How Masculine/Feminine Am I?

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Without knowing what you look like AT ALL, I will tell you if you are a BOY or a GIRL...or, at least, what gender you are on the inside. Because remember: Gender and sexuality are fluid categories. Yes, very fluid.

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    You have just finished a short story for your fiction-writing class, and you are very proud of your work. What is the first thing you do?
    You have just finished a short story for your fiction-writing class, and you are very proud of your work. What is the first thing you do?
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    You have a decision to make, but you are very ambivalent about which option to choose. What would help you to make the decision?
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    What is most important for you to be happy in the future?
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    Would you murder your own children to get revenge against your unfaithful husband? (Note: If you didn't giggle to yourself, you probably have never read "Media.")
  • 5
    What physical qualities do you find attractive in a mate?
  • 6
    Which personality description describes you best? (Fun challenge: See if you can match each description to a character in Hamlet.)
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    What environment is analogous to your personality? (Note: famous nature vs. culture debate.)
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    What set of characteristics best describes you? (Note: Yin or Yang.)
  • 9
    If you were an ancient Greek, would you be allowed to bury your dead?
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    And now for THE MOST REVEALING QUESTION: What is your favorite color? (And don't you dare think that pink is going to mean you're feminine, because that's just a silly cliche... a CLICHE, I SAY!)

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22 days ago
It said that I'm masculine and fear homosexuals. I'm a lesbian.
34 days ago
I got a blend of masculine and feminine, which is accurate. The rest is some trash that my conservative grandparents would cook up though lmao
44 days ago
It says that I am a women. This didn’t help at all. It also says I like cooking and cleaning while my husband is working. And want to have a lot of babies. NOOOTT TRUEEEE.
52 days ago
You talk about girls liking pink being a clichè, yet you guess people's genders based on stereotypes. I'm male and I got female.
53 days ago
Excuse me, I am guy of emotions.
68 days ago
Says i am fem and that i like cleaning and want to have lots of kids and both of those are completely wrong
96 days ago
The only thing the result got right is that I'm a blend of masculine and feminine. Everything else is WRONG!
104 days ago
It talks about how a woman has a husband.... But I'm a lesbian.. oof. Well I'm mostly masculine, I'm not surprised, but I know that am totally a girl. Oof
104 days ago
Apparently more masculine even though I’m cis feminine

I guess I’m just weird haha
108 days ago
It said I would grow a beard and watch wrestling (even though I have to wax my mustache and I hate watching sports)
109 days ago
70% androgynous. I already knew I acted like a girl and boy but it said I was more manly though. Welp....
113 days ago
What does it mean to be 40%?
113 days ago
Same Mandy! I think it means beat woman up and yell at them. Which I would NEVER do to ANYONE! (At least not beat them up)
113 days ago
This test could not be more wrong! First I am a vegetarian so no meat for me! Second I do not want to grow a facial hair! Third I am not VILANT in fact Inam a QUAKER PACIFIS I am AGENST VIOLENCE! This quiz said that I loved fighting, eating meat, and probably growing facial hair! Sure I am masculine but not like that at all!
117 days ago
I'm a female and it said I was 40% masculine, which is fine. But what I thought was hilarious is when it told me I fear homosexuality.. when I'm bisexual myself 😂
139 days ago
The test is fake lmao finnish the press back and finish again and you get a completly diffrent awnser hahsbhdhsksjsb *gay key smash
152 days ago
Lmao I'm a queer fluid person and my result was a masculine homophobic macho
How tf does this work xD
162 days ago
Calm down, it's a harmless quiz. You don't have to be so defensive👀smh
182 days ago
Lmao you can really tell that the only people who complained were gay smh
188 days ago
@Yeemo Rat Yeah, it was really homophobic, and unprofessional. Btw I love your name!
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