How masculine/feminine are you?

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Without knowing what you look like AT ALL, I will tell you if you are a BOY or a GIRL... or, at least, what gender you are on the inside. Because, remember: gender and sexuality and fluid categories. Yes, very fluid.

  • 1
    You have just finished a short story for your fiction writing class, and you are very proud of your work. What is the first thing you do?
  • 2
    You have a decision to make, but you are very ambivalent about which option to choose. What would help you to make the decision?
  • 3
    What is most important for you to be happy in the future?
  • 4
    Would you murder your own children in order to avenge yourself against your unfaithful husband? (Note: If you didn't giggle to yourself from the power of my wit, you are probably an uneducated fool who has never read "Media")
  • 5
    What physical qualities do you find attractive in a mate?
  • 6
    Which personality description describes you best? (Fun challenge: see if you can match up each description to a character in Hamlet)
  • 7
    What environment is analogous to your personality? (Note: famous nature vs. culture debate)
  • 8
    What set of characteristics best describes you? (Note: Yin or Yang)
  • 9
    If you were an ancient Greek, would you be allowed to bury your dead?
  • 10
    And now for THE MOST REVEALING QUESTION: What is your favorite color? (And don't you dare think that pink is going to mean you're feminine, because that's just a silly cliche.. CLICHE I SAY)

Comments (51)


Jake (95547)
2 hours ago
This says that im willing to commit adultury. Jesus christ
Lucifer (17214)
3 days ago
Is this a joke or just sexist cancer? Dude that made it sounds like a cunt x
Averil SquirrelGirl (26769)
25 days ago
I’m half tomboy half girlygirl. It says I’m more feminine... I was as a baby but now I’m more tomboy. This quiz is inaccurate.
A female who likes to play video games (16415)
85 days ago
Oh I got 50% half of my videogames are dressup/dating sim, the other half are RPGs and stuff like that.
A female who likes to play video games (16415)
85 days ago
Erase the "try to grow a beard" part. Plus I'mma straight female who adores the heroes in videogames, wishing they were my husbands...
Gay af (46817)
124 days ago
I am not afraid of homosexuals because I am lesbian so I hope this is a joke, plus I will not grow a beard since I am a female
Gay and angry (81474)
125 days ago
60% masculin, it said that I most likely think being homosexual is gross, like I’m a lesbian. I honestly hope this is a joke.
Female and queer (35561)
134 days ago
40% blend, 60% masculine
Mark (61162)
141 days ago
70% woman, time for a career change then!
Trash (83098)
152 days ago
"You probably eat a lot of meat and try to grow a beard."
I'm a girl and also vegetarian LMAO
Brooklyn (62049)
159 days ago
“You love to cook and clean while your man is at work. Yes, all women love to cook and clean. That is just how they were made.“ um WHAT?!?!? I hope that’s a joke lmao
fag (94025)
160 days ago
it says i try to grow a beard but im female
CiCe (50135)
172 days ago
So I'm trying to grow a beard, am I? Honestly, I didn't try... it just grew.
💗thisquiz (86325)
174 days ago
I know how to keep a woman in her place??????
Mary (75097)
174 days ago
"I fear homosexuals" WHAT!?!??! ARE YOU KIDDING ME....NOOO.....WHY WOULD I???? I'm pissed
Cam (11892)
176 days ago
This is a joke right?
Thomas (86301)
187 days ago
If I'm 30% feminine I must be 70% masculine, right?
Lillian (07771)
209 days ago
Wow, I'm 50-50. I knew it
Tyler (47492)
211 days ago
People are gay, Karen
Bobthebuilder (26392)
215 days ago
so not ao* and unpleases not unpleases*