Do you deserve a phone?

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If you have a phone, take this test. If you don't have a phone, take this test. Either way, TAKE THIS TEST!

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    How much would/do you use your phone?

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5 days ago
I'm 16 nd just finished my Olevels. All my classmates have phones but I don't. Nd I don't understand why my parents are against it. They can afford the latest phones and I even get good grades. It's stressing me out.☹
19 days ago
My mom does not like the idea of me having a phone and my dad does to they think I am not responsible.👎
33 days ago
it said wait till you're thirteen but I already am lol
35 days ago
i am 14. Top student and dont have a phone. Kill me
38 days ago
47 days ago
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47 days ago
I already have a phone this was for my little wanted to do it because she is jealous that I have a phone so yeah
72 days ago
Neveah, you have written an insanely long comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
140 days ago
I've wanted a cell phone since i was 8 but back then it wasn't too bad because i didn't fall into peer pressure so before i went to middle school my dad got me a flip phone (lg exalt lte) and it looks like a small smartphone if you look at the back. So i used to pretend it was a smartphone because its so embarrassing to own a flip phone. I didn't complain about it dor a while because it was fine. But as soon as it started lagging i got upset. I couldn't call or text my parents when i needed to (they are divorced) and my dad one time told me that i couldn't have a smartphone because my mom wouldn't allow it. So i stuck with my 💗 that i didn't even cary around too often cause like, whats the point?? And one time when i visited my mom she was talking about how i am very smart and responsible for my age and how she likes that my number 1 character trait is honesty (i dont lie to my parents too much) and when my mom was searching for her apartment keys she found her old Galaxy s4 in her purse and i asked if i can have it and she said yes!! So i had that s4 and nothing changed about me. I only used sites that my dad and mom would approve of, i was able to use it for searching up how to diy vids, i call and text my parents when i feel like i need to, and i get to play games like wishbone, 10×10 arabic and helix jump. Until i accidentally put it in my pocket that had a hole in it when kids where getting on buses and it fell to the ground and someone stepped on it!! And thats when it became as bad as my old flip phone. Eventually it broke down completely and i got an lg stylo 4 (which I'm on right now) with a shock proof case and i have been careful as hell. My sister who is 1 year and 5 monthes younger than me got a Galaxy j7 when she turned 11 and I have been using my smartphone for calling and texting for emergencies and using it appropriately so that i dont lose the trust that my parents gave me when i was 11. Now im almost 13 and once i am i will be able to babysit which is a huge responsibility that i am studying and practicing for. The test said i deserve a cell phone and i got a 8/10. If it said you dont need a phone then make sure that if there's ever an emergency that you need a cell phone for, use it to prove to your parents how responsible you are and make sure to respect their decision.
153 days ago
My dad says I can get a phone when I’m 21. No kidding. Coz it’s too much radiation. Ugh. And ur complaining when ur 14 and still don’t have a phone. And I do soo many extra curricular activities that go on to late and I’m always Looking for my dad. Sometimes I wait there to 6. The office is closed so what can I do. And if I go to the library before 6 if my dad turns up he won’t know where I am.
160 days ago
My parents hate the idea of me having a phone even though I'm more responsible than most of my grade. I feel like everyone in my grade has a phone except for me!
163 days ago
some people are like "OMG I have an iPhone 6! its so BAD!". I don't even HAVE a phone. People should be grateful that they even have one. Almost everybody in my class and all my friends have a phone but my parents are still like "no you cant have a phone". I feel like everyone has a phone except for me.
183 days ago
So, I always wanted a phone my entire life. All my friends got it, and I've been bullied a lot for not having a phone. My thoughts were that if I get good grades, then maybe I get one. So, I worked really hard, everyday allday you see me working for my grades. Thankfully, I got an A in every single subject, yet all I got from my parents was a "okay, good". I tried asking them for a phone, I told them it could be any, it wouldn't have to be an iphone or an expensive samsung or something, but all I got was nothing. I didn't know what to feel, all the hard work, all my dedication to getting the grades, all that for NOTHING. I wanted to cry, wanted to just stop the peer-pressure getting to me. I couldn't ask my parents anymore, because I know I would get scolded for that, so I just kept shut. I kept my mouth shut,I didn't tell my mother about how pressured I feel at school, how I envy EVERYONE that just shows off their new phone in instagram with captions like "got 4 new phones in half an year". This quiz said I didn't deserve it, but I believe otherwise. Hah, I'm so worthless that I'm ranting ONLINE about all my problems, I bet no ones even gonna read this
186 days ago
I'm also about to go to 8th grade, AND I'm about to turn 14...
186 days ago
I'm in 7th grade, don't have a phone, am super responsible, everyone else that I know has one, and my parents won't let me! Then, the quiz said that I should wait until I'm 16! What the heck!?
208 days ago
Literaly everyone in the comments is complaining that they dont have a phone and they are either 3,4 or 5th grade. Lemt me tell you this you dont need a phone till you are eleven or twelve
233 days ago
Test result: Maybe wait until you are 13 or 14 or something.
I am 14. I am the only person in my school that doesn't have a phone. My parents hates the idea of me owning a phone even though i am a responsible person. :'(
264 days ago
Every kid at my school has a phone but my parent will not explain to me why I can't even have one I even said no social media and I would pay for it but no I am very responsible to
299 days ago
pls parents help your kids to not feel affected by your negligence of not giving them phones. They have trouble i school since they do not have phones please help them and understand their needs
309 days ago
My mum and dad said I can not gat a phone until I’m above 16 (I’m 12 now) and yat I got 8/10 on this quiz and its completely unfair why they will not give me one even though all my a best friends do aswell. I also get bullied by most people because I don’t have a phone! One advice to parents, set some boundaries of his/hers phone but let them have it at least!!