How Will You Die?

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OK, so this is a really morbid topic, but I personally am fascinated by it. What is it, you might ask? Death! In particular, the ways in which one can die. There are SO many! (Although I only had room for a few of them here.) Which way will YOU go? This test is not for the easily upset, just for morose people like me (and if you've read this far, probably YOU, too!) P.S.: PLEASE do not take this literally. It's just for entertainment!

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38 days ago
Well, it wasnt wrong! Look at my name! Im gonna die! Hah i may only be 10, but man! When im able to drave a car well...*car riding on cliff* *side thing breaks* *car falls into river* *girl/me starts drowning* goodbye world!
38 days ago
I WILL DIE IN A FIRE! LIKE 9/11 OR SOMETHING ( no offense if anyone you know has been in 9/11 )
39 days ago
Xandaria, you have so much to live for! You’re going to be okay baby, please don’t end it, i love you!!❤️
39 days ago
This is 💗 true. I'm already planning on committing suicide dyamn this be true!
40 days ago
Sadly someone I knew threatened to burn down our house and workplace. They burned our workplace and got away with it....I got I'll burn in a fire by the way...
43 days ago
So I got burning in a fire. Welp so much for the peaceful death I wanted.
44 days ago
i got murdered when i thought it would be suicide bc im very suicidalEnti got murdered when i thought it would be suicide bc im very suicidaler here your text you want to format
44 days ago
I got suicide and whats weird is that I have almost died of suicide
45 days ago
So I'm either gonna drown (which I doubt I don't swim often) or burn in a fire I highly doubt it but okay?
46 days ago
I changed my last answer each time and every single time i got i I’ll be murdered, last time I did one of these tests I was going through existential crisis and was considering killing my self and I got suicide on the test
47 days ago
Got Accident very correct if i was going out i do feel like it will be by an accident.
48 days ago
For 50% I get murdered.... What's my other 50%? Who would I make upset enough to murder me?! What did I do world?! XD
51 days ago
It said I would drown because I spend a lot of time by water. This is true but I am a GREAT swimmer. And that's not my opinion. For example, when I was ten MONTHS old I swam across and Olympic size pool BY MYSELF WITH NO FLOOTIES. HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO DROWN?!?!
51 days ago
Bruh, for my last 2 test on the other website, I got car crash, and then this one I got I will get burnt by a fire. What is going on here?!
51 days ago
i got suicide. i mean it might not be lying we dont know till it happens🤷‍♀️
52 days ago
I burned in a fire. They say I'm careless ;-;. I'm actually pretty careful about things. Also, if you got suicide, PLEASE don't believe it! This is obviously a scam website with all the ads and things. Killing yourself is never the option. You are beautiful, unique, and special. People love you. They may be too scared to show it, but they do. You make the world a better place.
56 days ago
going to die in a fire :0
56 days ago
Love being murdered🤠✌
58 days ago
I said i wanted to die peacefully not burn lmao
58 days ago
To all the people who got suicide, please remember this is just a quiz built by some random person and is NOT going to be accurate. You are all known an loved and I hope you never have to get to the point where you would think about that, but if you do I want you to know you're not alone and you can find help. Suicide is NEVER the best option and there will always be someone who cares about you.