How emo are you really?

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The quiz in which you find out just how emo you are... So get ready and say what's true

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    What colour do you want your hair to be?

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Lily (21409)
9 days ago
Welp. That just confirmed what I already knew. Why don't they have the option for \pastel goths. I'm a mix between that and an emo. I love me some eyeliner and panic at the disco. But also pastels.
Unicornanimezombie (20547)
26 days ago
I got 80-100, so back to the books for me, I'll continue to find myself, but for now if you need me I'll be playing my guitar
Rain (44516)
55 days ago
I got 80% emo... So yea.
xxBabyWolfxx (80726)
78 days ago
I'm 80% Emo... Almost there!
queen of the clouds (04752)
123 days ago
middle of the day- "im not emo!"
evening- "aragf why is june 22 so far away?"
midnight- *watching the music video for northern downpour for the twenteth time* "I KNOW THE WORLDS A BROKEN BONE BUT MELT YOUR HEADACHES CALL IT HOME" *cries for twenty minuts abou ryden and pretty. odd. and the od panic and the new panic and life and how i have no friends and how everyone hates me and how i always look so grumpy that my dad thinks i want to shoot him*

(i love P!ATD btw)
Shade (52791)
160 days ago
And oml all the stereotypes in the comments... like I don’t cut (anymore) or only wear all black (tho I want to) but I’m still emo af
Shade (52791)
160 days ago
I don’t like any of those artists at the end, where was fall out boy and mcr and p!atd and imagine dragons??? I’m confused????
Mike Surfe (34801)
184 days ago
btw people just because you cut your self doesnt mean your emo, you can cut your self for no reason
Mike Surfe (34801)
184 days ago
hi dere can i die i want to die rlly bad
Non existing human (36144)
196 days ago
I couldn't choose between skillet or greenday😭🔫 it sais I'm not fully yeah whatever. *as I'm sitting here listening to mcr with cuts on my arms
Ladykiddo (44164)
210 days ago
Omg the guys in the comment are soooo
Hailey (94777)
210 days ago
They say I’m emo. I trying to find the truth! I try to act emo. It says I’m 60 - 80% emo. IM ALMOST THERE! (Not like I want to be emo or any thing...) stop looking at me weird!
Abby fortney (10610)
265 days ago
When I get out of school in the year 2020 thats when I am 18 years old and
Then I will get my hair died black and black out fits two and blue red two to be emo if any body reads this I hope you like this and gave you I idea ((egray) t
Just a lonely fangirl (87492)
271 days ago
I think these quizzes are trying to tell me something... 70% emo, 65% emo, 60%emo, and so on. I think my friends were right about saying im emo, even though i dont look emo. But i am very, and i mean VERY emotional.
emo neko (13175)
491 days ago
my mom won't let me die my hair black she said ombre like the preppy kids, ugh, no
daddy asf (18260)
556 days ago
a bit too unimotinal
me: * listens to Sleeping With Sirens rn with cuts all over my body and Twenty One Pilots saved my life, still wants to kill her self * sure im so not emo
Dead boy (23674)
731 days ago
Me: *cries at a hallmark commercial*
Literally no one (30232)
739 days ago
Lol apparently I'm not emo because I'm too insecure to wear anything but mainstream why doesn't this quiz have those options. Plus what the everlasting was those artists at the end
fall out boy (40444)
744 days ago
im as emo as it gets
Welcome to the (50713)
842 days ago
How was p!atd, fall out boy, or mcr not mentioned anywhere???