Are you a good babysitter?

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Do you think babysitting is all that? Well want to find out if you would make a good babysitter? Then take this test to see if you are a responsible babysitter or a slacking lazy babysitter!

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    If a little kid asked you for a piece of candy you would...

Comments (19)


ayannah jones (29257)
igot a 6 out of 10 and I got a few answers wrong but I did it I give my best shot I try next time
ayannah jones (29257)
nice it was good I love you s mush
Ariana (30486)
109 days ago
this was so easy i got 10 of 10
Dew (70791)
110 days ago
Good quiz! I learned most of this from playing with my siblings (Not saying that I did all this ) but I know how a kid works! Ima ask my parents if I can start.
Ella (85326)
129 days ago
How do people not get 100%? It's basically common sense lol
Daisy (54781)
132 days ago
Rubbish just kidding LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kate... (27238)
146 days ago
I’m questioning this quiz I’ve been babysitting and tbh well I have not really had to do any of these things
Isabella (05724)
147 days ago
This was a fun and good thing to test a babysitter, i mad a 100% to all of the other babysitters i wouldn’t only rely on this I’m taking classes with it that’s what I’m my opinion you should do if you were certified i would hire you for my little brother
ELLA (90445)
147 days ago
HIRE ME I GOT 100%. I don't understand how people don't get a 100%
livjot (66439)
149 days ago
I am not sure what to answer to this question so i am picking a random one.
ang (43489)
283 days ago
a perfect babysitter!!!!!!! and billy you probably failed and are just angry
billy (06590)
340 days ago
this quiz is ridiculous. most of the "correct" answers are wrong. whoever wrote this obviously knows nothing at all about babysitting. I can't believe somebody actually thinks this quiz is good! please, whatever you do, do NOT take this as advice for babysitting. you would be a pretty terrible babysitter tbh.
ava (39303)
358 days ago
if the kid had a hot older sib i would just keep my cool i am there for the kid not there sib
Chloe (68119)
483 days ago
This quiz is questionable and there are better ones it's not that bad but I was REALLY interested in the older brother I would be more smoothe than ditching the kid. Also if the child need fashion help I would simply try to work with what he or she likes. I would go shopping with the parents money because hello I'm trying to make money not spend it. I agree with Anna because I would I've to answer in my own words. And another thing if the child had a crush on me why would I want to pet his head and patronize him by saying awww? I would be flattered and explain got him why we couldn't ever date but whatever I still got a good score!
Lindy (30469)
626 days ago
I have taken this before, but I want to comment again. Brooklynn, you are wrong. It is a terrible quiz. With dumb questions, I really hope the person who made this is reading these reviews and deletes this awful quiz.
Lindy (30469)
659 days ago
What the??? I would ignore the older child, why would a KID need fashion sense, many grammar and spelling errors, a crush? Really? I am guessing that a 6yr old made this. JPS. Just Plain Sad.
Anna (44721)
705 days ago
I agree Mariah!! Weird and inapproiate. I wish I could have answered in my own words!!!! if the child I watch has a hot older sibling. I wouldn't even care.
Brooklynn (77473)
816 days ago
This is a wonderful test, you should be ashamed of yourself Marian.
Mariah (06698)
864 days ago
This is a horrible test with several grammatical errors and options that make absolutely zero sense. Why would I ever critique a child's fashion sense? Why would I patronize a child who has a crush on me by patting their head and saying "Aww". That is so rude. I'm pretty shocked that I found this 💗ic quiz through the babysitting service I work for because the service is of far better quality than this poor excuse for a test on whether or not I am a good babysitter.