World War III - Will You Be A Survivor?

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Will you survive World War III, with all the cool nukes and smart bombs and other amazingly lethal weapons and stuff? Find out if you are meant to help save the world in the ultimate war - or if you'll perish with most everyone else on the planet!

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    You're asked to join the Army by a sergeant, to fight for the freedom of the country, as research has shown war will likely be breaking out soon. What would you do?
  • 2
    Now say you've joined the war (male or female) and have heard the very first gunshots of war. Suddenly you hear a siren blaring loudly and a sergeant telling everyone: "MOVE OUT, MOVE OUT!" Enemies are seen in the distance already.... You would:
    Now say you've joined the war (male or female) and have heard the very first gunshots of war. Suddenly you hear a siren blaring loudly and a serg
  • 3
    The enemy soon wears down and are frightened. Some have lost too much morale and have surrendered. Soon you and your squad move out to find machine gunners in towers and sharp-shooters entrenched. What do you do?

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    The enemies are soon cleared and the team moves forward as you pick up the sniper rifle. Your team spots a bomb going off nearby and planes flying, dropping more bombs. Your team has orders to take out some planes or to aim for the group of riflemen out in the war zone. You:
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    A large nuclear blast close to your team kills hundreds. A few team members, including you, survive, but the sergeant is down. You:
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    The team has called rescue, but it hasn't arrived. You and the team fend off dozens of enemy soldiers and bombs, but nothing happens. The sergeant is in great pain.

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    Your sergeant dies and your team is forced to move on (what's left of it, at least). It gets see you're moving to where the nuke blew up *Coughs* You need to get out of the area. Your team leaves, then the smoke clears up just in time for you to see a long and wide wave of enemy soldiers. You:
  • 8
    Your team is soon separated as everyone starts fighting and running around shooting. Soon it's over. You're alone and it's getting dark, so you start to move along. A dart gets thrown at your get woozy, then fall asleep, hitting the ground face-first. Then you wake up all tied up. A man says: "Choose your death!" You choose:
  • 9
    But before you can choose your death, the guard gets a call and leaves the room. The other guards are still there. You:
  • 10
    You get free of the rope and kill the guards. Next thing you know, a man walks in and puts a gun to your face. You:

  • 11
    The guy walked in and said to die. The team walked in and said to die. To the man...The team kills him easily and starts screaming at you: "WE WON THE WAR! NOTHING IS LEFT! WE WON!" You say, "Wow. I thought we might win quick" and the team walks out. You have a choice - which do you do?
  • 12
    You finally get back to the base and your team is presented with a special award: HONOR, PROTECTION AND PRIDE. Honor for helping the sergeant in his time of for protecting your sergeant...and pride for having faith in your sergeant. You:

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513 days ago
I would survive with a few scratches
669 days ago
I’m assuming this is a good thing 😂

YOU...ARE...A...GOD! YOU SURVIVED EVERYTHING! YOU ARE A TRUE WAR MASTER! You are unstoppable... indestructible...vital with power. If war ever breaks out...JOIN IT!
675 days ago
You could survive the whole thing with just a few scratches and’re awesome! Hopefully there won't be a World War III, but if there is, you're totally ready.

thats wit i got woop woop
710 days ago
yo i live what a hecking legend
710 days ago
nah fam i would go home say hi to my family text my GF ask her so strip for me have a lot of💑and call it a night bro
735 days ago
Sitting in my hot tub drinking ice cream (ok I know u cant drink ice cream)
789 days ago
I could survive the whole thing with just a couple scratches and wounds! Yay I've always wanted to fight in a war!
974 days ago
Just a few wounds a medal . OH yeah . Since I was a girl of 9 I wanted be in the army
1281 days ago
I Got Just a Couple Scratches!!!! Very interesting test
1525 days ago
I get to sit in my hot tub sippin a margarita
1603 days ago
1710 days ago
Best.Quiz.EVER!I love it,5/5!