Are you a true redneck quiz?

Developed by: TJ

Are you a true redneck?

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    What kind of vehicle do you drive?

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Raelynn Wright (72571)
123 days ago
I got a city slicker...... they ask all the wrong questions... honestly this person probably doesn’t know what a redneck does
E. AB (68041)
224 days ago
And by northern I mean Northern BC just below the arctic. Not that Vancouver, California, "Northwest" dang.
E. AB (68041)
224 days ago
lol buddy no questions about hunting, dirtbikes, or just how much "country" jackasses think they are. just a cranky northerner here.
Killjoy forever (64217)
927 days ago
My genre isnt even in this quiz what about Alernitive rock and what aboug a town