How pretty you are?

Developed by: Sammie price

  • 1/10
    What colour is your hair?

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Randomzz (83410)
128 days ago
How is beauty measured as right or wrong. If you were born with black hair or brown eyes how is it ‘ right’ or ‘ wrong’ I fail to understand
Bugz Bunny (69500)
147 days ago
I agree with you 😡 It's so mean!
😡 (91124)
218 days ago I know I’m beautiful. But this crashes so many people self esteem. I don’t care what this quiz says about me. But others care. Like ar you joking me bruv? Or something? Because why does it really mattter what colour I am?? I Have anxiety and my anxiety and when my anxiety gets bad I’m gonna tell myself I am
Not beautiful and I’m not good enough for others. To all the girls: We are all beautiful. You don’t need to proof your worth to others and show them why you are beautiful. If they can’t see your past looks. They ain’t worth. Ain’t got time for judgemental asses who say you’re ugly but the reason they say that to make there ego grow.
MyMindWontShutUp (99167)
349 days ago
I only got two right. is that bad? i guess i deserve "Not pretty enough". thanks for the confidence boost.
Anonymous (94452)
815 days ago
I also don't get why length of nails, hair or color of hair would be wrong...
Anonymous (94452)
815 days ago
you shouldn't say how many questions we get right because there is no right or wrong answer. And in one of you questions 'what is your skin color?' one of the options were 'Asian'. If the "correct" answer wasn't Asian then people will assume that you think Asians aren't beautiful or ,if they weren't old enough to understand, would think Asians aren't beautiful and, if they were Asian, would be upset because they think they're ugly based on this quiz they've taken. Please take this note into account as further quizzes you make should have a positive result comment and decent options to your questions.
Unknown (29459)
929 days ago
as soon as i got my result i got a 1 out of ten questions right and my self esteem immediately crashed, I know tomorrow I will go to school and will most likely have no confidence. Could you at least help others out and put something like"you are beautiful in your own way" and if you dont your a most likely rich stuck up 💗 who thinks she is better than everyone