short fiction story for a class, and you're really proud of your work. Which would be the first thing you'd do?
    You've just finished writing a short fiction story for a class, and you're really proud of your work. Which would be the first thing you
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    You need to make an important decision. There are two options, but you can't decide which to do. Which of these would help you most?
  • 3
    Which of these would make you the happiest in the future?

  • 4
    If your husband or wife were unfaithful, would you murder your own children just to get revenge?
  • 5
    Which physical qualities do you find the most attractive in a mate?
  • 6
    Which describes your personality best?

  • 7
    Which of these environments best fits your personality?
  • 8
    Which set of characteristics best describes you?
  • 9
    If you were an ancient Greek, would you be allowed to bury your dead?
  • 10
    And now for what I think is THE MOST REVEALING QUESTION: Which of these colors do you like the best?

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12 days ago
@Max 😂😂😂😂
19 days ago
No offence to the quiz maker, but I got exactly the opposite of what I chose.
26 days ago
so 50% masculine no thx i dont really identifly as any gender idk why i did this quiz
33 days ago
Um... for 50% you are masculine? XD. I'm a straight gal... And the results are so inaccurate. "A man's man through and through?" I am totally indifferent toward stuff like "monster trucks, loud metal music, growling, and muscle Ts". Well, thanks for the laugh I guess. Oh, and I do like ballet, although the tights on men can look a bit ridiculous in lighter colors.
34 days ago
It says I am 70% blend but more girly! That is correct.
36 days ago
it says I'm 30% Woman, 30% Woman/Man, or 30% Man. Wth.
39 days ago
uhh... It says I'm a woman. I was quite upset until I read other comments. Now I'm happy and laughing about it.

Fellow dude, try other tests as well. Only them believe the results. lolSee ya!
57 days ago
Quiz: you fear homosexuals and would never do something that gross

Me: Ok i guess i am gross and i fear myself now. Funnn
59 days ago
Imma woman yay 🤗 it got my body wrong but personality perfect
60 days ago
It says I’mma woman and I am a man but imma woman now😉
71 days ago
ew. it said i lean more towards gIrLy. that's disappointing. i'm not even a woman since i'm not an adult. as if this person knows what i believe. the person that made this quiz shouldn't assume what i believe. giving me a result that disappoints me is already bad enough.
126 days ago
these results are confusing
128 days ago
Quiz: you fear homosexuals
Me: ah yes I fear myself
139 days ago
LOL my score wasn’t clear
140 days ago
I'm a woman. My wife would agree, I always ask her how she feels and pick up on tones in her voice and judge how she is by it. I don't like sports but my wife does, when I watch football with her I have to ask whats going on. I do however like video games and fixing things and am very mechanically inclined. I don't cook and have no fashion sense either. I'm 43 and just getting an idea of who I really am and its very confusing sometimes. I with i was either super masculine or super feminine. Its hard to have guy friends with my interests and my emotional style, most guys who like what I like don't appreciate my emotional expression. :-(
171 days ago
I got 40% and im a Boy! 🦄🏳️‍🌈
175 days ago
WOW. I’m 50% more masculine 😻
192 days ago
Blend leaning a bit more towards feminine. Got 40%cool
195 days ago
Anyone else takes these quizzes to validate their transgenderism? lmao
195 days ago
Here as a bisexual... 50/50 aghhh