Greek Gods! Greek Heroes! Famous Greek People!

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Do you think you know the right knowledge about Greek Mythology? Well now you can! Learn about Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Artemis, Athena, Apollo, Demeter, and MANY MORE! In this quiz there is only ONE right answer...SO CHOOSE WISELY!

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    Who is the cloud-gatherer and lightning-wielder?

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... (48895)
3 days ago
Most of this stuff is completely wrong...
me (46921)
32 days ago
Athenas kid (58941)
33 days ago
You need to learn your stuff about Greek mythology because this is insult to my intelligence
Percy Jackson (06115)
94 days ago
Why in the underworld would you make this test if you don't know Greek Mythology!!!!I am MAD!!!
99 days ago
If you want to make a test about greek mythology, learn about it first!
Pertemis (92698)
105 days ago
question 18 is wrong..... it wasn't Demeter or Peresphone or Aphrodite..... it was Hestia
YouDontKnowYourStuff (73497)
116 days ago
HESTIA was goddess of the hearth, DEMETER is goddess of HARVEST not the hearth, DAEDALUS warned his son not his nephew, he kicked his nephew off a mountain, HERMES is Zeus’ personal messenger not IRIS, she is messenger of all gods and the rainbow, and THESEUS married Ariadne’s SISTER, HESTIA gave up her throne not PERSEPHONE. Thank you.
Actually-You’re-wrong (73497)
116 days ago
Hestia is goddess of the hearth and she wasn’t even an option.
Aphrodite (71973)
226 days ago
HERMES was Zeus' personal messenger
Aphrodite (71973)
226 days ago
HESTIA is the goddess of the hearth
HESTIA got kicked off her throne
Theseus was married to Ariadne's SISTER
IRIS was Zeus' personal messenger
Thou art not worthy of creating thy test.
pandora (07934)
230 days ago
Zeus personal messenger was HERMES not IRIS
Hestia was the goddess of HEARTH and she is the one who gave up her throne for Dionysus
Daedalus warned his SON which is Icarus not his Nephew. And check your spelling.
Poseidon's and Athena's daughter (35315)
349 days ago
I agree this quiz wasn't so great. You have some wrong answers. Demeter is not the goddess of the hearth, Hestia is. She is the goddess of the harvest. Also, none of the goddesses you listed on question 18 were kicked of their thrones by Dionysius. Hestia had given up her throne.
Athena (62181)
466 days ago
This quiz was not so great. Check you spelling. The goddess of the hearths isn Heastia. Please be more pacificate when you say lover, because that could be Hephaestus or Ares.
Hestia (56713)
468 days ago
And what do u mean Roman Hercules I am doing
A GREEK myth test not a ROMAN myth test
Hestia (56713)
481 days ago
I know my Greek myths but you obviously don't
Hestia (56713)
481 days ago
I agree Hestia gave up her throne and is the
Goddess of the hearth
DaughterOfPosideion (38617)
657 days ago
Also persphone wasn't kick off her throne by dionysis, hestia was
CookieAngel (51834)
769 days ago
I agree with Jess.Um, the kids of Kronos actually did get eaten except Zeus because Amaltheia the magical, glowing, green goat hid him and nursed him until he was old enough to banish Kronos to Tartarus.With the help of Rhea, Zeus fought back and won.Thank You very much.
Felipe (37964)
781 days ago
The kids of Kronos and rhea that did not get eaten was the big 3
Envy (55338)
830 days ago
You say I don't know my stuff well, well I think neither do you... Hestia is the goddess of the hearth and Daedalus did not warn his nephew not to fly near the sun