Advanced Anime Quiz "AAQ"

Take this quiz and have fun if you have watched at least 20 series that are not popularized in other countries except Japan. Basically means you need good foundation to tackle and/or TROLL this one.

  • 1
    In a typical school setting, many important dramatic scenes most likely happen at which of the following place?
  • 2
    Which of the following anime does not adopt "Shout Out The Move" niche.
    (means you have to shout out the name of your move when you do it XD)
  • 3
    What best characterizes loli?
  • 4
    Pointless fights happen mostly in which of the following sub genre?
  • 5
    The Grim Adventure of Misha and Light can be alternative title to which of the following anime?
  • 6
    Shinbo Akiyuki did not direct which of the following anime?
  • 7
    In shounen animes, what is the most distinctive characteristic that separate them from other genres.
  • 8
    Which one is the correct spelling?
    (lol I'm bored)
  • 9
    Which of the following anime has least numbers of female voice actress?
  • 10
    This is a give a way question ^^b
    Which of the following convention has most series/movies/OVAs created?

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